Top 20 Traditional German Drinks


Germany is a beautiful and elegant country with some of the best landscapes. This country is full of nature and its aspects. This is a culturally rich place. It has beautiful architecture. This country is a beautiful amalgamation of modern and ancient with its lifestyle. It has some of the most beautiful drinks in the world as well. Here is a list of the authentic glasses from Germany.

1. Jagermeister 

Jagermeister is a famous drink from Germany. This drink is one of the most famous refreshments for party drinkers. This drink has a thick black appearance and is made with a blend of 56 natural herbs and spices. It has an authentic taste.

2. Apfelwein 

Apfelwein is an alcoholic beverage made from apples. The alcohol content of this drink is relatively low, at just 5.5%. It has a delicious fruity apple taste that everyone enjoys. This is one of the most authentic drinks from Germany.

3. Kirsch Wine Cocktail 

Kirsch Wine Cocktail is a traditional alcoholic drink from Germany. This drink has its production in the Black Forest of Germany. It has a bright pink color with a mild sweet-tart cherry taste.

4. Spezi 

Spezi is an authentic German orange coma drink. This drink uses orange and lemon juice concentrate to be made. It has a sugar-free version too. It is a fizzy drink with an iconic flavor.

5. Korn 

Korn is a traditional alcoholic drink from Germany. It is a colorless distilled beverage made with barley, fermented wheat, buckwheat, or rye. This drink has a minimum alcohol concentration of 32%. This is a famous drink among the Germans.

6. Pharisäer Kaffee 

Pharisäer Kaffee is an authentic German coffee with rum. This unique combination is quite famous among Germans. It has an exciting origin which led this drink to become very renowned. The taste of this drink is delicious.

7. Dunkel 

Dunkel is an alcoholic beverage famous in Germany. This beer is perceived by colors, ranging from amber to dark reddish-brown. It has a smooth-malty flavor. This drink is enjoyed with other meals like grilled meat.

8. Asbach Uralt 

Asbach Uralt is a famous German brandy. It is an alcoholic drink with an amber color. It has a gentle sweetness and peppery overtone. Once you drink this, you will understand why this drink is so popular.

9. Kölsch 

Kölsch is a traditional beer from Germany. It has a fruity taste with a light and palatable flavor. The taste of this drink is delicious.

10. Apfelschorle 

Apfelschorle is a famous apple juice spritzer drink from Germany. It is a popular soft drink made with apple juice and carbonated mineral water. It has a refreshing flavor and is not too sweet.

11. Mezzo Mix

Mezzo Mix is an exciting drink from Germany. It is a combination of orange soda and cola drink. It is one of the oldest and most well-known beverages in Germany.

12. Killepitsch 

Killepitsch is an authentic German glass. It is an alcoholic drink with a mix of berries, fruits, and over 98 organic herbs that have been aged in old clay pots. The taste of the drink is marvelous.

13. Himbeergeist 

Himbeergeist is an authentic drink famous in Germany. This popular raspberry-based spirit is made by macerating fresh raspberries in 95.6% pure neutral spirits. The taste of this drink is delicious and authentic.

14. Eiskaffee 

Eiskaffee is an authentic cold coffee with an ice cream drink from Germany. It is one of the must-try German drinks. This drink has a great taste, and is usually enjoyed with some desserts.

15. Fritz-Kola 

Fritz-Kola is a famous drink in Germany. It is a soft drink produced in northern Germany. Due to its popularity, it is exported to many European countries. This drink has more caffeine and less sugar than regular Pepsi or Coke.

16. Weißbier 

Weißbier is famous wheat or white beer from Germany. It has a light color and top-fermented. It has at least 50% proportion of wheat to barley malt. This drink has two main variations, dark wheat beer, and strong wheat beer.

17. Rüdesheimer Kaffee 

Rüdesheimer Kaffee is a unique brandy and whipped cream coffee from Germany. This is an alcoholic coffee drink topped with chocolate. The taste of this drink is rich and unique. The taste of this drink is very authentic.

18. Mulled Wine 

Mulled Wine is a relaxing alcoholic drink from Germany. It contains mulling spices, raisins, and red wine. It has an authentic and refreshing taste.

19. Altbier 

Altbier is a unique traditional beer from Germany. This drink is copper-colored with a delicious taste. It has a fruity and smooth flavor that is famous among the locals.

20. Feuerzangenbowle 

Feuerzangenbowle isn’t as complicated as it sounds! This is a classic German alcoholic drink. This has a unique preparation method. It contains many spices like cinnamon, anise, cloves, and orange peels. The taste of this drink is very authentic.