Top 20 Underrated Cafes In Kolkata


Kolkata is an old city, it is famous for its labyrinth of roads. In this labyrinth, it is hard to tell ‘what lies beneath’? Generally, this overcrowded city celebrates the Mughlai and Punjabi Khana. There are lines of Mughlai, Punjabi, and Chinese eateries in the city. It is very easy to get lost in the crowds of this large city. And it is hard to be found, once got lost. This is the case with some of the coolest cafes in the city. Some of the cafes in the city provides excellent ambiance, fabulous foods, and vibrant vibes. Their vibrance is often talked off, but not as much as it should be. If you are lucky, you may stumble against one of them while walking on the city streets. You will be fascinated by the excellence of the place and tell others about it. This is often the story with these cafes. Given below are 20 such cafes waiting to get explored

1.Artsy Coffee Shop

The outlook of the café is quite picturesque. It is an excellent combination of great food with art and culture. It is decorated with beautiful furniture, among which bookshelves play a prominent part. The paintings on the wall are for purchase. You can purchase them if you please to decorate your living area. The furniture, bookshelves, and décor altogether give a cozy vibe. It is popular for its freshly brewed coffee. It also serves Thai, Vietnamese, and Asian foods. They often arrange open-mic poetry, stand-up comedy, and other workshops.


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2.Café 4/1

The café has beautiful vintage furnishing and décor. In this décor, furnishing, and lighting arrangements, exudes an elegant vibe. For this reason, it is popular among college students and young professionals. It is known for its tasty foods. They mainly serve international cuisine in the Indian version.

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3.Wabi Sabi

It is known for its super healthy menu. You will get vegan food here. Not only that gluten-free food is available here as well. Moreover, the food here is impressive. You will find the décor of this place awesome. The paintings on the wall are beautiful. And the lights and lamps overhead are noticeable.

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4.Terminal 11

Located in Salt Lake this place is a must-visit for its décor and ambiance. If you want to experience Kolkata vibes in a modern atmosphere, this place is for you. The décor is creative, and the use of green color soothes the eyes. The book collection, along with a cozy seat, add to the great ambiance. Next time you visit here, you will surely like to occupy a bean bag and a book to chill.

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5.The Wise Owl Steakhouse

It has both indoor and outdoor arrangements. The outside sitting arrangement is on the rooftop, and it is a pretty sitting arrangement in the open air. While downstairs, it is spacious. The décor downstairs is cozy and has a rustic vibe at the same time. The food here covers a wide variety of cuisine. The staffs here are friendly. The portions served are generous.

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6.The Tea Place (by Manjushree)

The place can be said to be gorgeous in one word with its refined décor. It is a two-floor tea boutique. Looking at the arrangements, you can easily guess that it is inspired by the old-fashioned western  concept of high tea. Either it could be the concept of Parisian tea rooms. Or it can be English high teas. But it is for sure that it has nothing to do with an informal tone. The furniture and décor make you feel royal. Good food is served here.

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Travelistan is quite popular in Kolkata. It is known to be Kolkata’s first travel café. It is covered with paintings, murals, and photos that arouse your wander thirst and gets you going. The picture of Tintin, the world map, tends to pack your backpack again. In the café, they also have books related to travel. It has both inside and outside seating arrangements. food is good here. The tea and juices are must try.

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8.Ornate – The Café Store

It is a small place yet special. It has two stories. The down floor is designated to foods, while the upper storey is dedicated to costume jwellery. You can buy yourself a unique gift while chilling in the space. The food served here is good. The décor here is relaxing. Sometimes there is a performance by local musicians.

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9.8th Day Café

It is a place to relax and have good food. The decoration is quite simple here. You can have various sweet and savory bakery items alongside coffee and tea. It has a section for local artworks, paintings, and sketches that can be purchased.

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10.Roastery Coffee House

Surrounded by trees and potted plants, this place has lots of greens at the entrance. Roastery café has lovely décor, and it is one of the most spacious and prettiest places in town. The place is trendy among Kolkatans, but it doesn’t have as much popularity as it should. It is full of aesthetic vibes. It is divided into two sections indoor and outdoor. The coffee here is very delicious, and it comes with a range of savory snacks,which are delicious too.

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11.Story Café

It is quite an aesthetic place to visit. The décor is very colorful here. Decorated with story books on bookshelves, it has a sophisticated air around it. Apart from books, you can also find exciting board games to opt for with your coffee. It serves Italian and continental cuisine.

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12.Piccadilly Square

It has a fine décor all around it and vintage surroundings. Beautiful paintings adorn the wall. The place is famous for its shakes and coffees. Its pancakes, cheesecakes, and crepes are also very popular. But what you will search for is the wonderful waffles they make. It is popular among all ages.

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13.Paris Café

It is very popular for its décor. Its brilliant French décor has given it a different edge. It’s pastel-colored interiors, and sophisticated ambiance makes it a great place to chill. It is famous for its desserts.

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14.Sienna Store And Coffee

This café is primarily known for its two sections one is the food section and the other is the store section, where you get beautiful pieces to collect. It has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The place is wonderfully decorated. The lighting is notable. The food here is tasty as well as healthy. It has many options for health-conscious people. Beside, food it has jewellery, home décor, clothes, and handmade gifting items to purchase from.

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15.Calcutta 64

First started as a coffee shop, it later on, became popular for its snacks and finger foods. It has a polished and modern ambiance and both indoor and outdoor arrangements. Lights and furniture add up to the beauty of the place.

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16.Indian Coffee House

If you want the vibes of authentic Kolkata city, you must visit this place. This non-Ac restaurant exudes the heritage and culture of this city. It has several branches in Kolkata. But the main branch at college street is what it is known for. In the past, it was visited by renowned intellectuals from all fields, and many a great poetry, cinema, or song is known to be brewed here. One can feel the subtle sophistication and weightage of the place beneath its shabby and worn-out exterior. Food is pocket friendly. Egg sandwiches, along with coffee can be tried.

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17.The Country House

Pretty interiors, Wonderful ambiance, and warm vibes are something you are going to experience when you step into this place. It started as an all-vegetarian menu but later changed to non–veg. Adding to the charm of the interiors are large French windows that allow ample sunlight to brighten up the place. You should try the breakfast, shakes, and desserts here.

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18.Hoggs Room

It has a colonial-era atmosphere and a polished décor and vibes here. The good news is the menu is relatively light on the pocket. That is one reason why the place is crowded most of the time. It also serves alcohol and some of the best concoctions in the town.

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19.The Tavern Café

This café is influenced upon the western tavern concept. The décor reflects the taste. The seating arrangements are beautifully done, and lights and accessories complement it. It has a reasonable price for its food.

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It is an excellent place to chill with friends.People from all age groups visit this place. There are some fantastic board games to enjoy. It serves café foods only and is strictly non-alcoholic.

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