Top 20 Types Of Kebab


1. Murgh Palak ke korma Kebab

There are a number of Kebab dishes, but the taste of Murgh Palak ke korma Kebab is simply scrumptious. This succulent tikkis are amazing in taste. They are made of chicken mince, spinach, and assorted masalas. Also, the chutney served with the tikkis or Kebabs is simply yummy. The chutney is very famous for its taste. It is sour and spicy yogurt chutney. You can also have the Kebabs with sweet date chutney.


2. Potato mushroom Kebab

The potato is very famous for its “mix in all” taste. It simply enhances the dish in which it is added. Same is with the mushrooms as they are also very yummy in taste. This Kebab is very special for all vegetarians. Why should the entire non-vegetarian category have all the fun? The recipe of this Kebab is very easy. What you need to do is simply take small slices of mushrooms, paneer, and potato. Coat them with besan paste and deep fry on slow heat. The Kebab goes amazingly well with green pudina chutney.


3. Chatpatey coconut Kebab

For all South Indians, coconut is very special. This Kebab is South Indian specialty for all Kebab lovers. The Kebab is made up of potatoes, spinach, carrot, etc. You can add other veggies also. The coconut is used for coating. The addition of coconut not only enhances the taste of Kebab but it also makes the Kebab very crispy. The Kebab goes well with mint and chili chutney.

chatapatey kebab

4. Hara Masala Kebab

This Kebab is very special for all vegetarians. Hara Masala Kebab, as the name of the Kebab is suggesting itself is made with green paste. The recipe of the Kebab is very easy. What all you need to do is make the paste of green peas, spinach, and potatoes along with all the spices. After that, deep fry the Kebabs and serve hot with tomato ketchup. You can have these yummy Kebabs with chili sauce.


5. Chakhle’s Shami Kebab

These Kebabs are the specialty of Mughal cuisine. The recipe of Shami Kebab is very easy, but the taste of chakhle’s Shami Kebab is different from all other Shami Kebab recipes. The Shami Kebab is made up of finely minced meat. They are very famous and special in Agra. If you want to enhance the taste and health benefit of Shami Kebab, simply add vegetables along with the meat.


6. Rajma ke Kebab

Rajma chawal is a very famous dish. Rajma chawal is loved by all. The specialty of  Rajma ke Kebab is the addition of rajma in the Kebab. The recipe of Kebab is very easy. These yummy Kebabs are made with red kidney beans where you can add peas and other veggies also. These crispy golden Kebabs are simply fantastic in taste. The Kebab is very spicy and very special for all vegetarian and spice lovers.


7. Pyazi Kebab

This dish is very famous in Pakistan. Just imagine the taste of special Pakistani dish with an Indian touch. The recipe of the dish is quite simple. What all you need to do is to deep fry the mixture made up of lemongrass and mint. This dish is always served as an appetizer. The dish goes amazingly well with tamarind, walnut and jaggery chutney.


8. Yogurt Kebab

The other name of this yummy Kebab is “good for you Kebab” the Kebab is made up of paneer, raisins, oats and creamy yogurt. This Kebab is a total combination of health and taste. The addition of extraordinary paneer simply enhances the taste of the Kebab. You can add other veggies also.


9. Shish Kebab

This Kebab is one among all the most popular and delicious Kebabs. The special part of this Kebab is that they are grilled on the skewer. Here the word shish means skewer. And the word Kebab stands for meat. This dish comes under the category of side dish. This dish is very famous in Turkey. Just imagine the taste of Turkish dish with an Indian tadka. These are most popular of all Kebabs. Steamed vegetables and salads are served along with these Kebabs.


10. Doner Kebab

Another name of this Kebab is rotating Kebab. And this wonderful name is given to this Kebab because it is made on a vertical rotating spit. This comes under the category of popular fast food loved by all. The Kebab is made of lamb’s meat. The special taste of Kebab is due to its cooking style. The Kebabs are cooked slowly so that the meat juice could spread its flavor.


11. Kathi Kebab

Kathi Kebabs are very famous as they are made using tandoor. This is the most popular Indian dish made using tandoor. We all know the taste of tandoori chicken and the reason behind its scrumptious taste is tandoor. This Kebab is a very wonderful snack to have. The best way of having these yummy Kathi Kebabs is by rolling them in Kathi roll. You can add lots and lots of chutney on the roll so that the taste of Kebabs enhances your mood also.


12. Chapli Kebab

Chapli Kebabs are a very famous dish of Pakistani cuisine. This minced meat has a special taste. The Kebab is made using beef. This Pakistani dish with an Indian special tadka is all you need to have.


13. Burrah Kebab

Burrah Kebabs are also known as barrah Kebab. The Kebab is made up of beef and lots and lots of spices. This Kebab is very famous Kebab of Mughlai cuisine. This dish comes under the heavy meal category. It majorly includes larger pieces of meat. If you are also among the Mughlai cuisine lovers, then you can’t afford to miss such an amazing dish.


14. Chelow Kebab

This is an Irani dish with an Indian tadka. This is, in fact, national food of Iran. The dish is basic but yummy in taste. They are always served with buttered rice. Most of the people prefer doogh which is a yogurt drink with this Kebab. The dish comes under the category of the side dish, but the taste of the dish is very special.


15. Testi Kebab

The name of the Kebab is testi Kebab, and here the word testi means jug. Yes, the Kebab is served in a pot. You can use dough or foil to cover the pot. The pot is broken while eating. We all know how special the taste of “matke ka pani” is. Similarly, the taste of matka Kebab is very special.


16. Dill Salmon Kebabs

Dill salmon Kebab is very special Kebab for all seafood lovers and especially for fish lovers. The dish is very yummy.


17. Lamb Kebabs

Lamb Kebabs are very easy to make. What all you need to do is marinate the mince meat with all the spices. You can add egg also just to enhance the taste of Kebab.


18. Vegetable Kebabs

This vegetable Kebab is very special for all the vegetarians. If you are vegetarian and want a very special Kebab dish in your next  get together then here it is.


19. Beyti Kebab

You can make this Kebab in two ways; one is to make it with lamb’s meat, and other is to make it with beef. This is a Turkish dish with an Indian tadka.


20. Sesame chicken seekh Kebab

Chicken seekh Kebabs are very famous, and the addition of sesame seeds in the Kebab simply enhances the taste of the Kebab.