Top 20 Non Oily Snacks To Try

Top 20 Non Oily Snacks To Try

Some surveys give out the daily intake of snacks which are generally deep-fried. In such cases, the food consumption or rather the total calorie consumption is extremely important to be noted down. People are opting out for healthy and non-oily snacks rather than fried and oily snacks. These types of snacks are easier to cook as well as can be prepared at home.


This is a very generic and authentic Gujarati dish which is mostly famous because of the way it is prepared. The dish is made out of ground flour and yogurt. There are finally chopped coriander leaves which are added for extra flavor and also desiccated coconut. The main flavor comes out through a lot of different ingredients which are used. The less use of oil and steaming the dish makes it much healthier than any other oily food.


2.Broccoli Balls

The broccoli balls are generally made out of grated broccoli and other ingredients which involve onions, basil, chia seeds, and even bread crumbs. The mix of all these ingredients and ultimately baking it and then frying gives it the main reason to be healthy.


3.Savory Heeb With Whole Grain Crackers

As the name suggests, this dish is prepared with wheat flour, sesame seeds, and other herbs involve basil and oregano. The crackers are made out of dough that is rolled out and then cut into thin strips. The crispiness of the dish is added because of the baking. It is a low-fat snack that can be hard at times and is easy to make.


4.Daal Ki Chaat

This particular dish is made out of moong dal which is half boiled, carrot, pomegranate, and sometimes raw mango pieces are also added for an extra savory flavor. The main unique feature of this dish is the fact that it does not need to be cooked but only a few boiled lentils and half-boiled vegetables would make it a complete and healthy snack.



Momos are undoubtedly the best healthy snack that anybody can opt for. The preparation of this dish does not require much oil and therefore only a few vegetables or meat can add on to the nutritional requirements. The dough is prepared as steamed rather than fried.


6.Bengal Gram Snack

This non-oily snack is prepared of half-boiled Bengal grams which are soaked overnight. Other ingredients like onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, green chilies, and raw mangoes are added as the main and healthy ingredients of the dish. The nutritional requirements are fulfilled and the original taste of this dish remains to be unique and different.


7.Oats And Palak Dhokla

The Gujarati dish of Dhokla is prepared with gram flour and yogurt. However, this dish is being prepared with a different twist where oats and palak are being used on the ground floor. This adds to the nutritional requirement and how the dish is being prepared, prefers to be different than any other snack.


8.Hariyali Paneer (Oil-Free)

Cottage cheese is the main ingredient of this dish which provides about 200 grams of protein. In itself, the whole preparation is healthy. However, any individual can choose to prepare this without oil as well. This can be done by simply preparing the dish in the oven for 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.


9.Hummus And Carrot Sticks

Hummus and carrot sticks are made out of cooked chickpeas and other ingredients which involve garlic, mustard, pepper, and lime juice. The tanginess of the dish is added by the lime juice and there’s a unique taste of pepper, cumin, and chili powder which blends well with the whole preparation.


10.Steamed Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada as Indian street food is a snack that everybody prefers having. However, a healthier version of it would be prepared by steaming the dish. Several lentils are used for the preparation of the dish and this adds more nutritional value to the recipe. Mainly, how the whole dish is being cooked becomes the main point of attraction for people to have it.


11.Lentil Based Pandoli

This recipe is extremely unique in its preparation. The main look of the dish is similar to the preparation of upma or idli. Different kinds of lentils are used along with fresh curd for the preparation of the dish. This adds to the healthy aspect of the cooking and is steamed.


12.Oatmeal Squares

Oatmeal squares are made out of pumpkin paste and oats. The dish is extremely healthy as it is mainly prepared by baking it and there’s a strong flavor of cinnamon which adds to the main taste of the dish. It is easy to make and can be prepared at home within 20 minutes.


13.Coriander Vadis

This dish is pretty unique to its name as well as the preparation. The main ingredient is coriander leaves. Ground flour is also added to make the balls. It is healthy as it just takes about 10 minutes to make in a steamer. Especially, this dish can also be termed as one of the most delicious and healthy non-oily snacks.


14.Poha Balls

The dish can be made both as a dessert as well as a non-oily snack. Mainly, flattened rice is used as the main ingredient and eventually, the whole dish becomes extremely nutritional and delicious. Flattened rice is added as a staple ingredient in India. This makes it regular as well as something different in terms of how the whole dish is being prepared.


15.Chicken Poppers

Chicken poppers are one of the most unique dishes that anybody can come across. It is not all oily as the purpose is made either by steaming it or just baking it for about 15 minutes. There can be a lot of vegetables which can also be added in as main ingredient. However, this might depend from person to person and their likeness towards it.


16.Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato crisps are also known as crispy potatoes. It is one popular potato dish or rather a snack that is made without oil. There are thin strips of sliced potatoes and a teaspoon of black Peppers which are used. The preparation is also extremely simple and can just be baked in the microwave for about 30 seconds.


17.Oats Cheela

Oats Cheela is a healthy alternative to any other deep-fried snack. The main ingredient of the dish is oats which becomes nutritional in its value automatically. People can prepare it by steaming and there’s very little or no oil required.


18.Special Uttapams

It is named special Uttapams because of the huge amount of variance in terms of vegetables. People can use their favorite kinds of vegetables or even make combinations to make them healthier. The preparation of the dish accompanies steaming the batter and serving it with chutneys.


19.Bread Rolls

Bread is rich in carbohydrates and sometimes, it is not considered to be that healthy. However, the preparation process can turn it into a healthy dish. Bread rolls are generally prepared in low oil and slow-fried. The fact that makes it a non-oily or rather a healthy snack is because it provides almost every required nutrition that a snack holds.


20.Green Peas Idli

Green Pea Idli is different because it also involves green pea as one of the main ingredients of the dish. The dish in general is prepared by steaming and it is considered healthy. However, the addition of the extra vegetables or the green peas makes it different and healthy.