Top 20 Tomato Based Curries You Must Have

Top 20 Tomato Based Curries You Must Have


Matar Paneer

Matar paneer! One of my (and I hope yours too) favourite dishes around. Featuring tomato and peas, with a star cast of soft and tasty paneer and a special appearance by milk cream, this dish can water the mouths of the strongest.


2. Aloo Tamatar

Aloo Tamatar is by far the most well-known curry of the tomato family in this sub-continent, and rightly so. It is a combination of the two most popular vegetables used for cooking – tomato and potato. It is very popular in kanchan pooja and food offerings in temples, where it is complemented by another loved dish, Puri.


3. Sev Tamatar

Sev tamatar or sev tameta nu shaak hails from the state of Gujarat. It’s made with gram flour vermicelli, which you might have eaten along with bhel puri and sev puri in any chaat shop. It can be eaten in dhabas in the usual way, or can be made at home in the no-onion-no-garlic way too which tastes just as good, if not better. It tastes good with all varieties of Indian bread.


4. Tomato Rasam

Here comes a recipe from the southern household. Tomato Rasam is vegetables stirred and friend in a base of tomatoes, packed with ghee. It is a comforting meal which is not heavy on our digestive system and aids hydrates the body. And with that, its tastes very good with rice, and hence can be eaten quite frequently. And if you keep its consistency low, it makes a good drink as well!


5. Thakkali Sambar

Yet another dish which completes the perfect South Indian meal, Sambar. Thakkali sambar or tomato sambar comes really handy when you don’t have many vegetables at home and guests are about to arrive (or maybe when you’re too hungry). This can be made both with and without onions and goes well along with idli, dosa, and steamed rice.


6. Tomato Relish

A mouth-watering relish can make even the dullest of food come to spice, for that’s life in case Indian food. It can be bought from the market or made at home, where its shelf ranges from two days to a week. It has the tastes of onion, garlic, chili, cloves, sugar, and vinegar, along with the aroma of olive oil. Eat it with roti or put it in a sandwich, you won’t be disappointed.


7. Moong Dal Tamatar

Moong dal tamatar is a regular member of a regular Northern thaali. Made healthy with the proteins of moong, this dal has made its way into a majority of households in the North. It can be tailored according to your tastes and preferences, and yet manages to taste astonishingly simple yet tasty.


8. Coconut Tomato Curry

This variety of tomato curry is made with tomatoes and ground coconut. It belongs to the Goan cuisine and has a coastal flavor with a tangy touch, which is complemented by the sweet taste of coconut. It is spicy, and can be savored with rice and pickle.


9. Tomato Pappu

Tomato Pappu is a recipe’s contribution goes to the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh, famous for its love affair with spices. However, this pappu stands out, as it is bland in comparison with its bold peers, despite which it has managed to make its way from home to home. It is commonly enjoyed with lemon pickle, though you can experiment further.


10. Cauliflower Tomato Curry

This curry is a combination of cauliflower and tomatoes, made richer with aromatic spices. Cauliflower Tomato Curry serves as the ideal side dish for small parties and get-togethers with friends or family. It can be eaten with roti and paranthas, but its taste comes out best with cooked rice.


11. Tomato Korma

Tomato korma is more like a side dish for roti, but it has as much audience as its main course peers. Apart from that, this korma is very simple to make, with a preparation time of just ten minute. Tired of your daily menu? Try the Tomato korma.


12. Onion Tomato Curry

This curry is a specialty of Kerala. The ingredients that go in it are plain tomatoes and onions, but it’s real taste comes from the coconut oil it is cooked in, which forms the aroma of this dish. It has the kari patta (curry leaves) in it as well, and is garnished with chopped coriander, with its cooking time under 20 minutes. Good for a rainy day.


13. Tomato Ka Salan

The Tomato salan is a famous curry made of tomato, coconut, sesame seeds and peanuts. It derives its taste from the small mushy tomatoes, tamarind, and mustard seeds. Eat hot with roti, naan, steamed rice, pulav, or biryani.


14. Sprouts Curry

Are you not eating enough healthy food? Have your taste buds taken over your mind, causing you to take sugary decisions for your stomach? Worry not. Here is the Sprouts curry, a perfect combination of what many may not believe possible, where health food meets tasty gravy. The Sprouts curry, made from green gram, tomatoes, grated coconuts, and cashews can please anyone.


15. Lima Beans Curry

The taste of ginger, the spice of green chili, the garnish of coriander and the richness of ghee – a person eating Lima beans curry breathes the scent of goodness. Baby Lima beans taste better than the bigger ones, so remember that when you’re making this curry.


16. Punjabi Chana Masala

Chana masala too, like many others, uses a base of tomato to give it the lip-smacking flavour and Punjabi twist. Chana masala can be linked up with rice, roti, parantha, puri, naan, and many other bread varieties. In parts of North India, chana is also served along with aloo chaat, which makes people go yummm…


17. Vada Curry

The vada curry, as the name itself suggests, is eaten with vadas, but vada curry and idli are a well savored combination in the south, especially the northern part of Tamil Nadu. North Indian food lovers can also relish this curry with rotis and paranthas as well.


18. Tomato Fry

This is a slightly dry recipe when tallied with others, but worry not, because the dryness has its taste in its pocket. This recipe can serve as both the main course and the side dish, depending on your budget (just kidding). This easy-to-make recipe can stay fresh till 3-4 days, and is ideal to carry while traveling.


19. Tomato Kura

Tomato Kura is the tomato curry of Andhra Pradesh. The base of this curry is made using tomatoes, onion, and coconut milk, with a touch of sesame seeds, mustard, cumin, green chili, and hing. Usually enjoyed with ghee and rice.


20. Tamatar Kadhi

Who doesn’t like to have a tangy lip smacking curry? Presenting ladies and gentlemen, the tantalizing, spiced with assortments, with perfect consistency and ready to be served with rice, the tomato kadhi! Bound with rich flavours of cloves, cumin seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida, and chopped green chilies, this kadhi will blow your mind away.