Top 20 Traditional Foods to Eat in Greece

top 20 traditional foods to eat in greece

Since ancient times, not much has changed in terms of Greek cuisine. Original recipes have been handed down through families from one generation to the next, and they all begin with using extra virgin olive oil as their foundation. Olive oil, which has its roots on the island of Crete, is an indispensable component of every dish prepared in Greece. When you follow a recipe and add flavorful spices and herbs, you get meals that are nutritious and delectable. This article will provide you with a list of twenty traditional Greek dishes that you should try if you are interested in sampling the finest examples of Greek cuisine.


Amygdalota is a gluten-free almond biscuit that is extremely popular in Greece and goes perfectly with a hot cup of Greek coffee. These biscuits, an integral component of Greek food culture, are commonly taken with tea or coffee, or even milk occasionally, as a late afternoon snack. They can also be found at any Greek food festival due to their popularity.



Traditional Greek stuffed tomatoes, known as Yemista, are bursting with color and flavor. Other veggies can be used in place of the tomatoes and roasted until they take on a reddish hue. Alternatively, the stuffing could be comprised of rice and additional herbs or minced meat. There are various ways to make Yemista, and you can experiment with different herbs and spices.


3.Courgette Balls

Cheese, flour, and breadcrumbs are combined with egg, fresh mint, parsley, dill and garlic, and spring onion to make curette balls. They’re a plant-based version of Keftedes. Roll the mixture into balls, bake them, and help them with a side of tzatziki sauce. You can find this Cretan meze in most Greek restaurants around the country. Its flavorful texture, comprised of salty and savory feta cheese and a touch of fresh mint, will amaze your taste senses.Theymust be crispy on the outside and creamy on the interior for kolokythokeftedes to be authentic.

Courgette Balls


When it comes to Greek cuisine, the classic appetizer or midday snack of Tiropita, often known as “Greek cheese pie,” is a beloved institution throughout the country. There are a wide variety of ways to eat this feta cheese meal. After being rolled into individual triangles, this is called Tiropita. To make this recipe, you’ll need a variety of cheeses (feta cheese mostly). Also, melted butter and extra virgin olive oil are used in the preparation of this delicious dish.



Kataifi, a type of Greek pastry, is used to make one of the most famous Greek sweets. The pastry resembles crushed wheat when rolled up. The crisp, thread-like dough is rolled around a nutty filling, baked, and soaked in sweet syrup. Because the pastry is packed with strands, eating this can result in many of messes. As a result, avoid yanking or chopping them too much.



Taramosalata is another tasty Greek dip. It is made with taramas, salted and cured fish roe, bread, potatoes, olive oil, and lemon juice. This fish roe dip isn’t as bad as it sounds. First of all, the smoked fish flavor gives any Mezze platter an excellent taste. Taramosalata is made by mixing it with – you guessed it – olive oil, lemon, breadcrumbs, and milk. You can add onions and garlic if you like. If you serve it with bread, it makes a great starter.


7.Greek Fava Dip (Yellow Split Pea Puree)

This delectable Greek vegetable dish is renowned not only on the island of Santorini but also across the rest of the country. Great starting for cold winter days because it’s creamy and delicious. With a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, serve this Fava dish as an appetizer or dip.

Greek Fava Dip Yellow Split Pea Puree


This Greek dessert is one of the most popular Greek foods and drinks. A phyllo dough batter is baked to perfection before a substantial amount of butter is drizzled over the top. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this meal and will not be happy with just one serving. To boost the flavor of this dish, Greeks use the creamiest custard and the most fragrant syrup.


9.Greek Salad (Choriatiki)          

A Greek salad is an essential side dish that is served with nearly every dinner in Greece. Choriatiki is eaten without dressing because they are composed of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and a large piece of feta cheese. Since diners are free to choose their dressing, salads at eating establishments always come with salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar on the side. Greek salad is traditionally served as an appetizer, making an excellent main course or side dish.

