Top 20 Punjabi Eateries In Kolkata


People from different states and cultures stay in Kolkata. For this reason, the cuisine found in Kolkata is also varied. From Mughlai cuisine to Rajasthani cuisine, Awadhi cuisine to South Indian cuisine, you name it, Kolkata has it all. Punjabi cuisine found here is a pride for the city of joy. It has a unique history. At different times Sikhs came to West Bengal in search of a livelihood. That was the time when Punjabi eateries(dhaba) began to grow. And after that they started flourish beside the highways of Kolkata and its outskirts. There are eighty to ninety years old Dhabas running successfully in the city. Besides, there are also many fine dines according to the tastes of the new age. But above all, it is the food which plays the central part. The awesomeness of Punjabi foods are reflected by the overpopulated dhabas and restaurants. Both old and new are present, as far as the Punjabi eateries or Dhabas of the city are concerned. They are marching forwards together. Below given are some of the eateries that are famous all over the city:

1.Balwant Singh’s Eating House

It is one of the oldest dhabas in Kolkata. It is approximately ninety years of age. Also known as Balwant Singh’s dhaba, it serves one of the best Punjabi food in the city. The dhaba keeps open till late at night. The specialties of this dhaba are paneer tikka, chole bhature, kesar chai, etc. But what it is famous for is a refreshing drink called ‘doodh cola. Everyone who visits must give it a try.

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2.Rang De Basanti Dhaba

The place is well arranged with subtle décor. The room it has is spacious and comfortable. It is well known for its perfectly cooked Rogan Josh. Apart from this, the chicken skewers and Seekh kababs it offers are delicious as well. The Falooda, Kulfi, and Gulab Jamuns of this place are well known too.

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3.Jai Hind Dhaba

Jai Hind Dhaba is famous for its desi Khana. They are known for serving quality food with a quantity that satisfies the soul. Some of their signature dishes are Chicken Tangdi Kabab, Cream palak, Chicken bharta, Kadai Chicken, etc.

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4.Honey Da Dhaba

Serving Punjabi delicacies, Honey Da Dhaba is almost three decades old. It has a bright and modern appearance as compared with regular dhabas. It is famous for its tandoori kababs, tandoori chicken tikka, tasty puddings, Kulfi, Ice creams, etc. It also serves Chinese cuisine along with Punjabi cuisine. The Lahsuni Kababs and Tandoori chicken, served here is a must-try.

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5.Punjabee Rasoi

It is a special place to visit, as far as Punjabi food is concerned. Situated in an undistinguished neighborhood of Kasba, this place has some of the finest food in the city. The sixty-year-old restaurant is famous for its Chicken skewers, Spiced Kababs, Cheese naans, Kulfi pudding, etc. It has a cozy atmosphere along with a beautiful ambiance. Its ‘Adrak ke Punje’ is a must-try.

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6.Azad Hind Dhaba

Azad Hind Dhaba is an old player as far as Punjabi eateries in the city are concerned. It runs as a chain of restaurants all over the city. But their oldest and most authentic outlet is at Ballygunge. This branch remains most celebrated too. It serves as an excellent lunch stopover. Chicken skewers, Kebabs, Tandoori roti, Chai,and Lassi are the regular dishes they serve. But once visited, one should search for its specialties like Saag chicken, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, and Kali dal.

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7.Bachan’s Dhaba

One of the oldest in the city, Bachan’s dhaba has been serving Punjabi food since 1924. It is famous for its kebabs and tandoori items. Apart from this, they are known for chicken bharta, Mutton liver, Chana Masala, and kulhad lassi. The portions are pretty good-sized.

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8.Paranthe Wali Gali

If you want authentic Punjabi taste in Kolkata, your destination is ‘The Paranthe Wali Gali.’ Although it is hard to locate the place without GPS, when found out, try delicacies like Cheese paratha, Chicken chawal, Chocolate paratha, Badam lassi, etc. It is light on the pocket.

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9.Sanjha Chulha

You will find a unique décor to appreciate, when you step into Sanjha Chulha. The place has images and artifacts all around. On the wall are pictures depicting the Life of Punjab. It has an excellent display of lighting. They serve typical north Indian food. The kababs served here have a large fan following. Apart from kebabs, what people like here are Masala Kulcha, Butter Chicken, Tandoori chicken, etc. Here fusions like ‘Mihidana Rabri tart’ is a must-try. Mihidana’ is a Bengali sweet, and fusion food like this is a hit amongst food lovers.

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10.Oye Balle Balle Dhaba

‘Oye Balle Balle’ Dhaba has everything to do with what is Punjabi. There are pictures, cartoons, and posters all around the dhaba. The ambiance is cool altogether. The kitchen here is partitioned with a glass separator, and you can see kebabs been made. The specialty of this dhaba is Chicken tangdi kabab, Butter chicken, and Garlic naan.

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11.Desi Mehak

Desi mehak is famous for its excellent food. The kebabs in this place are delicious. Apart from that, one should go for Kadai chicken, Malai Kofta, Biryani, and parathas.

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12.Byepass Dhaba

It is known for its ambiance, Which is little like a dhaba. It has an excellent ambiance. Its upgraded furniture, Crockery, and cutlery remind an upscale restaurant. But when the food is served you find the essence of a dhaba. It is a pocket-friendly restaurant. Cheese Naan, Chicken Bharta, and Malai kababs are well known for their taste.

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It is an excellent spacious restaurant situated on the outskirts of Kolkata. It is known to serve good Punjabi food far from the city. It has a visible kitchen and you can see the food being cooked.

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14.New Punjabi Hotel And Restaurant

This eatery situated on diamond Harbour road is quite old in the city. It is a non-AC restaurant downstairs, and the rooms are Ac upstairs. If you like tasty Punjabi food, you may come to this place. If the heat is too much, you may opt for the Ac rooms upstairs.

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15.The Funjabi Tadka

Brilliant ambiance and elegant décor are what you notice when you step into the restaurant. The food here is known to be outstanding. Go for nicely cooked chicken skewers. The staff and their service are terrific. Also, visit this place to experience authentic Punjab vibes in Kolkata.

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16.Tandoori Darbar

On stepping into ‘Tandoori Darbar,’ what you notice is the pretty décor. Another plus point that the place has is the convenience of location. This place is well known for its Tandoori Kababs, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, delicious ice creams, etc.

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17.Punjabi Food Junction

This restaurant has a beautiful ambiance. Everything is well organized here. The service is prompt and cordial. Apart from this, visit the venue for the perfectly cooked kababs.

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You can spend a nice time here. The place is simple yet cozy. Here you can order tandoori kababs, tandoori fish, chicken skewers, etc. The staffs are hardworking, and the service is good.

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19.Desi Dhaba

The plus point of this place is it has a nice view of Acharya Bhavan situated in front of it. Moreover, the ambiance is just excellent. Its popular items are kadhai paneer, plain tandoori roti, and butter chicken.

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20.Secrets Of Punjab

It is a Takeaway restaurant. It is newly opened. It serves mainly Punjabi dishes, but at the same time, they serve North Indian foods too. Try the murgh tikka kebab and murgh do pyaza if you visit the place.

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