Top 20 fruit juices Provided in Banasthali University


When we live far from home, we have to take care of our health and hygiene. Regular exercise is important as well as the nutrients and vitamins are equally important to keep the body fit and active. So Banasthali University, Asia’s largest residential University also serves Fruits and Fruits Juices to the girls residing there. All types of Fruit Juices are available for the students to maintain their health. As we see the environment of the University, there is a lot of Neem Trees to control the harm of Ultra Violet Rays. This is the one reason of the 80% greenery in the campus. The Management is very concerned that the student takes care of their health and hygiene.

1Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera is good in all the ways as you can eat it, drink it, or apply it. When the Aloe Vera juice is drank, it tastes bad, but it has many benefits viz., avoids or reduces constipation, it reduces the risk of cholesterol, it increases the stamina and much more.  Majorly the problem with the youth is that they frequently eat fast food which is difficult to digest. So Aloe Vera juice helps the digestive System to function properly. And it also helps to freshen up the body and remove all the bacteria from it.



Sugarcane juice can be consumed pure or with added Lemon and Pudina Patti. By adding these two elements the juice becomes more refreshing and healthy. It decreases the temperature of the body in summers. India is one of the countries which produce a large amount of sugar cane so the juice is easily available everywhere including Banasthali University. It helps to strengthen your liver and enhance the ability to do more work. It is also beneficial for those suffering from jaundice.


3.Apple Juice

Apple juice is slightly more expensive as compared to the two drinks above. In India, the apples come from Himachal Pradesh “the Country of Apples”. So their prices in Rajasthan is also somewhat high as compared to other neighboring states of Himachal. It is treated with enzymes to remove the unwanted starch from your body and also helps to decrease the unwanted fat from the body.


4.Coconut Water

Coconut Water is also a type of refreshing juice which helps to keep the body fit and active. The are many benefits of drinking Coconut Water regularly in summer viz., it provides moisture to the skin and makes your skin perfect, helps you reduce weight, it facilitates digestion and also controls blood pressure.


5.Grape juice

The Black Grape Juice is very easy to make. We do not even need an electric juicer to make it. Just crush it to make the juice. The Grape Juice boosts the immune system which is very important for the students and youth. It is very beneficial to those suffering from asthma and diabetes. It works like the antivirus in the human body.



The popular lemon Juice sold in India is Shekanjee. The lemon is very rich in Vitamin C, so it is good for the immune system. It maintains the pH levels in the body. Having lemon with honey helps to reduce fat immediately. It makes the skin glow and also helps to prevent cold.


7.Orange Juice

Orange is a good agent for skin, and the orange juice is also helpful in digestion. It is easy to make and is served fresh. Drinking Orange Juice daily for breakfast is the best way to take the benefits of orange. When you have pain in your joints, then avoid it.


8.Papaya Juice

The texture of Papaya Juice is thick, and it is also good for digestion. It is made from crushing papaya and sugar if needed. The Papaya Juice cannot be preserved because it has the tendency to change its taste. So drink the papaya juice fresh.


9.Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice is very light so can be taken anytime. The texture is very thin and also very beneficial. If needed sugar is added. Pineapple is a seasonal fruit but the Pineapple Juice is available in all seasons. It protects our skin and kills the bacteria inside our body. It is also beneficial for our skin and body growth.


10.Cucumber Juice

The Cucumber Juice is not as common and very limited people prefer to drink it. It is drunk before lunch, so that the food can be digested properly.


11.Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice is the best way to make your skin glow and maintain natural redness. It helps the body to flush out all the unwanted materials. It is also beneficial for the people who face constipation and stomach related problems. But the tomato juice should be drunk fresh to have its benefits.


12.Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice is very light with a thin texture and can be drunk anytime when available. Watermelon is also a seasonal fruit, but the juice is available in all seasons.


13.Pomegranate Juice

The red beautiful Pomegranate Juice is the healthiest fruit on Earth. It increases the blood level in the body and also purifies the blood. It contains fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Potassium. It also fights from Cancer. It also helps to lower the blood pressure.


14.Strawberry Juice

Strawberry juice is full of antioxidants. If you fall ill very frequently, then regularly drink Strawberry Juice and the problems will be solved. Adding this delicious juice to your diet helps you to be more and more active and feeling refreshed. It also helps at the time of pregnancy.


15.Beetroot Juice

If you have not tried beetroot juice, try it today. It is tasty and healthy. It is like medicine for all the internal diseases. It helps in controlling the level of sugar in the body and it helps to improve digestion.


16.Carrot Juice

A carrot juice contains calories, protein, and fiber. It is the most popular root available across the globe. It helps to increase hair growth, improves the immune system, cures infections, and enhances the oral health. It also helps to increase the eye sight and helps to remove the specks.


17.Amla Juice

The Amla is a power house nutrient. It contains high level of vitamins and minerals. We can say it is the excellent source of Vitamin C. Regular consumption of Amla reduces the risk of cancer. It is also helpful in controlling diabetes. It also control the cholesterol level of the body.


18.Mango Juice

Mango is the king of all fruits and the juice has great importance. It helps to gain weight because it contains a high amount of sugar. It is also good for eyes, strengthens bones, maintains good blood pressure, controls acidity and beneficial in pregnancy.


19.Mix Fruit Juice

Individually all the fruit juices are beneficial for the body, and when we talk about mix fruit juice, it is more beneficial for the body. It is more healthy and the mixture of all crushed fruits. But the disadvantage is that it increases the rate of obesity.


20.Guava Juice

Guava juice is just a unique fruit juice which is not so good in taste, but it is very essential and beneficial for the body. It nourishes the body growth and development. Also, it boost our immune system and controls the sugar level in the body.