Top 20 Easy-to-do Recipes of Khichdi

Top 20 Easy-to-do Recipes of Khichdi

1 Zucchini Bajra Khichdi

This delicious recipe of Khichdi requires no time for its preparation. Soak the whole bajra in water, overnight. The next day, boil the bajra in a pressure cooker. In a frying pan, fry some bell peppers, zucchini, and stir well with some Indian spices, and then add the boiled bajra. Mix them well, and your dish is ready.


2 Dal Khichdi

A much-favored recipe at every home is made by adding rice, lentil, moong dal, salt, turmeric, an adequate amount of water in a pressure cooker, and cooking the rice until soft. You can also add some vegetables to make your dish look more appealing. Drizzle some ghee on the top of khichdi while serving, and eat it with pickle and aloo chokha.


3 Barley Khichdi

Have you ever thought of making khichdi from barley? This dish is easy to make and nutritious too. All you have to do is add barley, moong dal, rice, and 4 cups of water in a pressure cooker. Cook it for two whistles. This dish is much suitable during a cough and cold as it provides warmth and satisfaction.


4 Sprouted Moong Khichdi

This sprouted moong khichdi recipe is rich in nutrients. When you are tired after a hectic day, and want to eat something healthy and light, cook this recipe at home. This dish is a combination of sprouted green moong dal, shallow fried in oil with garam masala, rice, salt, and lime juice cooked under pressure.


5 Palak Khichdi

Let’s have a dish rich in iron content. This dish can be made by cooking spinach leaves in oil and some Indian spices. Next, rice (as per requirement) is added to the spinach, and further cooked in a pressure cooker. Have this dish with potato chips or any curry of your choice.


6 Brown Rice Khichdi

Brown rice has a unique fragrance. Therefore, it can be a fantastic ingredient for khichdi. The brown rice is soaked in water overnight. The next day it is cooked in a pressure cooker with some ghee and Indian spices. You can have this with papad and pickle.


7 Sabudana Khichdi

It can be a perfect dish for women during fasting. My mother prepares this particular dish during ekadashi. Soak the sabudana in water overnight. The next day, mash it along with some ripe banana, milk, sugar, and you are done. There are other ways of preparing this dish. You can also cook it with some Indian spices in a pan. Try this recipe at home.


8 Oats Khichdi

What else can you do with oats apart from having it with sugar and milk? Well, you can have a superb fusion of moong dal, oats, rice, Indian spices cooked in a pressure cooker. You can also load your recipe with the goodness of vegetables to make it even healthier.


9 Spicy Vegetable Khichdi

For all the dahi lovers, instead of eating dahi alone, have it with a bowl of spicy vegetable khichdi. This dish is a perfect merger of ingredients such as vegetables, (tomato, beans, onion, cauliflower, potato) lentil, rice, Indian spices, cooked together in a cooker, and served hot. Don’t forget to try this recipe once.


10 Sooji Khichdi

This effortless recipe of khichdi is well suited for breakfast. It can be made from suji, Indian spices, curry leaves, cooked in a pan. When you are confused about what to prepare for a healthy breakfast, prepare this wholesome recipe. You can also pack it for your child’s lunchbox.


11 Amish Khichdi

It is a typical Bengali dish. What’s so special about this dish is that it is a non-veg recipe for khichdi. You can have scrambled eggs or minced chicken or minced meat loaded with spices, as the key ingredient. All you have to do is cook the meat along with lentils, rice, Indian spices in a pressure cooker. It can be a one-pot recipe.


12 Vari Khichdi

This easy-to-do recipe can be made from sanwa millet, coarsely ground peanut, spices, and green chilies cooked in a pan. To enhance the taste of sanwa, ghee is preferred to oil. Give your taste buds a new relish. Try a different khichdi this time.


13 Chicken Butter Masala Khichdi

Is such type of recipe even possible? What about the taste? These are some of the questions that would definitely strike your mind after looking at the name. This luscious recipe can be made by cooking boneless chicken pieces in the butter masala sauce. To the sauce, add sufficient water, and cook the rice in the sauce until the rice tenderizes. I bet this recipe will not let you down.


14 Hyderabadi Khichdi

You must be familiar with the Hyderabadi Biryani but, not with the Hyderabadi Khichdi. Well, this recipe is as good as the biryani. It can be made from Basmati rice, some aromatic spices, moong dal, hint of ginger and garlic in a pressure cooker. It is best served with some tangy green chutney.


15 Methi Khichdi

This soothing and comforting dish is prepared from fenugreek leaves, rice, dal, and spices. It requires dahi or papad, aloo chokha, salad, pickle as its accompaniment. Don’t stick to the same old recipe, bring a new variation to your archaic, and try this one.


16. Iskcon Khichdi

This Iskcon temple recipe has an impressive blend of ingredients such as rice, tuar dal, curry leaves, garam masala, red chilies, and bengal gram. It is a much-desired dish for all the devotees visiting the Iskcon temple. You can also cook this dish at home during festivities.


17 Samai Khichdi

The overwhelming recipe of khichdi can be made from little millet, veggies, Bengal gram, Urad Dal, chopped cilantro, Indian spices, cooked together in a pressure cooker. Why run after your kid to make them eat the same old khichdi recipe when you have this phenomenal recipe.


18 Kala Chana Khichdi

This dish from Himachal Pradesh has a mix of kala chana and buttermilk, cooked with rice, and Indian spices. It is a flavorsome dish, and the ultimate solution to treat your hunger. You can have this nourishment alone or with some reviving raita, papad, and pickle.


19 Carrot Khichdi

When you are cooking khichdi for your lunch, and suddenly you find that your khichdi looks dull and unappealing. To make your dish look tremendous, add some shredded carrots while cooking rice with moong dal, Indian spices, and water in a pressure cooker. The orange color of the carrots will provide a nice look to your recipe.


20 Kuttu ki Khichdi

Want to eat something different during your vrat days? Kuttu ki khichdi is worth a try. This recipe is an ideal combination of fried ground peanuts, and buckwheat, cooked in a pan with some Indian spices, chilies, lime juice, and garnished with some coriander leaves. Now, your fasting will become more energetic.