Top 20 Traditional Malaysian Drinks

Top 20 Traditional Malaysian Drinks

Malaysia, in Southeast Asia, is known for its diverse culinary scene, which includes a wide selection of traditional drinks that are both energizing and flavorful. An introduction to Malaysian beverages has everything from fragrant teas to original creations:

1.Teh Tarik

Malaysia’s national drink is Teh Tarik or Malaysian pulled tea. The Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures are brought together by tea, which is consumed by everyone in the country. This beloved Teh Tarik tea is significant because it symbolizes the country’s fusion of its multicultural and multi-ethnic population.

Teh Tarik

2.Barley Juice

In Malaysia, barley juice is a standard beverage. Barley juice is a clear, viscous liquid that tastes good with lime and sugar when served with ice. Whole barley pearls that are soft, thick, and sweetened with sugar are mixed into the juice.

Barley Juice

3.Air Bandung

Air Bandung, also known as sirap bandung or simply bandung, is a well-known and widely consumed beverage in Malaysia. Bandung is made by mixing rose syrup and evaporated or condensed milk. It is easy to make. It has a very distinct bright pink color as a result of this. Despite the bright pink color, it tastes good.

Air Bandung

4.Nutmeg Juice

Another intriguing Malaysian beverage is nutmeg juice. The juice does not taste like spice and is light and fruity. It is very refreshing and is served with ice. Nutmeg juice is a unique and delicious juice that you should try when you visit Penang.

Nutmeg Juice

5.Water Chestnut Juice

One of the most refreshing drinks we encountered in Malaysia was water chestnut juice. The Chinese water chestnut, which is a vegetable, is used to make this drink. The exterior of this vegetable is brown, and the interior contains a white, watery, and crunchy filling.

Water Chestnut Juice

6.Longan Juice

Longan Juice is a well-liked beverage in Malaysia that comes in two flavors. The dried longan fruits, which range in color from dark brown to almost black, are the basis for producing black longan juice. The white and juicy flesh of the fruit, on the other hand, is the source of the white longan juice.

Longan Juice

7.Lychee Juice

The longan and lychee fruits are members of the same family and have the same shape. Lychee juice is very light and refreshing. On a hot day, it is an excellent thirst quencher and an easy drink to make in Malaysia. Like water, litchi juice has an obvious appearance.

Lychee Juice


Ambra is a typical tropical fruit and sour plum juice in Southeast Asia. In the region, it goes by numerous names. It is known to Malays as Buah Kedondong or Ambra in Penang. The fruit is about the size of a lemon and has an oval shape. It is hard to touch and has a green color.


9.Air Mata Kucing Juice

Air Mata Kucing liquid is an iced fruit juice made from monk fruit (lo han kor), dried longan (long ngan), winter melon (tong kua), and sugar. The juice is not too sweet, but it is refreshing and quenches thirst.

Air Mata Kucing Juice

10.Lemon And Dragon Fruit Juice

Dragon fruits contain many nutrients, and lemon juice is suitable for your eyesight. It is not sweet like many other Malaysian drinks, and the natural fruits are not disguised by artificial flavoring. It has a dense texture and a bright pink color.

Lemon And Dragon Fruit Juice

11.Milo Ais

The chocolate-malt beverage Milo Ais, a Nestle product, is well-known in numerous Asian, African, and Pacific nations. People in Malaysia prefer to consume it cold, naturally, with additional sugar and condensed milk.

Milo Ais

12.Sirap Bandung

If you like pink, this colorful drink might look like milk with a strawberry flavor. In this context, the mixture of rose syrup and condensed or evaporated milk is what is meant to be referred to as “bandung,” which means “mixed.”

Sirap Bandung

13.Sirap Selasih

Sirap Selasih is rose syrup topped with basil seeds (selasih). It can be purchased ready-made as a cordial or made by combining rose essence, sugar syrup, boiled pandan leaves, and food coloring. This beverage not only tastes sweet, but it also smells sweet, like a rose garden.

Sirap Selasih


Cincau, or grass jelly, is a sweet dessert from a mint-like plant called Mesona Chinensis. This plant’s stalks and leaves are dried and boiled with rice flour or starch. The liquid will harden into a jelly-like consistency as it cools.


15.Lime Juice With Salted Dried Plum

Salted dried plum, or asam boi in Malay, is a popular snack in Malaysia that is typically imported from China. It is made by drying plum with salt, powdered sugar, and licorice-flavored herbs.

Lime Juice With Salted Dried Plum

16.White Coffee

The term “white” refers to pure or unadulterated coffee. This means that the coffee beans are brewed without any other substance or ingredient during the brewing process. White coffee, unlike different types of coffee, is only roasted with margarine, not sugar (which is odd for a country that worships sugar), giving it a lighter color. Other types of coffee are typically roasted with wheat, sugar, and margarine.

White Coffee


Tuak is a popular drink in Malaysia. The four main components of Tuak are as follows: glutinous rice cooked in water, ragi (a traditional starter base with yeast and bacterial enzymes), and sugar (optional). Honey may be added by some producers of tuak to give it the flavor of mead.



Lemonade is a well-liked and cooling beverage with a citrus flavor primarily made from lemon juice, water, and sweetener. As a refreshing drink that quenches thirst during the hot summer months, it is commonly consumed. Depending on the balance of the ingredients and individual preference, lemonade can taste tangy and tart or sweet and mellow.


19.Iced Tea

Iced tea is a chilled beverage made by steeping tea leaves in hot water and cooling the resulting liquid. Iced tea is also known as iced latte. Depending on personal preference, it can be sweetened or unsweetened and served cold. Iced tea is a standard and refreshing beverage, especially in hot weather or as a year-round option.

Iced Tea

20. Hot Chocolate

Hotchocolate,cocoaordrinkingchocolate,isaheatedbeveragemadewithheatedmilkorwater,shaved,melted,orpowderedchocolateorcocoa,andtypicallyasweetener. Itfrequentlyhasmarshmallowsorwhippedcreamontop.

Hot Chocolate