1 Butter Cake

Butter cake means a cake with lots of butter. Sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and baking powder or baking soda are used as its ingredients. This cake is perfect for an afternoon tea. It can be served with sugar dusted over, chocolate frosting, or whipped cream frosting.


2 Pound Cake

Pound cake is called so because it can be measured as the proportion of its matter; a pound of sugar, a pound of eggs, a pound of flour, and a pound butter. Some pound cakes are made with separating egg whites. These cakes are very light flavored.


3 Sponge Cake

Sponge cake needs lots of eggs in it, no baking soda, no baking powder. This cake is made with a filling like lemon curd or whipped cream. It is fun eating the yummy cake and is perfect for a snack. It takes just 30 minutes to cook and 15 minutes to prepare.


4 Genoise Cake

Genoise cake is made with beating eggs and sugar until it is thick and gibbon. It is made in a round cake pan and frosted, but some are made in a jelly-roll pan. This cake is layered with flavored syrup to keep it moistened.


5 Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cakes are another type of sponge cake. They are made by separating the whites and yolks and then folded back together. Its created with light batter drier than Genoise cake. This cake is pronounced as bees- k wee in French.


6 Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is made of egg white. These cakes have a chewy and spongy quality. They are baked in two-piece tube pans and are cooled. Butter is not used in this cake; therefore, they are fat free cakes. It’s easy to make and looks amazing.


7 Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake was invented by a salesman in America. These cakes are very light made with vegetable oil, baking powder, and eggs. This type of cake creates a rich flavor and tender crumb. Chiffon cakes are leavened with stiffly beaten egg white and baked in tall pans and are cooled to retain its height.


8 Baked Flourless Cake

Baked flourless cakes are tasty cheesy chocolate cake. They are made in spring form pan so that it can be easily removed. These cakes are baked in a water bath as the filled pan is placed in a larger pan filled with water.


9 Unbaked Flourless Cake

Unbaked flourless cakes are molded in a spring form pan or a dessert ring. They have a bottom layer or a crust that’s baked. The pans are chilled before molding. It includes mousse cakes and unbaked cheesecakes.


10 Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is similar to butter cake, but vegetable oil or canola oil is used instead of butter. The process is same but you start with whipping sugar and eggs; then oil is added. It’s a yummy cake that you can eat anytime.


11 Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is like a butter cake but made with oil. Cocoa is added with the cake. This cake is delicious as it also looks yummy with all the coloring.


12 Victoria Cake

Victoria cake is the favorite cake of Queen Victoria. They are generally filled with jams and are not decorated on top of it. This special rich cake is served with whipped cream or some powder. It is a summer loved cake.


13 White Wine Cake

White wine cakes are flavored with nuts, orange juice, wine, and cinnamon. Cakes are loosened from bottom and side of the pan with a knife. Powdered sugar is sprinkled on the top.


14 Lamingtons

Lamington is a cake made of butter and coated with chocolate and it’s an American cake. It is served mostly as a dessert. A layer of plum jam or raspberry is added to it. This can also be made as a homemade cake as its very simple to make.


15 Honey Sponge Cake

Honey sponge cake is made of honey and custard powder topped with chocolate sauce and roasted melon. It is prepared with steam in 45 minutes. In a bowl, add baking soda and flour. This cake is decorated with chocolate sauce and melon seeds on it.


16 Whole Wheat Cake

The wheat cake is a healthy cake made up of whole wheat flour and jagged is used for sweetening. It can be made without eggs and still will be spongy and delicious cake. It is so tasty and healthy that no one can skip this in dessert.


17 Marble Cake

Marble cake is a beautiful combination of vanilla and chocolate. It’s a delightful, spongy, and yummy cake. Unsalted butter is used for this special cake. This cake can be kept in an airtight container in the room temperature for three days.


18 Banana and Jam Cake

Banana and jam cake are an old fashion cake which now comes with a new twist. Vanilla essence and eggs are mixed to make this delightful desert. It is made with substitutes like a wheat flour, brown sugar, and olive oil. Mixing a mixed fruit jam will give an amazing taste to it.


19 Mawa Cake

Mawa cakes are based on milk; it is made by slowly evaporating the milk and uses the solidified milk for the cake. This cake is a traditional cake in Mumbai. It’s a yummy, tasty, and delicious cake that everyone will love to taste.


20 Dundee Cake

Dundee cake is a traditional cake of Scottish fruit made with currants and raisins. This cake has a very rich flavor and light texture with a spongy look. With different types of recipes cherries are used. The cake is decorated using almonds in a circle.