Top 20 Things to Eat / Drink When Visiting Champa Gali

Top 20 Things to Eat Drink When Visiting Champa Gali
Top 20 Things to Eat Drink When Visiting Champa Gali

If you have never heard of this place before, you must know that this is a hidden lane in Saket which is a perfect place to chill and spend some quality time with friends. Champa Gali is a one stop destination for tasty food, quirky merchandise, perfect selfies, affordable shopping, and insta-worthy pictures. If you are a delhite and are bored of Connaught Place, this place will give you a lovely atmosphere. There are a lot of delicious things that you can try out when you are at Champa Gali.

1 Coffee

There exist only few people who do not love coffee. You can enjoy your favorite coffee while sitting on a bench outside cafe and enjoying the cool breeze kissing your cheeks and blowing away your hair. There are many cafes is this little street that offer freshly brewed coffee to all the coffee lovers.


2. Pancakes

Who said pancakes were only meant to be enjoyed in breakfast? Pancake lovers would love this place for the variety of pancakes that they will be able to taste from various cafes in Champa Gali. These cafes would not fail to surprise you and you can enjoy your favorite pancakes while listening to your favorite music or reading a book.


3. Mocktails

This beautiful street has some beautiful cafes and these cafes offer a wide range of mocktails to their customers. You name it and they will have it. You can try everything from watermelon mojito to green apple mojito in this street. Apart from that you can enjoy fresh juices, flavored sodas, and other drinks here.


4. Pizza

Pizza is love and you will fall in love with pizzas all over again once you taste the variety of pizza cafes in Champa Gali. You can find all kind of pizzas once you ask for it. They serve everything from Margherita to Hawaiian Pizza to their customers. All the pizzas are freshly baked and are loaded with your favorite vegetables.


5. Pasta

It is going to be ‘love at first bite’ for you. The creamy textured pastas you get to taste in Champa Gali is fabulous. You are going to find the place amazing for pasta once you go there. Choosing your favorite one out of the variety they offer is going to be a tough task for you. Each one of those pasta taste very amazing.


6. Noodles

There is a variety of noodles that is offered to the visitors in Champa Gali. Choosing one out of all the cafes there for noodles is not going to be easy. The favorite type of noodles that visitors are fond of is Chicken Hakka Noodles. These noodles are offered by almost all the cafes there; the noodles have huge chunks of chicken in them.


7. Momos

Delhi is the Momo lover capital of India. There are only some people who do not like momos for some reason or the other but for those who love momos, Champa Gali is the place for them. Champa Gali serves the best momos in Delhi. The momos served here are full of fillings and melt in your mouth. These momos taste so delicious that you would not be able to resist ordering a second plate.


8. Shakes

Cafes in Champa Gali offer shakes of all types to the visitors. Visitors love to slurp nutella shake, kitkat shake, oreo shake, and ferrero rocher shake. These taste so fabulous that you would want to travel for hours just for these shakes.


9. Tacos

Taco is a mexican dish that is very popular all over world. Tacos that are served here unexpectedly taste straight from Mexico. The crispy outer covering tastes fresh and delicious every time. Every bite will make your mouth water.


10. Chicken

The chicken served here is better than the chicken that you generally get to eat at popular fast food restaurants. The chicken wings served here is delicious. It is cooked in such a way that it is juicy and has flavors till the very last bite that you have.


11. Brownies

Brownies are delicious and makes everyone’s mouth water every time they think of it. The brownies available here are freshly made on a daily basis. These brownies are served with ice cream topped on it. The brownies taste amazing with coffee and thick shakes.


12. Croissants

This is a french bread type which is generally enjoyed in many flavors. In Champa Gali, you will find a variety of flavors of croissants. These sweet breads are freshly baked each morning and served to the visitors along with their favorite drink. Customers usually enjoy this bread with coffee but it goes well with desi masala chai too.


13. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is that one thing that is loved by people of all ages. This is the safest thing that you can try when you are visiting any new place. You can never go wrong with hot chocolate and these cafes in Champa Gali would never disappoint you. You can enjoy the perfectly blended hot chocolate sitting outside in the beautiful atmosphere of Champa Gali.


14. Rolls

If you are a fan of veg rolls, egg rolls, or chicken rolls, you would love to be there and taste amazingly, twisted versions of all of your favorite rolls. The variety you get to taste in Champa Gali is unmatchable. You will fall in love with the first bite.


15. Dimsums

Half of the population believes that dimsums are same as momos, which is wrong. Dimsums are similar to momos but are not the same. To know what authentic dim sums taste like, you must visit Champa Gali and must not miss the variety of dimsums offered there.


16. Burritos

Burritos are a favorite of all and if you haven’t yet tried a burrito, you should do it now. If you are visiting Champa Gali, you will find a huge range of burritos that taste amazing. This dish is affordable, tasty, and filling.


17. Cakes

Whatever the occasion is, cakes are a must. Cafes in Champa Gali offer freshly baked cakes at budget-friendly prices. These cakes are soft and fluffy. You would not be able to resist gorging on these delicious cakes. The cakes offered here are loved by all the visitors for the price and taste.


18. Cookies

If you are a cookie lover, you have to try cookies from the cafes in Champa Gali. There is a huge range of cookies available there. You can enjoy your favorite, fresh cookies with cold coffee, hot coffee, hot chocolate, and shakes.


19. Choupsey

This is another famous dish which is a favorite of the visitors. There is a variety of Choupsey offered to the customers which taste delicious. The mouth-watering flavors makes it hard for you to resist ordering them and treating yourself.


20. Kebabs

This Mughlai dish is very famous in Delhi for the way it tastes and the price it is available at. Kebabs are freshly made and served in Champa Gali with a lot of delicious flavors and variants that are available for everyone.