20 Ways To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

20 Ways to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

If you are a fan of coffee, then this post is for you! Here are 20 ways you could make yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

1. Cold Coffee

You will need a cup of milk, four to five pieces of ice cubes, one tablespoon of milk powder, one tablespoon instant coffee powder, two tablespoons of sugar, and one scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Blend it in a mixer. Then pour it into your favorite cup. A big scoop of vanilla ice-cream, a waffle stick, and chocolate shavings as toppings (optional) will complement the coffee. And now finally, rest back and enjoy your coffee.

Another way you could make a cold coffee is by blending a cup of milk, four to five pieces of ice cubes, one tablespoon of milk powder, one tablespoon instant coffee powder, two tablespoons condensed milk, one tablespoon chocolate syrup, and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


2. Mazagran

Mazagran is a cold, sweetened coffee, originated from  Algeria. Here are the steps to make a Portugal version of Mazagran. You will need lemons, ice cubes, sugar, and coffee (a mix of coffee powder and hot water set it aside for some time until it cools and then add the other ingredients). Take one/two cup lemon juice, add sugar (to taste) to the coffee, and mix it well. Then add the lemon juice to the coffee, mix it, and pour this mixture into a glass of ice cubes. And your Mazagran is ready!

The combination of lemon and coffee might be something new for you, but this recipe is a must try.


3. Eiskaffee (Germany)

All you need for this is ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, and coffee (a mix of coffee powder and hot water, allow this mixture to cool and then add the other ingredients). Take two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee into a glass. Top off this mixture with whipped cream, garnish it with grated chocolate, and bring home the cafe experience.


4.  Cafe Au Lait (France)

The best thing about this coffee is that you need only two things to make a perfect cup of coffee, that is, steamed milk and coffee (a mix of coffee powder and hot water, allow this mixture to cool). Pour the coffee into a glass and slowly add the steamed milk into it (Do not pour all the milk at once). And there you are! Quick and easy, wasn’t it?


5. Frappe (Greece)

You will need instant coffee powder, sugar, water, and a hand mixer. Add into a glass one tbsp instant coffee powder, one tsp sugar, a splash of water, mix until it is half full. Add ice cubes to it. Add cold water. Voila! Your Frappe is ready.


6. Yuangyang (Hong Kong)

The ingredients you will be needing are – black tea, coffee (a mix of coffee powder and hot water, allow this mixture to cool), condensed milk, and ice cubes. Add three tsp of condensed milk, one part of coffee, mix it well. Then add a part black tea, top off with ice. Your cup of YUANYANG is ready. Enjoy it!


7. Marocchino (Italy)

You need three things, milk, espresso, and cocoa powder. Add milk to the espresso, and sprinkle the cocoa powder over it. And that’s it! Your Italian Coffee is ready.


8. Thick And Creamy Cold Coffee

For this, you need two to three tbsp of warm water, coffee powder, six scoops of vanilla ice cream, chilled milk, three tbsp sugar, one/two cup fresh cream, and chocolate syrup. Also, some cocoa powder and some whipped cream for garnishing (which is optional). Start with adding the warm water to the coffee powder, mix it well. The ratio of water to coffee should be one: three. Now in a blender jar, add two cups of chilled milk, three tbsp of chocolate syrup, one/two cup of fresh cream, three tbsp of sugar, and finally the coffee mixture. Now blend this for a few seconds till the sugar dissolves. Then, add six scoops of vanilla ice cream and three ice cubes to it.

Blend this mixture again till the ice cream is dissolved, but do not over-blend.  You can top it off with whipped cream if you wish.


9. Simple Iced Coffee

This kind of a coffee is perfect for a sunny day. Take some ice cubes in a glass, then fill it halfway with milk and another half with black coffee. Stir it and enjoy!


10. Cocoa Coffee

This one is for the chocolate lovers. Add one tbsp of cocoa powder in a cup, then fill it with black coffee, and stir it. Garnish it with a dash of cinnamon for an extra kick. This coffee will surely keep you awake in the sleepy afternoons.


11. Irish Coffee

Fill the cocktail glass with three/fourth black coffee, and the rest with cream or milk.


12. Coffee Float

Take one cup of black coffee, add one tbsp of cocoa powder to it, and mix it well. A scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream can be used as a topping (if you want you can try butterscotch ice cream also). And there you are! Quick and easy, isn’t it?


13. Bullet Proof Coffee

Take one cup of coffee (black coffee); add one to three tbsp MCT Coconut oil and one to two tbsp unsalted butter to it. Blend it in a blender jar. The butter and oil improve the way the body processes caffeine. Pour the coffee into your coffee mug and enjoy!


14. Mocha (On the Rocks)

For this, you need to fill up the ice cube tray with black coffee. Freeze until solid. After it has turned into ice, remove it and put the coffee ice cubes in a glass and pour milk into it. You can add some chocolate syrup to your coffee. Your Mocha is ready to drink.


15. Beaten Coffee

Take three to four tbsp coffee powder in a glass and add an equal (or more) amount of sugar to it. Beat this mixture of coffee and sugar until the sugar dissolves, and the mixture turns from dark brown to light brown. Go on adding one tbsp of warm water or milk while beating the coffee. Once it is ready, you could add it to a cup of hot milk or pour the hot milk into the glass.


16. Coconut Milk Or Santan Coffee

For this, put two tbsp of sugar (brown sugar) in a glass, then goes one tbsp of instant coffee powder. This coffee is going to be a cold coffee. Add some hot water into the glass to dissolve the coffee and the sugar. Pour a cup of coconut milk into it. Stir well and enjoy!


17. Flat White

Start with the espresso shot. Next comes the steamed milk. Add it to the double shot of espresso slowly, not all of it in one go.


18. Simple Coffee

When you feel too lazy to do anything, but still want your daily dose of caffeine, this coffee would do the thing. Just heat a cup of milk and add sugar and instant coffee powder to it. Stir well and there you go! The amount of coffee powder and sugar depends on how you like your coffee, strong, or sweet.


19. Black Coffee

Start by boiling one cup of water. Add coffee powder to it once it comes to boil. Heat it for another one minute and your perfect cup of black coffee is ready. Black coffee contains 0 calories and consuming it on an empty stomach reduces weight. It is a rich source of caffeine. It is the perfect energy booster you will need to stay up late at night.


20. Espresso

You could make yourself a shot of espresso with your coffee machine. But if you do not have one, you could boil the milk and add the espresso powder (coarse grind) to it. You can add sugar if you want. Another way is to pour boiling water into the espresso powder if you prefer your coffee to be without milk.


Try these recipes and enjoy the aroma of brewing your favorite coffee.

Happy Brewing! 🙂