Top 20 Truth And Lies About Food That We Have Believed For So Long

Top 20 Truth and Lies about Food that we have Believed for so Long

As the lifestyle changes, we change our taste too. We get addicted to ready-to-eat healthy foods and get stuck in the vicious circle of unhealthy foods. There are many food items and facts associated with it that we have believed since a long time. Here are 20 such food lies and actual truth behind them. Read on to know more:

1. Diet Soda Is Better Than Regular Soda

Diet soda is filled with artificial sweeteners and sugars and can turn into the form of stored fat. Having it on regular basis increases the chances of heart attack.


2. Low-fat Milk Makes You Thinner

Low-fat milk is not helpful in losing those extra kilos. They are loaded with high protein powder and synthetic vitamins which don’t provide any benefit to the body regarding weight loss. They replace the vitamins and calcium lost in processing.


3. Banana Chips Are Healthier Than Potato Chips

Banana Chips are not at all healthier than Potato Chips. They are equivalent to Potato Chips regarding harming the body. They have high-fat content, adulterated oil, and a lot of salt and sugar is used for their preparation.


4. Frozen Yogurt is better than Ice Cream

Ice cream contains normal sugar, whereas frozen yogurt has artificial sugar and vegetable oil is used in their preparation. If you want to enjoy fresh yogurt, then have non-fat ones and top it with your favourite fruits.


5. Packaged Meat Is More Hygienic Than Fresh Meat

Even though fresh meat is considered unhygienic but packed ones are considered more harmful as they contain preservatives and sodium. They are bad for the pancreas. The only option is to visit those shops that keep meat in the case made of glass which is certified by the government.


6. Salads At Restaurants Are Healthy

Homemade salads made from fruits and vegetables are way healthier than those from restaurants. The salads from restaurants are loaded with dressings and cheese which are unhealthy. You are not even sure if the fruits or vegetables are cleaned or not.


7. Energy Bars Are A Healthy Snack Option

Energy Bars Are A Healthy Snack Option when they are made up of right ingredients. If you talk about the current scenario, they are as harmful as candy bars because they both possess an equal amount of sugar and the presence of whole grains is almost nil. You should go for brands that list whole grains as their first ingredient.


8. Packed Soups Are Nutritious

Packed Soups contain added preservatives which make them an unhealthier option. They are loaded with, sugar, starch, artificial color, and sodium that give no benefits to the body.


9. Sports Drinks Are Healthy And Non-harmful

Sports drinks contain two-thirds the sugar of sodas, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial flavors and coloring which are harmful to the body and may cause serious harms. Electrolytes can be found easily in coconut water and bananas.


10. Packaged Juices Have Real Fruits

Many brands boast about the content of their fruit juices having 100% real juice. That is just a lie. They contain added preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are unhealthy. They are equivalent to soft drinks and cause more harm than good.


11. Low – Carb Junk Foods

Food manufacturers have started the trend of providing junk food with low carbs. They are just similar to those food items that contain low fat which is unhealthy. These are processed junk foods filled with unhealthy ingredients.


12. Strawberries Can Help Whiten The Teeth

The fact that strawberries can whiten the teeth is true. They contain astringent and Vitamin C, which are natural teeth whiteners. Dentists and Orthodontist call strawberries the “natural bleaching agent” as they contain Vitamin C which removes stains and plague. Include them in your diet if you want to save money and time by going to the dentist.


13. Cucumbers Can Help Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles are a medical problem which shows the lack of sleep a person is getting which in turn leads to kidney failure, liver disease, a weakened immune system, and many more. Many experts have not proven the fact that cucumbers reduce dark circles. Their coolness helps with the puffiness under the eyes, but you can only get rid of dark circles by having seven to nine hours of sleep.


14. Fruit Smoothies At Cafes Are As Good As Homemade Ones

Cafes usually make larger portions than is needed for your body and store-made ones are high in fat and sugar content.


15. Coffee Wakes You Up Better Than Apple Does

Coffee wakes you up better than an apple only for a short time. When you have coffee early in the morning, it doesn’t provide any caloric energy rather lowers the body’s blood sugar levels. Apples provide antioxidant compounds that wake you up and help to maintain a healthy diet and help with the lungs. Apples are known as the natural “ waker – upper.”


16. Chocolate Gives You Acne

Chocolate is a go-to food for many teenagers when they are upset, overwhelmed or when they are craving for it. Apart from the rumors, there is no evidence that it causes acne. Acne is just a response to your body functions when it undergoes puberty.


17. Dried Fruits Are Nutritious And Can Be Eaten In Unchecked Amounts

Dried fruits are high in nutrients and vitamins, but they have a high amount of calories. Some of them have added sugar making them similar to candy which implies that it is harmful.


18. Diabetes Occurs Because Of Eating Sugar Only

It is a myth that diabetes occurs because of the consumption of sugar only. It can be caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors such as high-calorie diets, being overweight, and physical inactivity.


19. Desi Ghee Increases Cholesterol Levels

Desi Ghee contains 32% MUFA which is monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in the reduction of cholesterol. It doesn’t lower HDL which is the good cholesterol.


20. Flavoured Instant Oatmeal Makes For A Healthy Breakfast

Flavoured instant oatmeal has a lot of unnecessary calories due to added sugar. It is better to add fruits or cinnamon in oatmeal to give it flavor and gain nutrients.