Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In Matunga

Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In Matunga
Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In Matunga

Matunga is one of the most significant localities in Mumbai that Experiences a large amount of college crowd. It is also dominated by the South Indian majority which as a result is the reason why it has some of the best South Indian eateries in the city. You will find a mix of modern as well as traditional restaurants in Matunga. You will also get a hint off the college-goers favorite food stalls. Sure is there a list of the top twenty restaurants that you must visit when you are in Matunga.

1. Garnish

Garnishes are a family restaurant that majorly serves South Indian, Italian common north Indian, fast food and Chinese varieties. The popular dishes here are paneer chilli, pav bhaji, paneer tikka masala, starters, biryani, pizza, pahadi khichdi. This place is situated very close to the eastern express highway. What are the Italian dishes that you must Trier without fail is lasagna because of its cheesy preparation and portion size at a reasonable price?


2. DPS Fast Food Centre

DPS fast food centre is one of the favourite destinations of the college students. It is a very old and famous restaurant situated opposite Ruia College. It is famous for its South Indian varieties and even more famous for its pav bhaji and masala pav are a treat. They have recently introduced Thai cuisine on their menu. From this menu, you must try Thai pot rice, pot rice, kimchi, bamboo rice and many exciting continental dishes. The waiters here are very cooperative and help you to pick the right dish from the vast menu they have.

DPS Fast Food Centre

3. Shree Sunders

This is the old restaurant which is making constant efforts to keep up with the changing times. It is not a typical South Indian restaurant but offers decent South Indian varieties. They have different mini-meals which are sufficient for one person. The varieties of dosas like nachni dosa, sabudana dosa, moong dosa are not only nutritious but are also tasty and it’s priced reasonably.

Shree Sunders

4. Ram Ashraya

This restaurant situated close to Martin gas station is a very prominent vintage South Indian restaurant. If you ever ask any Mumbai car the best place to eat South Indian they will only be mentioned the name of Ram Ashraya restaurant is very famous for dishes such as Mysore masala Dosa, Rava masala Kama idli Wada, pineapple sheera, black currant sheera,  rasam Wada, neer dosa, Gondi Wada, upma.

Ram Ashraya

5. Cafe 2.0

Cafe2.0 is a nice and innovative place to eat in Matunga. The place is pure love for all nearby college students and is basically in the best locations in Mumbai. The staff here is very quick with their service and the food really comes out very quickly. They suggest you the best choice.

Cafe 2.0

6. Dhadoom

Dhadoom “is a cafe located at Kings Circle in Matunga East. The ambience has unique interiors but it’s too small. They have a good full menu. The menu consists of fries, burgers, pizza, and pasta and of various drinks they also have several combos to offer. The Jain option is also available.  T is a brand of Indian origin of vegetarian fast food, created by the famous chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.


7. Koolar And Co

This is a wonderful little Parsi cafe at King Circle with a vintage interior. They have great breakfast options like butter sandwich, chicken cutlets, garlic omelet, etc. A few others of our favourites are the kheema pav and the crème caramel. Don’t miss the irani chai there. The atmosphere is like any other Parsian restaurant, crowded with people from all groups, but mostly older people.  Try to visit this place before 8 p.m. because some dishes will not be available later.

Koolar and Co

8. Cafe Madras

This is the best authentic South Indian breakfast! A unique dish they have is the Sett Dosa with butter and podiums, absolutely delicious. It had a soft tinkle and was generously loaded with butter. The Podi Idli was yum. Their sambhar and chutney were just perfect. Good filter coffee. Visit preferably on weekdays as there is a long wait time on weekends, especially on Sundays. Decent environment and good staff. They are a bit overpriced; however, when the food is so delicious, it’s worth it! Kudos to this restaurant for maintaining the quality of its food for generations.

cafe madras

9. Rasna Punjab

Serving a delicious mix of cuisines, Rasna Punjab Restaurant in Mumbai is a recognized restaurant in Matunga East. This restaurant serves various cuisines including North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese. It is considered a pocket option for the locals to savour the myriad of sumptuous soups, salads, fish dishes, mouth-watering kebabs, delicious paneer and vegetable appetizers and delicious dishes on the menu. The air-conditioned interiors of Rasna Punjab Restaurant in Matunga East are tastefully decorated and pleasing to the eye. Although compact in size, the dining area is organized with dining tables and sofas to allow many guests to dine in comfort. You can enjoy a meal comfortably seated on the elegantly upholstered sofas that blend well with the cream walls and wooden furniture.

