Top 20 Thrifty Restaurants In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is also known as the ‘temple city of India.’ People here are very fond of food & enjoy different kinds of cuisine. There’s a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. But the favorites here are mouth-watering desserts and seafood. Bhubaneswar has so many options that it will satisfy every tastebud with its delicious offerings. The restaurants in this city offer a range of delectable fares in a pleasant ambiance.

1. Indian Chicken Express (ICE)

If you are a fried item lover, then this is the place where you must pay a visit—a perfect place for all the chicken cravings. Have a decent ambiance decorated with cute props. The price range is affordable. They also serve a range of shakes and ice cream.

1.Indian Chicken Express ICE

2. Fiery Pizza

Fiery Pizza is a local brand that serves delicious wood-fired pizza. If you love freshly baked thin crust pizza, this is the place to visit. The price is quite affordable. Have an outdoor seating space. Fiery Pizza serves only veg pizzas.

2.Fiery Pizza

3. Shree Bidya Ganguram

When you want to taste good sweets and freshly fried snacks, then this is the place you need to visit. Away from city sounds, this Ganguram outlet fulfills all your sweets desire, including Bengali and local Odia sweet cuisines. Different varieties of sweets, desserts, and snacks are available here. Its specialty is vada(soft cake) and chenna pods(cheese dessert)—a great place for breakfast and evening snacks.

3.Shree Bidya Ganguram

4. Roll Store

If you want to have a good photo session, then this is the place. Have ample open space and a closed seating area with beautiful lights and greenery. The specialty of the Roll store is that you get to customize your rolls. They also have other options at very pocket-friendly prices.

4.Roll store5. Scooter Wala Cafe

Scooter Wala Cafe started on a scooter,  just like a movable cafe. You can always try perfectly cooked sandwiches, pizza, burgers, pasta, and many more drooling items at this place. Take your chance to taste their delicious shakes & mocktails. Enjoyable service is something guests agree upon here.

5.Scooter Wala Cafe

6. House of Tea (HOT)

House of Tea is one of the cute open cafes serving some yummy food at very pocket-friendly prices. They have a wide range of menus. They do environmental-friendly cups, which are edible. You can always try their burgers, pizza, pasta, and other items.

6.House of Tea HOT

7. The Green Food Park

Enjoy food in the lap of nature with fresh air. Have an aesthetic ambiance. They specialize in non-veg items and Chinese dishes. They also offer North Indian food, Mughlai food, Tandoor, rolls, biryani, Fruit Juice, mocktails, ice cream & desserts at pocket-friendly prices.

7.The Green Food Park

8. Fly Cafe

If you are looking for a cute & cozy place to hangout, this is the perfect place. It is one of the very pocket-friendly places in town, with a wide range of delicious items from pizza to burgers, from mocktails to shakes. The ambiance is quite warm and soothing, with good hospitality. Freshly made & baked, and served.

8.Fly Cafe

9. Arabian Food Planet

This place is quite affordable for students and brings some good cooking on the plate. Have a lovely ambiance and good seating space. It’s a good restaurant with the availability of a wide range of food items. They serve Indian, Tandoor, and Chinese food, as well. The taste of food in this place is incredible as compared to other restaurants—a great place for lunch and dinner.

9.Arabian Food Planet

10. Sizzler Fast Food

Super tasty food and a budget-friendly restaurant. One might not like its ambiance, though, as it feels more like a Dhaba(roadside food stall) and not a restaurant. Otherwise, you will enjoy the food. It’s a small, crowdy fast food shop having some sitting arrangements—a perfect place for non-veg lovers. Every dish of Sizzler’s Fast Food gives you a delicious taste. They also have wide veg and non-veg options.

10.Sizzler Fast Food11. Eat Street

Eat Street has several outlets throughout Bhubaneswar. The well-known name for delicious Hyderabadi Dum Biryani & other tempting dishes. Have an open area in front with seating arrangements. With an amazingly decorated & classy ambiance, friendly staff, and a long menu of lip-smacking dishes from various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and Continental. Prices were very much pocket-friendly, and they also served ample quantity.

11.Eat Street

12. Gupta’s Sweets

Gupta’s Sweets is one of the best vegetarian places in town, which serve a variety of snacks, sweets, and vegetarian dishes at a very affordable price. They are known for their delicious chaats and sweets, but that is not the end of the menu. One can try their starters and main course as well. The ambiance is one of a kind and decent. All the frames with filmy quotes are hand-painted.

12.Guptas Sweets

13. Yelloow

Yelloow is too good for a casual evening hangout. Although the place is a little congested, as it is pretty tiny, the food takes away all the credit. The ambiance is exquisite. Everything on the menu is affordable, and there are a lot of choices for you to snack on. They have a wide variety of both veg and non-veg burgers. They also serve fried chicken, burgers, pasta, momo, sandwiches, and many more items.

13.Yelloow14. Cream & Spicy

Cream & Spicy is one of the oldest bakeries in Bhubaneswar. Have a spectacular ambiance and a small seating space. Prices are very much pocket-friendly. You can always try burgers, club sandwiches, wraps, and pizza. Tasty creamy cakes, brownies, and chocolate cakes can make a strong impression on you. They also provide food delivery for the customers. The hospitable staff meets you at this place all year round.

14.Cream Spicy

15. Sahoo Fast Food

Sahoo Fast food is a good spot to get non-veg snacks at pocket-friendly prices. It’s a small shop where you can enjoy your snacks outside in the fresh air. They serve various non-veg snacks, including chicken shami kebab, egg chop, Bali prawn, and many more items. The staff are very friendly with customers. They surely won’t disappoint your taste buds.

15.Sahoo Fast food

16. Teatotaler

Teatotaler is India’s first photography-themed house cafe. One of the best places in town to chill. Have a cozy and aesthetic ambiance. It has a welcoming atmosphere with the lovely staff there. Not only tea or coffee, but they also serve Continental and Chinese food. Prices are attractive for the quality you get.


17. RFC

One of the best food chains in Bhubaneswar. A paradise for chicken lovers. If you are looking for an alternative to KFC, then RFC is the best place for you. Shawarma and Chizza are their specialties. You can always try other fried chicken dishes, including chicken popcorn, chicken wings, and many more, at very affordable prices.


18. KBR Food Junction

One of the renowned restaurants for students. A Dhaba(roadside food stall) style food joint serving Indian and Tandoor food. Have a good seating place.Prices are very much pocket-friendly. Best kebab(grilled or broiled meat) and tandoori items are available here. They serve North Indian and Chinese food.

18.KBR food junction

19. Cross Street Cafe

Have a colorful outdoor seating space. You can get your favorite drinks and food at a very reasonable and affordable price. They serve burgers, sandwiches, nuggets & fries, coffee, drinks & shakes—a great place for evening snacks.

19.Cross Street Cafe20. The Pakwan Family Restaurant

If you are looking for finger-licking food blended with authentic handmade spices, adding a mouth-watering experience, then this is the best place for you. The Pakwan Family Restaurant is not exactly a restaurant; instead an upgraded version of a Dhaba. Nevertheless, that doesn’t affect the incredible food that it serves. It is a highly budget-friendly restaurant. They serve a wide variety of veg and non-veg food. You can always try their biryani, tandoori chicken, and many more drooling items.

20.The Pakwan Family Restaurant