19 Rich Kebab Treats Of Lucknow

19 Rich Kebab Treats Of Lucknow

Life today is not like how it was before, it has become boring do you know why? Obviously, because we don’t have Kebab charm in our lives, so it is important to have Lucknowi licking Kebab dishes in our life to make it more memorable and interesting. Lucknow is a city of nawabs and nawabs have a royal choice in Kebabs. Lucknow is a place where one can have a huge variety of Kebabs with different flavors of chutney. Few of the following yummiest Kebabs are given below.

1. Murg Palak Korma Kebab

Murg Palak Korma Kebab is a great combination of health and taste. It has a richness of green vegetable palak. It can be best served with butter roti. Palak is known to be the king of green vegetables which contain lots of fibre and protein. It is a perfect blend of tomato and palak. Lemon and little amount of chat masala will make it more appealing and delectable. It is a very known dish of Lucknow which can be enjoyed at any restaurant.


2. Potato Mushroom Kebab

Though potato contains a lot of fat but still it is no less tasty vegetable. It contains fresh spices with exotic color. The green coriander makes it more desirable. Mushroom and potato combined gives surprising taste and texture. It tastes like chicken Kebab. It is a great deal for every age person. Kebabs have no specific restaurant in Lucknow, it can be seen on street shops.


3. Chatpattey Coconut Kebab

Coconut is an exotic choice and when it comes to coconut dish mouth automatically fills with water. It has ingredients such as potato, carrot, beans, coconut, chillies, cashew and raisins. It can have dry fruits on upper layer to garnish the dish. As dish promises to be chatpattey from its name, it will get successful to fulfill customers’ expectations.


4. Galouti Kebab

What a fascinating name this Kebab have. It is famous for its name as well as for its taste. It contains a marvellous smack to attract customers. It can be prepared instantly with simple stuffs such as meat minced, garlic paste, butter, raw papaya paste, chill red powder and vegetables. It can be easily got in famous restaurants of Lucknow. Lucknow is rate this kebab ten on ten so don’t wait to eat this Kebab.


5. Chakhle’s Shammi Kebab

It is a local variety of Kebab which is easily available in Lucknow. Nawabs have a big expectation and this kebab fulfills those expectations in affordable price. It has dry fruits coating on upper layer. It is a best hunger killing Kebab which is present in affordable price. It is best treat for family to share love and time. It has same recipe like ordinary Kebabs but tastes totally different.


6. Seekh Kebab

These luscious Kebab melts into the mouth very frequently. It has such a powerful taste that it can be served in any cocktail party. It specially comes in stick with different flavors of chutney which compliments the dish. It contains very affordable ingredients including flour, chicken, dry fruits, coriander and fresh spices.


7. Hara Rasala Kebab

Its flavorful taste entices the heart of customers. It can be enhanced by garnishing it with mint or fresh green coriander. It is the best friend of the events. It easily grabs the attention of foodies.


8. Rajme Ka Kebab

Rajma is a healthy dish and it becomes more delicious when it comes in Kebab form. Rajma, chicken, potato, chill…wow what exotic combination isn’t it? It has special demand in restaurants of Lucknow.It can be prepared using rajma, flour, salt, oil, coriander etc. It pleasures empty stomachs and demanding heart. It can be also be enjoyed in cocktails party.


9. Pyazi Kebab

Onion is a perfect soul mate of delectable dishes. It compliments very dish with its romantic color and soothing taste. Pyazi Kebab is another exclusive variety of kebab which is a famous dish of Lucknow. The green chilly makes it more spicy and succulent. It has a flavor of green chilly and mint leafs. It has tempting fragrance which can create hunger anytime or anywhere.


10. Yogurt Kebab

Yogurt Kebab is a hot favourite Kebab of nawabs. The taste of yogurt makes it more refreshing and tantalizing. It can be served with any dish in starters. It is a gravy-less dish so can also be entertained with drinks. It has ingredients which are easily available in a market such as flour, yogurt, green chilly, spices, oil etc. It is mostly preferred by young age group.


11. Mutton And Beef Kebab

Mutton and Beef both have the different variety of skins which has even a vast difference in taste. People are Kebab lovers in Lucknow; they especially visit restaurants on weekends to consume the best variety of Kebabs with their family. It tastes juicy when served with red chilly chutney or sauce. It is a very healthy dish for those who wants to put on some weight.


12. Tunday Kebab

Tunday Kebab is one of the most famous types of Kebabs in Lucknow. It has a tropical taste with charming texture. It has a unique filling of soybean with different vegetables. It has chicken flavors too. It is a part of Awadhi cuisines. It makes Lucknow more prominent place to visit. One should definitely taste this Kebab spending time with family sharing love and care.


13. Gulawat Kebab

Gulawat Kebab is a delightful dish. Lucknow has a wide variety of Kebabs out of which Gulawat Kebab is the most demanding kebab for which people are crazy.Its ingredients are minced mutton, raw papaya, ghee, sattu and curd. It can be sprinkle with green vegetables and dry fruits. It has mouth watering taste and yummy flavor.


14. Shami Kebab

Shami Kebab is a popular snack. It is very famous dish of Lucknow which can be best offered with mango chutney. The spicy taste of Shami Kebab makes its more marvellous. It has unique name and taste. Shami Kebab is no less famous in Lucknow. It invites people on weekends to its yummy taste.


15. Boti Kebab

The very tempting smell of this Kebab blooms many young hearts. It invites people to have taste of this yummy dish. Boti Kebab includes more bone in comparison to skin. This delicious Kebab with green chutney tastes best. It is an excellent party dish. Its ingredients are chicken, coriander, clove, potato, mint and vegetables.


16. Veggi Kebab

Wow! the goodness of veggies and dry fruits makes this dish different from other dishes. Veggie Kebab contains richness of vitamins, proteins and calcium. It provides taste with health.People consume this kebab with cold drink in snacks and even in starters. It has simple recipe of different vegetables,spices and sauce. It can be made more attractive by putting those veggies in a stick.


17. Patili Ke Kebab

Lucknow ultimately focuses on the quality and quantity of Kebabs they are serving to their customers. Patili ke Kebab is another wonderful variety of Kebab which people would definitely love to have in their favourite time, so hurry up guys go and get this amazing variety of Kebab.


18. Kebab Kurdi

Kebab Kurdi is a flavorful variety of Kebab which not only has interesting name, but has interesting taste. It is an amazing type of Kebab that Lucknow offers to their guest, or we can say it is the best way to invite people to Lucknow through this superb dish.


19. Special Kebab

It not only contains special name but gives special taste too.It is a kebab which can be best eaten with green chutney, and it is a best friend of all cocktail parties. People mostly prefer to have this Kebab in their snacks time to lighten up their mood.