Rasna Punjab

10. Arya Bhavan

Arya Bhavan serves South Indian cuisine based on the regional South Indian flair, particularly the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka variety. The restaurant is located near the Matunga station. He is crowded and trusts a lot. There is great food, a presumptuous meal with an appetizing taste, if you like to drink buttermilk, serve a good one. South Indian filter coffee is also a staple. Visiting and enjoying yum food?

Arya Bhavan

11. Manis Lunch Home

This is an old restaurant that has been around for decades and customers keep coming back every time because of the quality and taste. One of the best places for South Indian cuisine. Filter coffee is a must. It’s 7am and you can find a queue. Expect crowds all day. The taste is good and it is also pocketable. This is one of the best places to serve south Indian snacks and filter coffee. Unlimited sambhar and chutney served in kettles. All age groups must visit, but older people are calling and most of the time there is a line.

Manis Lunch Home

12. Gupta Chat Centre

Guptas is a version of chat centres that is very famous for its Pani Puri, pav bhaji, sandwiches, and pizzas. The unique dishes here are the samosa chat, sev puri sandwich, dabeli. It is located just outside Matunga statin which makes it a go to spot for college and office goers. The prices are pocket friendly and the quantities are filling.

Gupta Chat Centre

13. 1 Tablespoon

Arya Bhavan serves South Indian cuisine based on the regional South Indian flair, particularly the Tamilnadu and Karnataka variety. The restaurant is located near the Matunga station. He is crowded and trusts a lot. They serve great food, a filling meal with an appetizing taste. Don’t forget to try their buttermilk, its utterly delicious! South Indian filter coffee is also a staple. Visiting and enjoying yum food?

1 Tablespoon

14. Idli House

It is a small restaurant located at the Maheshwari udyan circle serving authentic varieties of Idli. They have a very limited seating area. They have unusual varieties of idlis such as pepper Idli, Mysore masala Idli, Mysore Rava Idli, khotto Idli. They have bottles of coconut oil kept at the tables which help in enhancing the taste of these Idlis. They also have certain sweets such as ukhdiche modak.

Idli House

15. Family Perk Franky

The family park is a fast-food restaurant. It is very famous for Frankie, sandwiches and samosa. You will always find this place very crowded during the college and the school working hours. It does not offer any seating arrangement. The popular dishes are paneer cheese roll, cheese Schezwan Frankie, cheese Frankie, samosa, cheese noodle Frankie one order were approximately cost rupees 100.

Family Perk Franky

16. Rama Nayak

It is a basic thali with South Indian style home-cooked meals with unlimited portions. What stole my heart beside the food was the service, as the waiters had a constant smile on their food and were served with love.   The food was delicious with simple vegetables that taste so different, quintessential curd texture, sambhar, rasam and sweet dishes like seasonal aam ras, shrikhand and rasgulla to choose from.

Rama Nayak

17. Subhash Sandwich

This is the best place in this city to eat a huge variety of sandwiches. The most famous variety here is the chocolate sandwich. You will be surprised by seeing the amount of chocolate he spreads over one sandwich. It is a small stall that has become popular because of its quality and consistency over the years. Ice cream sandwiches are another unique fusion on the menu of this sandwich stall.

Subhash Sandwich

18. Chatai Pav Bhaji

The name chatai comes from a mat that is placed on the floor before seating. This pav bhaji stall is located at the main road near Maheshwari circle. They spread matrices along the footpath as seating areas. They serve pav bhaji masala pav , garlic pav and many other variants.

Chatai Pav Bhaji


Ayyappan Idli Stall

This stall has a huge variety of dosas priced very reasonably. They don’t offer a seating arrangement but you can stand and eat as there are tall tables provided. Even though this place is usually crowded they serve your order very fast. They serve pure vegetarian food price of rupees 200 for two people. This restaurant can be visited for breakfast, lunch or dinner to enjoy the freshest South Indian food.

Ayyapa Idli Stall

20. Pamona- Flavour At Its Best

It is an all-day casual dining restaurant serving European and continental cuisines. This is a compact on a cute outlet which usually has many offers for their customers. The popular dishes on its menu are strawberry cream chocolate shake, omelet, white sauce pasta, toast, classic chicken sandwich. This place is not very crowded as it does not have a seating area. It is situated at a prime location and very reasonable.

Pamona Flavour At Its Best