Top 20 Vegan Restaurants To Try In Gurugram

Top 20 Vegan Restaurants To Try In Gurugram

With the recent boom of Veganism in India and us transitioning from our inherited vegetarianism to being a vegan, finding places to eat out becomes a task. Since Indian cuisine is heavily dairy-based, finding vegan options with only plant-based ingredients becomes challenging. And on top of that, discovering exclusive vegan cafes and restaurants is next to impossible. Restaurants have slowly started adding Vegan options to their menu in a small amount, but the change is happening following the demand. So, here is a curated list of vegan-friendly restaurants and eateries in Gurugram for your dose of healthy flavors and wise eating choices:

1.Loving Hut- The Vegan Paradise

Loving Hut-The Vegan Paradise in Sector 33 is a paradise for all-animal-loving vegans. They have vegan alternatives for North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. Their Tofu and Vegan Meat pizzas with cashew Sauce are a hit. Soy, Mushrooms, and Tofu in generic dishes become a game changer here. Their Vegan Bolognese Spaghetti, Tandoori Tofu tikka, and Vegan Meat Biryani are a must-try.

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2.White Cub

White Cub, a vegan dessert eatery in DLF Phase-1, is a life-saving sweet spot for vegans as most desserts involve dairy products, which take this joy of devouring them from vegans. Their Exotic Vegan and Sugar-Free Icecreams are so smooth and guilt-free to have. You’ll love the Sinful Chocolate and Hazelnut Icecream and shakes, which are Almond Milk-based. Try their Hawaiian Sundae, protein bars, popsicles, and vegan butter.

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3.Greenr Café

Greenr Cafe in 32nd Avenue Milestone is a beautiful cafe with good-looking decor and a greenery-filled outside seating area. It is a completed Plant-based Kitchen. Their Cassava Root Fries, Teriyaki Mint Tofu Summer Rolls, and Beirut Platter with Hummus, Lavash, and Pitas are fresh and sizzling. Their vegan Sushis and Burgers with varied flavors are mouth-watering. Do try their refreshing Kombuchas and healthy Smoothies.

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4.C’est La Vie

C’est La Vie in Sector 50 is a cafe full of breezy decor and summer vibes. You can try the refreshing Bubble Tea here. They have plant-based options for everything on the menu. Their Hemp Root Bean Patty Burger and Shroombergs are delicious. Broccoli Slaw, Edamame Tartines, and Pasta Al Limone are cooked to perfection here with vegan elements. End your visit here with Pain Au Chocolat’s sweet note.

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5.Fab Café

Fab Cafe in Sector 43, with minimalistic and vibrant decor that will help you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city and soothe with the comfort vegan food served here. Their Mango Mint Smoothie, Kathal Quinoa Biryani, and Tofu in Coconut Curry are the ultimate burst of flavors. Their Fab Mixed Berry Cashew Cheese Ice Cream is the best thing you’ll try vegan!

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6.Café Staywoke

Cafe Staywoke in South Point Mall has exotic outdoor seating and wooden indoor decor with glass walls, making it aesthetic. The food here looks like art on your plate with Vegan flavors. Their Zoodle Soba, Green Thai Curry, and Hummus Falafel Platters are all mind-blowing. You can’t miss out on the mouth-melting vegan Kaffir Lime Rasgullas and Chocolate Chantilly here.

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7.For Earth’s Sake

For Earth’s Sake, in DLF Galleria, is a zero-waste store and cafe that intends to provide planet-friendly sustainable alternatives. Everything prepared here looks specifically crafted. Vegetarian Omelette, Pesto Bagels, Cauliflower Croquettes, Spaghetti Alio Olio, and Falafels are all cooked with vegan ingredients here. Their vegan desserts ‘Flax Almond Cookies’ and ‘Millet Marble Cakes’ are equally delectable.

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8.Salad Days

Salad Days in Udyog Vihar is a delivery-only Vegan Eatery. Their Indian Earth Bowl is a nutritious and wholesome vegan meal. You can try Spicy Avocado, Grilled Quinoa, and Mango Sprout Salads. Their ingredients are fresh and clean. From Falafel Pita Pockets to Celery Mushroom Soups and Mango Mint Kombucha, everything here is delicious and neatly packed.

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VietNom in Cyber Hub is a Vietnamese/Asian restaurant with decent relish-worthy vegan options. It has bright and quirky Hanoi-style wooden interiors but has a comforting vibe. The restaurant has praise-worthy service and artsy-looking food. Their Avocado-Vegan Meat Nori Rolls, Crispy Tofu Spring Rolls, Spicy Scallion Aubergine, Lotus Stem BBQ, Pickle Chilli, and Glass Noodle dumplings are some of the most delicious vegan delicacies served here. You can rely on their vegan curries and Pho when you are here.

