Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Railway Road Panipat

Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Railway Road Panipat
Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Railway Road Panipat

Panipat Railway Station is well connected and settled in the center of the city which makes it feasible for passengers to order and get the food delivered. The food of Panipat comprises Bajra or Gram flour and loaves made from them. For the foodies, the city has trendy restaurants, which are hugely complemented by the roadside Dhabas of Panipat. The eating habits of people in Panipat are quite varied similar to its culture.

1. Fine Foods Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for all types of vegetarian dishes,  including paneer butter masala, Hakka noodles, gravy Manchurian, and many more tempting and mouth-watering dishes. The restaurant is available both on Zomato as well as Swiggy, so you can also order food from them online.

Fine Foods Restaurant

2. Himachal Shudh Vaishno Dhaba

It is one of the famous eating spots in the railway road of Panipat. The Dhaba serves all types of vegetarian dishes. Many truck drivers, and other travelers, stop at the Dhaba to enjoy their delicious food.

Himachal Shudh Vaishno Dhaba

3. Pawan Singla

This place is famous for its vegetarian as well as fast-food items. Golgappas, chaats and many more dishes are available here. If you are a fast food lover, you should try out this place.

Pawan Singla

4. Home delivery Restaurant

This is a Tiffin service provider restaurant that accepts only online orders. If you want to enjoy homemade food, then this is the perfect place. The rates here are very genuine, and you can also order food for any family function. Home delivery Restaurant

5. Guru Kripa Chhole Bathure

The place is renowned in Panipat for its famous Chole Bhature. They also serve very tasty lassi. The site is neat and clean. The prices are also very affordable. I Prefer eating here rather than ordering online. They also accept digital payments. Service is quick.

Guru Kripa Chhole Bathure

6. Chai Sutta Yaari #Hungrygrowls

One of the best vegetarian food service providers near Railway Road Panipat. Chai Sutta Yaari is an excellent site for all chai lovers. The area not only serves food but also many other food items. Pastries, snacks like Maggi, burgers, fries and, sandwiches are well served here. The cafe is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Chai Sutta Yaari Hungrygrowls

7. Hangries Panipat

It’s a pleasant experience to try a nicely cooked pizza. Delicious coffee is among the most often ordered drinks at this restaurant. The friendly staff works hard, stays positive, and makes this place great. The fast service displays a high level of quality at HANGRIES PANIPAT. The most famous here is the pizza, which is the most ordered dish. Along with that, paneer tikka and sandwiches are also available. Instant home delivery is also available here.

Hangries Panipat 1

8. Food Garage

The restaurant is famous for its Indian, fast food, and Asian cuisine. It is a trendy restaurant for every kind of vegetarian meal and snacks. You get meals from different states of India and their dishes which are very delicious and tasty. If you are looking for a birthday or anniversary celebration place, then Food Garage is the best option. The ambiance here is fantastic and the place also provides some rides for kids. A perfect family restaurant with delicious food and great photography.

Food Garage

9. Tomatooz By Cafe TC

Tomatooz is an amazing place for dine-in and parties. The rooftop of the cafe looks alluring at night. The food here is very tempting, but the best part of the cafe is its shakes. If you are planning to visit Tomatooz, then don’t forget to try their pizza and shakes. The place has a beautiful ambiance. Get yourself beautiful pictures clicked here. The staff and service is just outstanding.

Tomatooz By Cafe TC

10. Food Vatika

An excellent place for having the experience of both fast food and Indian food. The food is also delivered to the train if you are at Panipat junction. The food is delicious and very tasty. Must try this out once.

Food Vatika

11. Radhe Shyam Fast Food

Looking for some great veg fast food place near railway road panipat? Then Radhe Shyam fast food is the right place. Here you can enjoy a variety of foods. The hygiene is proper, and the food is served hot and fresh. Your instant fast food cravings solution is here. It’s a must-visit.

Radhe Shyam Fast Food

12. Rasoi Dhaba

A selection of good tea is recommended to guests. The staff is gracious; that’s what makes Rasoi Dhaba so good. Dal makhani, palak paneer, and many other delicious dishes are available here. The Dhaba also has a garden nearby where you can get clicked good pictures. The price is very reasonable, and the food is very tasty. The washroom facilities are outstanding here.

Rasoi Dhaba

13. Ajeet Singh Punjabi Dhaba

An excellent quality food serving restaurant. The parantha, and coffee can be enjoyed in the morning breakfast. All types of meals are provided here and you can get the best experience of a dhaba here. The aloo and gobi paranthas are pretty famous here. The service is quick, and the flavor of Punjab can be experienced here. All those missing the food of Punjab can visit this place.

Ajeet Singh Punjabi Dhaba

14. A-One Dosa

Listening to the word Dosa gives us the thought of south indian food. A-one Dosa is a famous place for all types of south Indian food. Dosa, idlis, Wada, and the most tempting sambhar are what they serve here. If you are a south Indian food lover, then this place is a must-visit. Try out their masala dosa, and you’ll get to know what an authentic dosa tastes like. Don’t forget to ask for nariyal ki chutney which is equally tasty.

A One Dosa

15. Lazeez Affaire Panipat

This place serves one of the best dishes in the city. They are specialized in Mughlai and north Indian cuisine. The staff is very accommodating, and the ambience is fantastic. A must-visit place for spending time with your family and friends. Bookings for birthdays and other minor functions are also available here.

Lazeez Affaire Panipat

16. AMPM Store Panipat

It is a fast-food vegetarian restaurant that caters to various needs and tastes across categories. It follows the philosophy of delighting its customers with the best products and services. The staff is amiable, and there is an excellent variety of food available. Zomato option is also available for this store, so that you can order your food online anytime and anywhere.

AMPM Store Panipat

17. Wah G Wah

The place is famous for its chaaps and other delicious food items. The site is elegant, and you can also have a family get-together here. The delivery is very quick, so you can also order food while traveling at Panipat junction.

Wah G Wah

18. Kwality Confectioners

If you want to taste Indian dishes, get your chance and come to Kwality confectioners. Food delivery is a big plus point of this place. The atmosphere and hospitality of this spot highly depend on the staff, which is just amazing. A food delivery option is available, and you should also try their cakes and pastries, which are just so overwhelming.

Kwality Confectioners

19. B.D Foods

The place serves a delicious variety of foods and sweets. If you are a sweet lover, then you must try their ghewar. Along with sweets, you can also taste as many spicy foods as you want. The service is excellent, and all the food requirements of the customers are fulfilled here. So if you are planning to experience a range of sweets and other food items, then B.D foods is the right choice.

B.D Foods

20. Mannat Dhaba

A must-visit place for all the vegetarian people. Here food includes all types of Dhaba items like dal makhani, naan, and shahi paneer, which is very tasty. The place is hygienic, and service is up to the mark.

Mannat Dhaba