Top 20 Types Of Noodles In Chinese Cuisine

Top 20 Types Of Noodles In Chinese Cuisine

The Chinese cuisine focuses on the health factor and the flavor of the dishes. Hence their dishes are full of colours and flavors which are used very cleverly balancing the taste of the dishes. Here are some of the Chinese noodle dishes:

1.Chicken Chowmein

This classic Chinese dish is made from the thin wheat noodles and forms the basis of all the Chowmein dishes. It consists of the crunchy, fresh and colourful vegetables like bell papers, onions, mushrooms, tofu and fried tender bits of chicken. This nutrient and flavourful Chinese dish will surely satisfy the appetite of the Chinese food lovers.


2.Classic Noodle Salad

This dish is basically made with all the raw vegetables and steamed noodles. The noodles are dressed with sesame oil, and the entire dish is garnished with fish sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter, etc. Sometimes the noodles are fried, and the salad is made with the crunchy texture. This refreshing Chinese dish is a blast of different flavors in the mouth. This is the best choice to eat in the summers or spring time of the year.


3.Beef Chowmein

Just like the Chicken Chowmein, this dish is made with the fresh vegetables like bell peppers, onion, spring onion, mushrooms, celery, etc. and it is added with small fried marinated pieces of tender beef. The fatty flavor of the beef adds to the richness of the Chowmein.


4.Chicken Lo Mein

Lo Mein is again another type of stir-fried noodles. But the noodles in Lo Mein are made of wheat flour and are thick than any other noodles. The Chicken Lo Mein is stir fried with typical Chinese vegetables and is topped with some meat or seafood like shrimp, crab, etc.


5.Pan Fried Noodles

Pan fried noodles are made from flour. These noodles are first boiled and then stirred until they become crispy. These crispy noodles are then topped with the gravy made out of sautéed vegetables, meat, and seafood. The crispy noodles with fresh and crunchy vegetables along with the sharp taste of the meat or seafood makes this dish heavenly and comforting.


6.Zhajiangmian Noodles

This classic dish of China is made out of thick wheat noodles. Zhajiangmian noodles are typical noodles stir fried in soy bean sauce. The soybean milk and fermented soybean paste forms the basis of these noodles. This sauce is added to pork or beef. The soybean paste takes us to a completely different world.


7.Sichuan Noodles

The Sichuan cooking style consists of a numerous pungent and sharp flavors in their dishes. Compared to the other Chinese cuisines, this style is more to the spicy side. The Sichuan noodles are stir-fried with lots of garlic and ginger paste, chillies and flower peppers (which is a signature ingredient of any Sichuan cuisine). These are the main ingredients due to which the Sichuan dishes get their sweet and spicy flavor. They are then added with meat or seafood and other fresh veggies.


8.Shanghai Stir-Fry Chicken Noodles

These are very famous kind of noodles which are known world-wide. In China, the Shanghai Noodles are served in many of the restaurants and dumpling houses. These noodles are stir-fried with vegetables and are served mostly with chicken or beef cutlets. Bok Choy (special Chinese cabbage), onion and spring onions give these noodles limited and rich textures.


9.Singapore Noodles

The Singapore noodles are made from vermicelli noodles stirred fried with vegetables. It gets its spicy hot flavor from the authentic curry powder used in it. The noodles are eaten only with vegetables but sometimes scrambled eggs, beef, chicken, prawns or the char siu pork which is a sweet and sour barbecued pork.


10.Noodles of Longevity

They are a type of Cantonese noodles made out of wheat and egg. They are very chewy and spongy in their texture. These noodles are also called as the Ye mein and are prepared in some different ways. In China, these noodles are eaten on the auspicious occasions like birthdays and anniversaries because they mark a symbol of long life. They are also called as the Sau Mein that means “long” in Chinese.


11.Noodles with meat sauce

These noodles have been from the Taiwanese origin. The noodles used in this are classic wheat or rice noodles or spaghetti. Ground pork and meat broth are the main constituents used in this dish. The tender pork is shredded along with black Chinese mushrooms, shallots, green onions, spice powder, brown sugar and soy sauce. Meat is the only ingredient which dominates this dish and gives it that meaty flavor.


12.Shrimp Lo Mein with Vegetables

The juicy pink shrimps are used in making this traditional Chinese dish. The shrimps are sautéed with garlic, ginger, cabbage, onions, spring onions, oyster sauce and are served on the top of hot steamed Lo Mein. The taste of the shrimps can be felt in every bite which takes you directly to a sea.


13.Drunken noodles

This dish is a Thai dish influenced from the Chinese cuisine. It is called as Phat Khi Mao meaning drunkard. This dish has a unique taste from the other noodles dishes. These wide flat noodles are stir fried on garlic and fish sauce which give it that distinct taste. Also the meat, seafood, tofu and sprouts are tossed with these noodles making the noodles sharp and pungent in taste.


14.Wonton noodles

In Chinese cuisine, it is called as the wanton mee which means noodles with dumplings. The noodles are very simple as it contains only some basic ingredients and it is topped with some Chinese leafy vegetables. The wontons made out of pork, chicken, cabbage, spring onions are steamed or fried and are added to the noodles. This dish gives immense pleasure because of the presence of dumplings in the broth-like noodles.



Liangpi is served cold. This dish is made from the thick flat noodles and topped with a special sauce. The speciality of this dish is- it contains all the flavors and textures at the same time- spicy, sweet, sour, tangy, nutty, crispy, etc. which are amazing.


16.Dan Dan Noodles

Originated from the Sichuan cuisine, this noodles dish has a spicy taste profile. It contains preserved vegetables and hot sauce made of chilli sauce, special Sichuan pepper, scallions, etc. Sometimes sesame sauce and peanut butter are added to enhance the flavors. This is a very good dish for the spicy food lovers. It is a culture-centric dish which is cooked in all the seasons.



This dish consists of very unexpected and strange ingredients. It includes vegetables, different types of mushrooms, carrots, poached eggs, sea cucumber, shrimps, squids, lobster, etc. These noodles are with a thick consistency which is attained from the use of corn starch. It is derived from one of the Chinese dish called as the wēnlŭmiàn.



This dish is made from rice noodles. They are sautéed in pickled sweet and sour vegetables, river snails, raw spices like cassia bark, cloves, fennel seeds, etc. In the Chinese restaurants, this dish is customised as per needs and considered as one of the comfort foods.


19.Lanzhou beef lamian

This noodles dish is also called as the Big Beef Bowl because it consists clear hand pulled noodles soup with steamed beef pieces. This dish is very simple yet mesmerising to the Chinese lovers. Its simplicity involves hundreds of surprising flavors.


20.Calamari Lemon Noodles

This is another simple Chinese noodle dish. The hot steaming noodles with soup are served with fried or steamed calamari (a famous seafood) and are seasoned with lemon and herbs. The taste of the calamari and lemon are enough to make the dish tasteful.