Top 20 Types of Rolls and Wraps offered in Kolkata

Top 20 Types of Rolls and Wraps offered in Kolkata
Top 20 Types of Rolls and Wraps offered in Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the “City of joy” and referred to as the “Culture Capital of India.” It is a city best known for giving birth to great minds, freedom fighters, and revolutions. The people of Kolkata are very straightforward, simple, and sweet; so is their lifestyle. The street foods and restaurants have a lot to offer to tourists. So, this article will take you to the world of rolls and wraps that this place is famous for. Let’s begin!

1. Mutton Kathi Roll

 Red meat or “mutton” is a most probable dish prepared for guests. It has a huge fan following. This kathi roll is so yummy that you cannot resist your taste buds without tasting. In this dish, the outer covering or the parantha can be made of beaten egg, all-purpose flour, and also from wheat flour. Small pieces of mutton are well cooked with Indian spices and stuffed inside the egg – parantha base.


2. Chicken Shawarma

 This dish belongs to the middle eastern region but popular all across the world and served with some variations. A nourishment that is consumed heavily in Kolkata can be made from the boneless pieces of chicken, marinated with some Indian masalas, laid on a sheet pan, and then baked for some time. This chicken can then be stuffed inside pita bread or rumali roti base with some fresh small pieces of cucumber, onion, and tomato.chicken-shawarma3. Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll

Aah! Vegetarians! Look, what we have for you!! Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll!! This luscious dish needs cottage cheese cut into cubes and cooked as tikkas for its preparation, which are further wrapped inside chapati. It is not only tasty but also wholesome. Worth a try!!


4. Paneer and Salsa Tortilla Wraps

It is a very tempting dish of paneer. It can be prepared by taking a tortilla with some green chutney applied on one side, stuffed with pieces of paneer, mayonnaise, and topped with salsa which is finally cooked on a griddle. Don’t wait and try preparing it yourself. You will definitely love it!!


5. Corn and Spinach Kathi Roll

From the name only you can guess how healthy and nutritious it might be. It is prepared from a chapati with spinach, corn pieces, onion slices, salt, and mild spices filling. So, it can be a perfect dish for health conscious people and fitness freaks.


6. Cheese and Vegetable Roll

Look, foodies! We have another tempting recipe of roll for you. This surprising vegetable cheese roll can be prepared from a maida base with some cooked vegetables (types of veggies may vary from shop to shop) and grated cheese (cheddar, parmesan) filling, the roll is heated for some time on a pan so that with every bite you get the taste of gooey and creamy cheese. Wow!!


7. Potato and Corn Roll

A very satisfying recipe of roll that can be prepared from wheat flour base to make it more healthy. It has a very flavorsome mashed potato mixed with shredded carrots, corn pieces, and light Indian spices filling.


8. Veg Spring Roll

 Veg spring rolls, often served as a starter is a deep fried recipe of a roll. It is mostly an Indo – Chinese dish that has a crunchy outer covering made of maida and a well cooked spicy vegetable salpicon. If you are health conscious, then try shallow frying the outer casing.


9. Egg Roll

 The most common fast food served all across India is also in the list of the rolls and wraps served in Kolkata. While the stuffing has shredded cabbage, onion mixed well in tomato chili sauce; the outer covering has an all – purpose flour chapati with a beaten egg laid on chapati and flipped over. Yes, it does look delicious!!


10. Double Egg Chicken Roll

While the process of making the outer covering of the roll is same as the egg roll, only difference is that the outer covering has 2 beaten eggs and the inner filling has a succulent, spicy chicken stuffing.double-egg-chicken 11. Hyderabadi Chicken Roll

Hyderabadi recipes are usually rich and have a mind blowing taste and appearance. This Hyderabadi chicken rolls have spicy and bit tangy chicken stuffing. Actually the taste varies from shop to shop but with every variation, the tang emerges out flawlessly.



Fish Tandoori Shawarma Wrap

Well, we have another mouth-watering recipe for you, and that is fish tandoori shawarma wrap. It has the same maida base and has a stuffing of very juicy pieces of boneless fish marinated with Indian spices, cooked in oil, and mixed well with raw onions and sauce. So, this can be very suitable nourishment for the seafood Reshmi Kebab Roll

Here, the Kebabs can be made from minced mutton marinated with suitable spices, and then transformed into thin rolls, and grilled on the charcoal fire. These Mughlai kebabs are wrapped inside the chapati. It tastes the best with spicy and tangy green Chutney.reshmi-kebab 14. Mutton Shami Kebab Roll

Now, this variety of kebab has minced mutton that can be pressure cooked with lentil and transformed into a paste with all the masalas in it and can then be given any shape and shallow fried in ghee till it turns golden brown. Further, it is wrapped inside a parantha with freshly chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and onions.

mutton-shami-kabab 15. Afghani Kebab Roll

This variety of roll has no maida or chapati as the outer covering. It can be made of minced mutton or minced chicken with all the required spices and transformed into the cylindrical shape. With the help of skewers, the Afghani kebabs are grilled on charcoal fire.

afghani-kebab 16. Veg Mushroom Shawarma Wrap

We will discuss mostly on the stuffing because the base remains the same for nearly all the rolls and wraps. So, here we have a very delicious and juicy button mushrooms cut into pieces and stuffed inside the parantha with some hint of Indian spices and vegetables.

veg-mushroom-shawarma 17. Kolkata Kathi Roll

Kolkata also gains its popularity from the kathi rolls as it was originated from this place. It is often referred to as the “Indian Burrito” and is the most common street food. The stuffing could be anything in veg and also non-veg, and the outer covering is a layered parantha/ chapati.


18. Egg Prawn Roll

Here, a complete prawn/lobster is cleaned nicely, coated with a suitable marinade, and deep fried in oil to have a crunchy taste of the prawn. After this, it is wrapped inside pita bread/ parantha with some tomato sauce or any choice of sauce.


19. Mayonnaise Roll

Mayonnaise is something that makes a dish look really appealing and appetizing. So, in this roll, the stuffing can be anything as per the choice which is finished with a fine amount of mayonnaise topping and also spread over the parantha.


20. Whole Wheat Wrap

What is so special about this wrap? Well, these wraps are healthy as it has a whole wheat flour chapati as an outer covering and stuffing may contain mild spicy cooked vegetables or pulled chicken. So, the rolls can be consumed after the gym as a healthy breakfast and also as an evening snack.