Top 20 Things to Eat In IDL Lake


Kukatpally is a great place to grab some delicious street food. Opens in the evening after 5:30 till midnight. We have nearly 15-20 food trucks gathering daily to cater to your snacking needs. We have a hundred types of dosa alone. Call it a perfect night by counting your pennies and stars, and then finish your street food crawl with ice cream. But before you go home, watch the sunset with your loved ones and your favorite snack.

1. Shawarma

The mandatory first stop needs to be at the Shawarma Food Truck. The lightly cooked meat is wrapped in a chapati roll loaded with creamy mayo and freshly-cut vegetables.

2. Mahi’s Dosa Truck

Dosa is the south Indian’s favorite snack. Here we have a wide range of dosas to choose. Apart from the regular dosas, they also provide Egg Dosa, Kheema Dosa, and Pizza Dosa with a twist. They have an array of chutneys and also chicken for non-veg lovers.

3. Chef Weapons

Chef weapons stall is the barbecue joint that offers chicken strips and chicken wings. The roasting of the meat can take time. We need to hold our appetite till our juicy chicken wings arrive taken fresh off the grill.

4. Eating Buddha

It is known for its unconventional banana dosa. Try Ginger chicken costa eighty rupees and Chicken Majestic of ninety rupees. Their most famous dishes are mixed fruit, and cocktail dosa costs INR 100 each.

5. Hot Hot Samosa

If you want to relax after a tiring day and take a small break, then you must try this something simple, settle for a cup or two of Irani chai and onion samosa or corn samosa. You can also try chicken and paneer samosa. Your love affair for the Hyderabadi version of samosa will increase more. If you are new to Hyderabad, it will indeed begin.

6. Amma Hot Soups

Soup is the first step of our meal. Amma Hot soups serve several non-vegetarian and vegetarian soups priced from INR 40-70. The soups come with cornflakes, and the quality of the food is excellent.

7. SSK Food Court

SSK Food court offers several varieties of dosas to vadas. If you love south Indian food, you must stop by the SSK food court. The pungulu are just so so yummy. They give 10-12 pieces along with chutney that goes well with the dish.

8. Chat Bhandaar

Who doesn’t love Chat Bhandaar. It’s everyone’s favorite food stall. It has several food items be it rage or the panipuri, and this place is one of the best chat places in the IDL Kukatpally.

9. Wow Omelettes

Wow Omelets serves the best fluffy omelets. This place has an excellent reputation for making delicious omelets. It is the only place where fluffy omelets are available at affordable prices. They serve around twenty-seven types of omelets. The soft bread and fluffy omelet are available at seventy rupees.

10. Momos Adda

The name itself says that this food stall serves momos. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarians. It has momos, including Chicken tandoori momos, veg momos, and fried momos, available at sixty rupees. Momos adda also provides cheese Maggie, Schezwan Maggie, and chicken Maggie.

11. Ice Gola

I was passing through the street food area of IDL Lake around midnight found the crowd at a place, and stopped to explore the site It was the ice gola and gola and kovva milk, IDL lake. I was amazed to see the crowd, even on winter nights.  Cost around forty rupees. When I was Child, I was so curious to eat this Ice Gola. I have tried orange gola and got some best combination flavor gola videos for you guys.

12. Kebabs

For a comfortable and great experience that doesn't compromise on taste or price, head to IDL Lake. It serves the best Kebabs. Kebabs is a north American dish made of cooked meat.

13. Bamboo Chicken

A Hyderabadi street food innovation, Cooked over coal inside a bamboo shell, this chicken is a starter marinated in curry leaves and primarily South Indian masalas with a hint of tanginess and chatpata flavors.

14. Tea

It is an aromatic beverage that almost all people across the world love it. It is an addictive drink. It boosts your immune system. This stall is available at any time. Mostly it has many customers in the morning and the evening.

15. Kulfi

Kulfi is been not whipped. Unless like an Icecream it is solid and frozen custard. It is made of condensed milk, mostly a mixture of milk and sugar. It also has flavorful ingredients, including saffron, rosewater, saffron, and many flavors.

16. Waffles

Waffles are the most delicious dessert. It is been cooked between two plates are designed to give a specific design. Prices start from eighty rupees in various flavors.

17. Haleem

Haleem is been made with meat. It is a thick paste non-veg dish. Costs around 100 – 300. Garnished with dry fruits. It is the most popular dish at the Ramzan time.

18. Chicken Wings Tikka

Chicken wings tikka is meant by pieces or bits. It is a chicken dish that costs around a hundred rupees. Chicken wings tikka is one of the less spicy dishes.

19. Ghee Idly

It is the tastiest and demanding breakfast food in south India. It is been made with protein- packed lentils like urad dal, channa dal, moong dal, and masoor dal. It is yummy and light at at a very affordable price.

20. Pasta Idl

lake street serves yummy Italian pasta. It operates from evening six to midnight. Charan’s pasta is one of the famous stalls in Idl lake. All pasta is available in veg and non-veg options. They have penne parma rosa, Fusilli pesto, Mac and cheese, Macroni Florentine, and Penne alfredo. Veg costs eighty rupees and non-veg costs around hundred rupees.Charans Pastas | Home delivery | Order online | Kukatpally undefined Hyderabad