Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Noida Uttar Pradesh
Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Noida Uttar Pradesh

India is a country with a massive amount of vegetarians, and nowadays, people are turning either vegetarian or vegan. There are a lot of delectable dishes available for vegetarians in Indian cuisine. Whether it is north Indian cuisine, or south Indian cuisine you can find out various delicious dishes for vegetarians with uniques variations in each of them. So, if you are planning for a dine-out with your family friends and are searching for an excellent vegetarian restaurant in Noida, UP, then we have some top 20 suggestions for you.


This vegetarian restaurant serving various vegetarian recipes from north and south Indian cuisines is situated in Sadarpur, sector-45, Noida. It is a good place for small celebrations like birthday parties and kitty parties. The dishes from south Indian cuisine served here are very famous, the tasty tandoori platter, jalebi, ras malai are also must try here.


2.Burma Burma Restaurant

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant different from others as it is the only restaurant in Noida serving Burmese cuisine and having the concept of tea rooms. The ambience and atmosphere both are very soothing. The hospitality and service both are appreciable. It is an excellent place to hang out with family.

Burma Burma Restaurant

It is an authentic place to enjoy the regional rice dishes. The meals served here will definitely satiate your cravings for your favorite recipes. The bhaat is prepared here with very healthy desi ghee. The Gujarati fada ni khichdi here is just so yum and worth tasting; it is served with green chutney, curd, and roasted papad. It is a perfect place for someone who loves rice.


It is a vegetarian restaurant in Smart Bharat mall, Noida, which is famous for serving delicious south Indian recipes. The recipe made here has an authentic south Indian taste. Apart from tha, the north Indian dishes served here are worth tasting. This place has a beautiful ambience and casual vibes and is a perfect place for family outings.



It is a Pan-Asian restaurant in DLF mall, sector-18, Noida. The one thing that you must try here on your visit is the vegetarian sushi served here, which has very authentic flavors. They also provide complementary containing rice crisp along with a dip. You will enjoy your time and meals here.


6.Indian D-Licious

This outlet is situated in sector 10, Noida. The food quality and service both are superb here. The food served here is appealing, especially the Chinese cuisine here is a must-try. It is an excellent recommendation for those who prefer pure –vegetarian food. You will certainly enjoy and love the taste of each bite.

Indian D Licious

7.Squire Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant in Sorkha, Noida, which serves thali, Chinese combos, soups and tandoor items. The chili paneer, and fried rice from this place are a must-try. Even the delivery provided by them is on time and with neat and clean packing. Due to its good quality, and quantity, it is a highly recommended restaurant.

Squire Restaurant


It is a casual chain restaurant, among all of which this particular branch serves one of the best sweets and international snack dishes. The way they handle the crowd and maintain the service is appreciable. The outlet is spacious enough and can easily adjust 100 people. The Navratri thali here is very delicious.

Bikanervala 1

9.Govinda’s Restaurant

This is a restaurant run by ISKCON, a society of lord Krishna devotees, and hence the theme of the whole place is based on Shri Krishna. The best thing about this place is that food prepared here is without onion and garlic and is offered to the lord first. They also have Ekadashi special thali, which is perfect for eating during fast. You will definitely love the hospitality as everything is made here with love.

Govindas Restaurant

10.Santushti Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant opens at 11 AM and hence is a perfect place for brunch, lunch, or dinner. The ambience of this place is simple and classy with well-presented food. The food here is worth tasting as it has just exquisite taste. You can enjoy your meal here while listening to relaxing music.

Santushti Vegetarian Restaurant

11.Poornatva Organic Café

It is one of the best restaurants in Noida, we must say. The food made here is made with all the organic resources and vegan items without compromising on its taste. This is a relaxing place with good music being played in the background. The ambience of this place is quite photogenic. The option of DIY pizza at your home so that you get freshly prepared hot pizza to eat is a cherry on the top.

Poornatva Organic Cafe

12.Café Delhi Heights

This is a place in DLF mall of India, sector-18, Noida. It is a perfect place for fast food varieties like nachos, pizza and pita bread, etc.  The quality and hygiene were both well-maintained. The ambience of this place is also lovely and photogenic. They don’t provide delivery so; it is a perfect place to hang out.

Cafe Delhi Heights

13.Sagar Ratna

It is a vegetarian restaurant in Great India Place mall, Noida, which is quite famous for delicious south Indian food served here. The flavors are a complete blast in the mouth and very satisfying. This is a good place for someone who loves South Indian food.

Sagar Ratna 1

14.Shiv Murti Hotel

This place serves the most delicious palak paneer in the entire Noida; not, only palak paneer but almost every dish served here is authentic in taste. They have a large sitting area, and the food prepared is also very hygienic. It is a simple place, just like a Dhaba but worth the food.

Shiv Murti Hotel 1

15.Lakshmi Coffee House

No, it is not just a coffee shop but a place to enjoy both north and south Indian recipes. They serve delicious butter masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, and hot parathas, which are pretty famous here. It is located in the Brahmaputra market, sector-29, the space might be tiny yet there is no compromise on the taste. It is an excellent place to visit with family.

Lakshmi Coffee House 1

16.The Pakshala

It is an outlet in sector-63, Noida, serving north Indian cuisine. You can choose to dine in or either ask for an order. The delivery service of this place is quite palpable and the packing and presentation too. The gajar ka halwa made in desi ghee is just too yummy. Also, the pav bhaji and grilled sandwiches here are pretty famous.

The Pakshala

17.Radha Rani Kitchen

It is a restaurant separate from the busy markets and city hassles, providing enough space for parking. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving tasty food that too at a very reasonable price. They also have a separate area for birthday parties and celebrations. You can enjoy delicious chole bhature here for breakfast too.

Radha Rani Kitchen

18.Hari Om Restaurant

It is basically a street food shop serving the most delicious afghani chap in Noida. Even the thali served here is fantastic in taste and worth it that too at the cost of Rs.60. The quantity is more than enough, and definitely, no compromise on quality is made. The delicious paneer butter masala here is a must-try.

Hari Om Restaurant 1

19.Walk-In The Woods

This restaurant is based on a jungle theme, which is beautifully decorated, and kids will surely enjoy their time at this place. The staff and service both are good. Also, the food and juices both are tasty. It is the perfect place for a joyful family hangouts or for large gatherings

Walk In The Woods 1


This restaurant serves Pan-Indian dishes for your taste buds. It is a funky space decorated with colourful art. The ambience of this place is splendid and photogenic. This place serves various dishes, but the South Indian dishes here attract people the most. It is the perfect place to enjoy your meal while listening to live south Indian classical music, an excellent place to hang out with family in the peaceful atmosphere here.

Juggernaut 1