Top 20 Tibetian Dishes To Try Out

Top 20 Tibetian Dishes To Try Out

Given the harsh climatic conditions of Tibet, the food sources here are not only limited But also something that is highly proteinaceous. People here mainly depend on high-fat meat sources for their food options. People mostly get their protein from yak and sheep meat and milk. The recipes here are incredibly spicy, which in turn helps the locals to eat more, which is required for severe hard work necessary for livelihood in these regions. All these requirements together influence Tibetan cuisine, giving it its uniqueness.

1.Sha Phaley

This is a ubiquitous Tibetan snack. It is almost similar to that of Momo. It is made of meat as well as vegetables. The mixture of choice is stuffed in maida pockets and sealed. It is then deep-fried and enjoyed with Rutang soup.



This is a type of Tibetan bread using all-purpose flour or Maida. Like every other bread, the dough for this one is made using salt, sugar, yeast, warm water, and oil. The bread is layered so that, when baked, it opens up like a flower. This is very soft and tasty. One must always try a fresh Tingmo when in Tibet.



This is a Tibetan noodle soup. Hand-pulled flour noodles mixed with vegetables and meat are boiled in any preferred broth or simple water until all the components are adequately cooked. It is usually served as a dinner in this region.


4.Sokham Bexe

This is a non-vegetarian flatbread recipe. Meat is usually cleaned and mixed with flour. The dough is allowed to rest for a sufficient time. Then, it is rolled into flatbreads and fried in large quantities of butter. The butter here is mainly made of yak.



This is also known as Shaptak. This is a stir-fried meat dish from Tibet. Beef, pork, mutton, etc., are fried with vegetables and spices in sesame oil. Once cooked, this is heavily garnished with scallions. It is usually served with Tingmo.


6.Balep Korkun

This is another version of Tibetan bread. It is a simple flat bread that is made of flour. Unlike Tingmo, it is skinny. The dough is rested for some time after it is kneaded. Then, it gets rolled into the flatbreads and fried in oil or butter.

Balep Korkun

7.Po Cha

This is another name for Tibetan Butter Tea. Unlike traditional tea, it is salty. A particular type of Black tea leaf is brewed in water beforehand. When the tea is made, the liquid concoction is mixed with milk, butter, and salt. Authentic Po Cha requires hours to complete.


8.Lunggoi Katsa

This is a Tibetan soup made of pork belly slices. The meat is slowly simmered in a broth made of lemongrass, fish sauce, garlic, basil, and other spices. The pork is very tender due to the long cooking period. Once done, it is garnished with crinkly carrot shreds. This slightly sweetens the soup to balance out the flavors. It is usually served with steamed rice.



This is a Tibetan sweet dish. Unlike in all other parts of India, sweet dishes in Tibet are served alongside savory dishes. Dre-si is made of rice. It is usually cooked in unsalted butter and mixed with raisins and other dry fruits. It is traditionally served during the Tibetan New Year.



This is an authentic pastry preparation from Tibet. The main ingredient in this dish is Tsampa. It is mixed with dry curd cheese, butter, and brown sugar to prepare this dish. Once done, the sweet is packed in a cubic box.


11.Xogoi Momo

This is a different type of Tibetan momo. Unlike the usual momo, This one is made using mashed potato dough. The dough is shaped into balls. After that, it is filled with minced meat stuffing. The balls are then steamed and served.


12.Samkham Papleg

This is a Tibetan snack recipe. A dough is made out of all-purpose flour and rested for some time. Then, it is rolled out into a flatbread structure and cut into pieces. These pieces are then fried in butter or rapeseed oil. This is a prevalent dish in Tibet.


13.Dtowa Katsa

This is also known as Droepa Katsa. This dish is made using Droepa or Tripe. Tripe is a lining present in the stomach of cattle. It has a rubbery texture. Tripe is thoroughly cleaned and then cooked with spices like chilies and turmeric. This is boiled for a long time for the Tripe to be fully cooked. Then, it is taken out and fried, along with garlic and onion. This is a very delicious snack.



This is a Tibetan blood sausage. It is made with yak or sheep’s blood. Natural sheep casing is used in this process. Roasted barley and rice can be used as fillers in the process. This is used to cook various Tibetan dishes.

Fresh blood sausages and vegetables on a plate close-up. horizon

15.Shogo Khatsa

This is a very spicy potato recipe from Tibet. A considerable amount of spicy chili is used in this dish. The chilies are blended using salt and water. Once done, the paste is used to make the curry base. The potatoes are then added to it and allowed to cook until soft.



This is a Tibetan stew recipe. This is made mainly using mutton chops. The chops are made using wheat, chilies, and curd cheese. They are mixed with salt and water. The chops are boiled in a spicy broth to make this delicious dish.



This is Tibetan roasted barley flour. It has a unique, nutty taste. The flour is used to make various dishes. This is mixed with tea, yak butter or mashed into a dough to make dough with high-calorie dough. This is very nutritious for long mountain treks. This can also be served as a very delicious snack.


18.Thukpa Bhatuk

Thukpa stands for noodle soup. The names of the soups vary with the noodles used in the soup. Bhatuk means hand-rolled noodles. These noodles are boiled in broth along with different kinds of vegetables of choice. The warm soup is ready to serve when all the components are fully cooked.


19.Thukpa Gyathuk

This is also a Tibetan noodle soup made up of Chinese noodles. The noodles are boiled in flavorful broths along with spices and vegetables. The word gyathuk means Chinese noodles. One can also use Chinese rice noodles for the dish. This is a very comforting dish.



This is a famous Tibetan street food. It is a cold jelly noodle preparation. This cold and spicy dish is very refreshing during the summer. This is also called Liang Fen. The noodles are made of potato starch or Mung bean starch.