Greek Salad Choriatiki


Tzatziki is perhaps one of the most well-known examples of a traditional Greek dish. This traditional cuisine from Greece consists of yogurt and cucumber, served with pitas. It is very refreshing. You may make a smooth spread or dip that everyone will enjoy by adding garlic, extra virgin olive oil (a fundamental component of any dish prepared in the Greek tradition), herbs like dill and mint, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.



The combination of oil, semolina, sugar, and water makes halva such a delicious treat. The fact that no eggs, dairy products, or butter are used to preparation of this dessert makes it an absolute delight for vegans, who typically have a limited number of options to choose from when it comes to desserts. The best thing about this meal is that anyone can eat it. The taste of these four components together will hypnotize you. Halva is a sweetened semolina dessert studded with nuts.



The Greeks love pies, and there are many different kinds. Some are made with rich dough, while others are made with flaky phyllo pastry and can be filled with anything from aborigines or meat to greens or cheese. The most well-known is spanakopita, is made with phyllo dough, feta cheese, spinach, and dill. Another popular dish is tyro pita, made of phyllo dough wrapped around a cheese filling.



A traditional dish with a long history that is both creamy and juicy. In Greece, almost every tavern serves moussaka. This dish is made by Greek homemakers for big family gatherings. In Moussaka minced beef is cooked in tomato sauce, and then sweet eggplants and creamy béchamel sauce are layered on top. Because this great cuisine is filling, you won’t need many sides.


14Fasolada (Traditional Greek Bean Soup)

White bean soup is a staple of Greek cuisine and can’t be missed. To prepare this dish, you will need only white beans, veggies, and olive oil in its purest form. Because they eat so little meat, the Greeks are known for their heavy reliance on legumes and beans as their primary protein source. A Mediterranean diet stresses the importance of including this cuisine in one’s daily diet. Start your week off right by making this hearty supper. You’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of your week.

Fasolada Traditional Greek Bean Soup


There are only two main ingredients in Pasteli, a Greek dish: honey and sesame seeds. In Greece, this pasteli are referred to as the “first energy bars.” Nuts like walnuts, almonds, and pistachios, in addition to honey and sesame, are added to offer a bit of diversity. When paired with tea, pasteli is an excellent choice. It can also be used as a sweetener, a snack, and an energy source.



Tirokafteri is a delicious way to spice up your Greek dips. You can’t go wrong with this decadent Greek feta dip! A substantial dose of feta cheese, roasted red peppers, garlic, and crushed chili flakes provides just the proper amount of spiciness. This recipe calls for extra-virgin olive oil, of course.



This traditional Greek meal consists of deep-fried cheese cubes that are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. If you’re having a Greek dinner, this is the perfect appetizer. Most often served as an appetizer, saganaki is made in a tiny two-handled skillet. Although cheese is the primary ingredient, different meats and vegetables can be used to make variations of this dish. This word describes several foods, such as Shrimp Saganaki and Mussels.



One of the most popular dips to accompany Greek appetizers is called tapenade. This Greek olive spread works well both as a dip and a spread. Additionally, it is simple to prepare. Take some fresh Greek olives, cut them nicely, and mix them with minced garlic and olive oil.



These grilled meat (typically pork) skewers are commonly served with tzatziki (a sauce comprised of yogurt, cucumber, and mint), pita bread, salad, or rice. Souvlaki is a Greek word that translates to “meat on a skewer,” This cuisine may be found on any Greek restaurant menu. The meat, lamb, beef, or chicken, is well-seasoned before being fried and served on a dish with French fries, vegetables, and the ever-popular tzatziki sauce. Traditionally, the plate is served wrapped in pita bread; however, in specific regions, the meat is served on skewers with pita bread on the side.



Dolmades are a typical meal served as a side dish in Greece. They are created with vine or grape leaves, which are then packed with rice that has been flavored with herbs and lemon, folded over to form a little package, and then cooked. You can also discover vegetarian options that solely contain rice and no meat inside them.