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10.Kitchen District – Hyatt Regency

Kitchen District by The Hyatt Regency in Sector 83 is a fine-dining Asian and Continental restaurant. It has decor filled with warm and golden hues. Their Mulligatawny and Tomato Tulsi Shorba are holy vegan grails. Tofu Steak in Teriyaki Sauce with Tororo Soba Noodles and Cauliflower Ravioli are vegan dishes and taste better than their non-vegan alternatives.

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11.OLLY – Olive’s All Day Café And Bar

OLLY in Cyber Hub is essentially a Continental restaurant adorned in all-white decor, giving much of the beach vibes. It also features a beautiful outside seating area. Their best vegan options include Mango Sesame Pomelo Salad, Vegan Sushi Bowl with Nori Rice Balls, Edamame and Crisps, Pak Choy Green Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice. They serve great cocktails as well.

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12.Quoin – Novotel

Quoin by Novotel in the Aerocity is a North Indian and Thai restaurant with an exquisite and vast Bar menu. Their vegan Corn Bhel and Phad Thai Noodles are so flavorful and satisfying. They have a luxurious fine dining red decor. Their other vegan specialties are Spicy Tofu Udon Noodles and Zenan Spring Rolls, which are hot and sizzling.

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Getafix in Cross Point Mall is a fix-it solution for guilt-free indulgence. It has a blue-brick and graffiti walls. The cafe is purely aesthetic and Instaworthy. Their Poha, Baked Bean toasts, Hass Avo Toast, and Soba Salad are nutritious vegan choices. Their experimental vegan delicacies like Tofu Mushroom Sandwich, Marinara Hummus Pizza, Quinoa Burger, Zoodles Barley, and Bok Choy Bowl are a must-try.

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14.Seasonal Tastes – The Westin

Seasonal Tastes by The Westin has a gold-themed decor. It is set in Sector 29, and the menu has dishes from around the world. Our vegan favorites are Gluten-Free Muffins, Multigrain Tofu Toast, and Tandoori Pearl Millet Risotto. Their Vegan fusion dishes are a great addition to the menu. Pan-fried Crispy Tofu Steaks, Eggplant Zucchini on Rye Bread, and Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad are worth devouring here.

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15.Burma Burma

Burma Burma in Cyber City is typically a Burmese restaurant exhibiting a colorful spirit. The wooden hanging bells add an Asian charm to the setting. Their range of Lemonades, Bubble Teas, and Kombuchas is refreshing. Try their unique vegan dishes like Sunflower-Tea Leaf Salad, Burmese Falafel with Coconut Creamed Corn, Charred Brocolli with Tohu Mash, Khowsuey, and mouth-watering Mandalay Noodles.

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16.Carnatic Café

Carnatic Cafe on 32nd Avenue is primarily a South Indian restaurant, but we know South Indian food features vegan options. Their decor transports you to a typical Udupi joint in southern India. Their Ragi Masala Dosa and Manina Maga will be everyone’s vegan favorites here. Their Wangi Bath is a wholesome meal. Do try their sweetest Obbattu.

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Zambar on Golf Course Road is an Indian Cuisine restaurant. Their food is flavorful and colorful and puts a smile when you see it on your plate. Their Ghee Gunpowder Idlis, Mushroom Peralan Curry, Coconut appam, and Chettinad Biryani are the most delicious vegan dishes prepared here. Everything else on the menu is equally delightful.

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18.Unlocked – Bar, Kitchen, Escape Room

Unlocked is an Oriental and Continental Kitchen and Bar on 32nd Avenue. This is the perfect place for a dinner date with family or friends. Their Sesame Schezwan Tofu, Peruvian Bean Burritos, and Morrocan Saffron Tangine are all vegan and taste top-notch. Their vegan pasta Butternut Squash Basil Fettuccine is the definition of mouth-melting. Do visit here for an extraordinary gastronomical adventure!

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19.ThreeSixtyOne Degrees – The Oberoi

Threesixtyone Degrees by The Oberoi in Udyog Vihar is a luxury fine-dining restaurant. They have glass walls, and the outdoor poolside seating is perfect for a romantic date with your loved one. Their Kaffir Lime Krapow, Vegetable Tempura, Palm Heart, and Water Chestnut Salad are some of the best Asian Vegan options available here. Poha and Poori Bhaji here are worth devouring.

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20.Café Pluck – Pullman

Cafe Pluck-Pullman in Aerocity has spacious and sleek interiors. Papad ka Shorba, Grilled Zucchini and Peppers Club, Chickpea and Zaatar Burger, Quinoa, Bajra Khichdi Sampler, and Sweet Potato Chaat are some of the varied options of vegan delicacies served here. Pluck is an outstanding place for a coffee date and talk over lip-smacking vegan food.

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