20 South Indian Dishes Available In Banasthali

20 South Indian Dishes Available In Banasthali



Dosa is one of the most loved South Indian dishes. It is also available in Banasthali Vidyapith. It is available in canteens as well as it is also available in the hostels. The Dosa is served once in a month to the girls. Dosa is eaten by the combination of sambhar which is made up of mix veggies and the dal and chutney which is prepared by the coconut. The Dosa can be made up of different stuffing like paneer, cheese, etc.



It is the type of Pan cake which is made up of the batter. The batter of Appam is made up of the fragmented rice and coconut. The taste of Appam is salty, and it is served with the coconut Chutney. It is very popular in the South India. The Banasthali also serve Appam to the girl. Hence it is rare, but it is available in some canteens. The dish is loved by all especially the South Indian students. It is served in the breakfast mostly.


Coconut Rice

In South India everybody eat rice very much. The rice is preferred more than Chapatti. The Coconut Rice is the flavoured rich which is cooked in the simple way only. At the time they are cooked the grated nariyal (means coconut) and curd are put into it. The coconut flavour is mixed into it and then it is served hot with the spicy curd. The coconut rice is usually eaten in dinner.


Curd Rice

This famous dish of South India is also eaten in the hostels of Banasthali. The simple rice is cooked with the salt and then it is served hot with the desi ghee and curd. Then all the three ingredients are mixed and eaten. The dish is usually served in dinner and lunch. The Curd Rice is also eaten in the situation when the person is not well because the dish is very light and healthy.


Idli Sambhar

The well-known South Indian dish is Idli Sambhar. The Idli is made up of the fragmented rice and eating soda, and the Sambhar is made up of the ingredients like tomato, potato, etc. The Sambhar is the kind of liquid mixed vegetables. The dish is generally served with the breakfast, and the coconut Chutney is also served. The item is loved by all in the Banasthali Vidyapith also. The another dish made up of Idli is fried Idli which is given to the girls in the hostels. It is made up of Idli pieces and the coconut Chutney, than it is fried and served hot.


Mixed Vegetables

Mixed Vegetable is the very common dish which is famous everywhere. But it is originally originated from the South India. The vegetable is served with Chapatti as well as the Rice. The special ingredient which is added into is the coconut. The marinated coconut gives a specific taste and flavour to the dish. The vegetable is usually served in the Dinner or Lunch. In every canteen of Banasthali, it is available easily.


White Pumpkin Kootu

White Pumpkin Kootu is the type of vegetable which is made up of the ingredient like Pumpkin, and the Kootu flour. It is the vegetable that can be eaten with the rice or Chapatti. The texture is according to the taste. It consists of many Indian Spices and also very spicy. The dish is served hot in the dinner mostly. The taste of white Pumpkin Kootu is sweet and salty.


Tomato Rasam

Rasam is a kind of Soup but it is thinner in texture. The recipe of Tomato Rasam is very easy and delicious. It is generally eaten before the food because the Tomato Rasam increases the hunger. It is the perfect combination of health and taste. The Tomato Rasam is made of the ingredients like the tomato in huge quantity and the Indian spices. It is made by boiling the tomato, and it is served hot in the soup bowl. In Banasthali it is made by the student himself.


Patani Masala

Patani Masala is the dish which can be eaten with Poori, Bread or Chapatti. The versatile dish is made up of the peas and potato. The dried peas are soaked overnight in the water and in next morning they are boiled in the pressure cooker. The dish is served hot as a refreshment type. The taste can be changed by adding the Chutney and the flavour of Coconut. The Patani Masala is available in the Banasthali at every stole.


Mint Dal Chutney

The Mint Dal Chutney is the side recipe in the South India. The Chutney is served with almost all the dishes. The mint dal Chutney is made up of the ingredients like the Pudina Patti i.e. mint, dal, and the fresh green coriander. All the ingredients are mixed and crushed. Then it is served with every dish. The Chutney has a special quality that it increases the taste of simple dishes.


Brinjal Spinach Curry

As we know the texture of any Curry is thin and liquid. Thus the Brinjal Spinach Curry is also of the same texture. The curry is the mixture of brinjal, spinach and the Indian spices. The curry has the liquid texture that is why it is served with the rice. To make it more tart and rich 1 table spoon of desi ghee is added to it.


Carrot Rasam

Carrot Rasam is the kind of carrot soup. It is also the perfect combo of health and taste. It is made of the ingredients like carrot, tomato and some basic spices. The Rasam is very beneficial for the eyes and the digestive system. It is served hot before the lunch and dinner because it increases your hunger. And also helps you to digest food properly.



Cauliflower Poriyal

The Cauliflower Poriyal is the type of cauliflower curry which is made up of cauliflower and some Indian spices. It is somewhat like Bengan ka Bharta. The vegetable is cut and boiled. It is spiced and served hot with the Chapatti or Rice. The desi ghee is poured on the hot dish while serving. The texture is dependent on the person’s choice.


Watermelon Rasam

Another healthy rasam which is also very healthy and tasty is the Watermelon Rasam. It is the Rasam which is sweet in taste and served after the dinner and lunch. The texture is the same which is very thin. It is not mandatory that the Rasam which is made up watermelon should be hot or cold. It is dependent up on the consumer’s choice.


Onion Peanut Chutney

The Onion Peanut Chutney is perhaps the tastiest Chutney available in the world. It is a side dish and can be eaten with anything and also very easy to make. The quick Onion Peanut Chutney is made up of a very common ingredients like onion, peanut and the fresh green chillies and coriander. The Chutney is blended in the mixer, and all the ingredients are mixed and grinded. The Chutney also consists of the lemon juice which increases its taste and texture.


Garlic Raita

As we know the Raita is commonly made up of the curd. But the South Indian Raita is different. The flavour of garlic is mixed into it to make it tastier. It is served in lunch as a side dish. It is also specially served with the Biryani or Pulao to make it tastier. The Garlic Raita is one of the most eaten Raitas in South India.


Sambhar Vada

It is a very famous South Indian breakfast which is very healthy too. The Sambar of the dish is made by mixing vegetables, and the Vada is the difficult task. The Vada is round and the batter is liquid . The Vada is deep fried and the dish Sambhar Vada is served with the Coconut Chutney.


Paal Payasam

It is the well-known desert of South India. The food is complete with it. The dish consists of dry fruits like pista, kaaju, badam, chrionji, apricot,  cishmish etc. It is somewhat like kheer stuffed with the rice. The creamy texture of the Paal Payasam is enjoyed hot as well as cold.




Avial is the type of dry dish which is eaten as snacks. The dish is made up ingredients like all the seasonable vegetables like tomato, potato, lady finger, etc. All the veggies are boiled and spiced with Indian spices. The dish is served with the drink, and the texture is very thick. It is also very healthy to eat in breakfast.


Vegetable Tomato Rice

Vegetable Tomato Rice is the kind of simple Pulao in which the ingredients used are all the seasonable vegetables and spices. The rice is simply cooked with the vegetable and then served hot with the Mint or Peanut Chutney. To increase the taste of Vegetable Tomato Rice the Garlic Raita is added.