Top 20 Vegan Cafes In Mumbai

Top 20 Vegan Cafes In Mumbai

Veganism or the idea of having vegan food is considered extremely important as well as trendy in society today. People are well aware of the well-being of animals and the environment as well as their health. In such cases, they opt out for dishes and recipes that are healthy as well as keep in mind the prevention of animal suffering and reduce the greenhouse effects and gas emissions. This gave rise to several vegan cafes in Mumbai with a special focus on offering people a variety of particularly vegan dishes.

1.Rare Earth Vegan Café

It is a popular vegan restaurant as well as a café in Mumbai that offers people have variety of dishes that are plant-based. It is located in Khar near the Khar station and uses fresh vegetables and fruits found in the Khar market itself. A variety of famous dishes in this café are the veg vegan mutton kebabs, the samosas, the butter chicken sizzler, and the baklava.

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2.Greenr Café

This exclusive vegan café is located in Bandra, Mumbai. It involves a fine dining environment that offers people a unique and delightful experience of having a variety of vegan dishes. This is one such place where people can have delicious meals from all around the world and the menu is global.

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3.Earthing’s Café

Earthing’s café is located in Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai. It is open almost till late at night and people can check in the café anytime they wish to. The café covers a collection of the best dishes rather than the vegan dishes which are even gluten-free. This exclusively offers a healthy diet to the people who are cautious about their veganism.

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4.Earth Café

This is one classic café that even offers an anesthetic environment for people to shoot pretty photographs and also has nice food. It focuses on serving a wide range of dairy-free dishes, and gluten-free and also involves food from the keto diet as well. One factor that distinguishes this café from the others is the wide range of smoothies and desserts that are present on the menu.

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This café is located near Andheri West station, Mumbai. Particularly, the place is extremely famous for its stylish presentations of the food and is a very famous joint for looking into Satiating hunger pangs. It offers a huge variety of healthy food that originates from Gujarat and north India. Therefore, the whole structure in itself is vegan.

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6.Glee Gourmet

This vegan café in Mumbai is extremely famous for the variety of dishes that it offers to the people. It’s a raw vegan café that particularly offers dairy-free and sugar-free delicacies that involve every kind of food starting from juice to even sweets and desserts. The space is open seven days a week and runs for about 12 hours. People can undoubtedly order food from the cafe and also recommend others to visit this exotic place.

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7.Good Do

Good Do vegan café is exclusively located in Bandra, Mumbai. People visit this place to locate their favorite dishes which are particularly related to veganism. The café opens at 11 AM and runs for about the whole day. It has a good location and most importantly a wide range of food which people can choose from.

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8.La Cane Bistro

It is one of the most famous vegan cafes in Mumbai. The place is extremely famous for its vegan-friendly options and the wide range of Asian food which caters to the dishes sticking to the criteria of being vegan. The café offers continental, Italian, different kinds of sandwiches, and even beverages. This place is a fine dining place and provides the customers with an exquisite dining experience.

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9.Rose Jo Café

This is another famous vegan café in Mumbai. It falls under the most famous cafes in Mumbai and is greatly reviewed by all the visitors. People even share photos of the aesthetic background and book a table prior. The café has excellent cooks who always bring about active veganism. The background of this café is art.

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Yogisattva is considered to be India’s 100% first vegan and gluten-free café. All of the dishes present on the menu are plant-based and are exclusively located in Bandra. Therefore, the place specializes in making all of its dishes healthy, tasty, and even accessible to people. There is a huge crowd in this café who particularly prefer gluten-free specials from the café.

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11.Thank Gourd

Thank Gourd Essentially focuses on providing its customers with a fully plant-based diet. This focuses on the Asian cuisines which are unique in several cafes and also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People can access a huge variety of vegan dishes involves avocado toast, smoothie bowls, and even Thai curries.

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12.Green Affair

This café is present in the Breach Candy area in Mumbai. It particularly focuses on a night spot with a rooftop view that adds to the exquisite surrounding environment. The main dishes of the place are vegan pizzas, mock meat tacos, and every bit of other variety of delicious preparations that are offered by the café.

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13.Birdsong – The Organic Café

The organic café in Mumbai offers a wide range of healthy food which are vegan based. This variety involved continental, various types of salads, pizzas, plates of pasta, and different beverages and desserts. It is located in a very renowned area in Mumbai and this provides all-time access to the people around the area. It is a classic restaurant that also plays jazz songs and that makes it more original and its vibe.

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14.Bombay Salad Company

Bombay Salad Company is another famous vegan cafe in Mumbai. It is one of the top most restaurants which is located in Bandra West. The restaurant offers a wide variety of healthier nutritious salads and different kinds of sandwiches. The most famous of these places are Bombay Salad and Rachel’s Salad.

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15.Garde Manger Café

This is a café and bakery booth. It offers people a wide range of desserts along with vegan options. It involves a variety of bakery essential start covers the range of breads and different slices of cakes. This place is unique in its preparation of food and the way it approaches the people’s first stop for the sandwiches, the fast foods and desserts are extremely famous in the place.

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16.Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden is a fine dining outlet that is present in Mumbai it offers a differentiated and unique kind of tanning experience to the people. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes from all around the world and fuses them with authentic tastes that include French, Italian etcetera.

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17.Loci Toot

This café is particularly located in the car district of Mumbai. It is a joint that offers a variety of Eastern cuisines based on vegan criteria. The place is extremely famous for its great cocktails and desserts which it avails to the customers. It is nestled in the quaint lanes of Bandra which is considered as one of the paradise.

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18.Perch Wine And CoffeeBar

This location in Mumbai is also compared to New Delhi’s Khan Market and Vasant Vihar. The main reason is that the café or rather the bar provides a wide range of coffee, wine, and other drinks. The place has optional vegan menus for people who opt for such dishes. Along with this, it is also one such dynamic space that adapts to every need of its customers.

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19.Sadak Chaap

This is one of the most unique and famous places in Mumbai. The place is extremely famous for its Indian cuisine. The menu involves a range of north Indian, and Asian foods and dishes. It also offers a marked vegan option to people who want to have pure vegan food. The restaurant has comfortable surroundings and a cozy ambiance which attracts even more people.

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20.Plush Café

The plush café is another fine dining restaurant that is extremely famous for its unique ambiance and luxurious dining experience. People of this place get a warm and lively atmosphere. They can have the food sitting within a modern and stylish decoration of the room. Specially, this place offers several vegan options to the people and is famous for its dishes and desserts.

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