Top 20 Types of Momos – The heart of Delhi


Momos, a little pocket of happiness for every one of us, will never disappoint us because of its new variations now and then. Just a sight of a plate of momos with the spicy momo chutney and mayonnaise on a roadside is what everyone loves. And it seems like Delhi is not going to get over momos any soon. So, for all momo lovers out there, we have curated a list of 20 types of momos that one should give a try.

1Tandoori momos

It is a type of momo that you should try, and you won’t regret it. It has a rich texture and finger-licking taste that you will never forget. It is just the best one to try if you are a food lover.

2Chicken momos

Are you a non-vegetarian? Do you love both chicken and momos? If YES, then this will become your favorite choice. Delicious steamed momos with a filling of chicken are the best go-to option for non-veg lovers.

3Tandoori cream Afghani momos

Afghani’s are inspired by these momos. These momos have the stuffing of different vegetables and are then coated with cream gravy that makes them super creamy, tasty, and delicious. They can be both veg and non-veg. When you eat them, there will be a blast of flavors in your mouth because of the mixture of Tandoori flavor and creaminess at the same time.

4Kurkure momos

These momos have a covering of crushed Kurkure on the outside, making them super crunchy and delicious. They are covered with Kurkure and then deep-fried to give crispiness and crunchiness to it. It is so crunchy on the outside and, at the same time, so soft and tender on the inside.t1kurkure

5Steam momos

Whenever we hear the word “momos,” only one type of momos comes into every person’s mind, and that is the basic and that tastiest steamed momos. It is the most basic form of momos with sautéed veggies filling in it and the most affordable ones. It tastes too good when combined with momo chutney and mayonnaise.

6Soya Momos

It is another type of veg momos with a filling of soya granules that are sautéed with other vegetables. It is the best combination of healthy food and street food. If you are a gym freak, then go for these momos on a cheat day.t1soya

7Paneer Tikka Momos

Are you in love with Paneer tikka but have a craving for momos at the same time? Then don’t worry, we have Paneer tikka momos for you. These are the most loved momos ever because of the smoky taste and tenderness of Paneer inside momos.paneer tikka momos

8Chocolate Momos

These momos are best for sweet lovers. If you want a sweet dish but differently, then this is your go-to snack. The bitter-sweet chocolate filling wrapped by some savory dough brings instant delight to your mouth!

9Cheese Momos

The combination of hot melted cheese on momos is something that cheese lovers will fall for again and again. These momos are made by grating cheese on hot steamed momos. Sprinkled oregano and chili flakes take their taste to another level.cheese momos

10Green Momos

Kids hate green vegetables. But here is a unique and tasty way to fool them into having healthy momos. These are spinach momos and get their green color because of it. The dough of these momos is made by blending spinach with flour.

11Kothey Momos

Have you got bored of eating the same steamed or fried momos? Then you must try these delicious Kothe momos to take a break from normal ones. These are pan-fried momos that go best with garlic sauce or momo chutney. Its crispy covering will give you immense pleasure and taste.

12Soup Momos

Winter is approaching. Do you need something hot, soothing, and tasty at the same time? Your best option for that is soup momos. The steamed momos are dipped into a hot tangy soup and served to you.soupy momos

13Keema Momos

Marinated minced meat is a delight for non-veg lovers, and when combined with momos, it makes the best combination ever. If it doesn’t make you crave for momos, then nothing will!

14Butter Chicken Momos

Imagine what it would be if we can eat both butter chicken and momos simultaneously, which both have our hearts. It would be like an utter delight. This combination will instigate the foodie inside you and will make you crave it. The tenderness of the momos and that creamy and buttery gravy of butter chicken will give you immense pleasure.

15Jhol Momos

Jhol means liquid or having a liquid-like consistency, and Jhol momos are the momos that are drowned in a bowl full of sauce called jhol achar. Wanna try something new and different? Then go for it for the best experience of hot, spicy, and tangy achari flavor.

16Open Momos

This variety of Momos was invented at Ghangri Sui Mai and is a highly praised place to eat Momos. The momo wraps have four openings, making it easier to pour different momo chutneys into them for flavorful taste.

17Buckwheat Momos

Are you conscious of your health? But want to eat momos no matter what, then your choice must be buckwheat momos. They are the epitome of various proteins and other nutrients that make them very healthy for eating. They taste best when eaten hot with spicy momo chutney.

18Fish Momos

Everyone knows about the love of Bengalis for fish. It is like a treat for Bengalis. These are very light and delicious at the same time. They have a filling of soft fish inside them, marinated with many spices and veggies.

19Tandoori Achari Momos

We all love achaar with alloo and gobhi ke paranthe, but what if this Indian tadka is added to momos? Wouldn’t it be an amazing combo? These momos are also seasoned with classic achaari onion to give you a proper feel of achaari taste.

20Pizza momos

We know that the love of Indians for Pizza and momos have grown like never before. They both are the go-to snacks for Indian teenagers especially. These amazing momos are not just filled with cheesy goodness but also reminds us of our never-ending love for momo