Top 20 Best Restaurants in Karama, Dubai Serving Authentic Indian Food

Top 20 Best Restaurants in Karama Dubai Serving Authentic Indian Food
Top 20 Best Restaurants in Karama Dubai Serving Authentic Indian Food

Indian cuisine is a collection of traditional and cultural cuisines from the subcontinent. Every Indian city has its own unique ethnic, cultural, and social variety. Whether north or south Indian, you crave Indian food wherever you go. The streets of Dubai offer an elegant, gourmet, and Indian flavor. All you need is craving for spicy sensations, which may not be achievable in Dubai. Indian restaurants in Dubai are also divided into north and south Indian varieties. There are various Indian restaurants in Dubai, most of which strive to recreate an authentic Indian dining experience. Dubai’s colorful, multi-ethnic Al Karama quarter is noted for its old-world elegance and bustling shopping districts. Aside from economical rental accommodation, Karama has several wonderful Indian restaurants. The Karama district is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, and low-rise residential structures offering modest rental apartments. These Indian restaurants in Karama are ideal for those who value authenticity. Find out which Karama Indian restaurant made our list of the best in Karama.

1.New Sind Punjabi

The New Sind Punjab Restaurant, one of Karama’s most prominent North Indian eateries, serves savory street meals such as chaats, panipuri, chole batora, and egg burji. There is a variety of major dishes to choose from, as well as a wide variety of snacks and street food. A broad selection of North Indian specialties, such as butter chicken, daal makhni, chicken tikka, and biryani, may all be found on the menu.


2.Aappa Kadai

A prominent chain of South Indian eateries in Dubai, Aappa Kadai is one of many. There’s a branch in Karama where locals can get their fill of mouthwatering aappam and another South Indian fare. This famed Karama restaurant serves Malabari and Chettinad food. Aappa Kadai is known not only for its fermented aappams but also for its excellent biryani and other traditional North Indian dishes.

Aappa Kadai

3.Once Upon A Bite

One of Al Karama’s best-kept secrets is once upon a Bite. Everything about this restaurant transports you back to your college days in India, from the warm decor to the mouthwatering Indian street food. Indian street food can be enjoyed by non-Indians as well, and it’s very affordable. This is the place to go if you enjoy hot and spicy Indian food.

Once Upon A Bite

4.Amritsr Restaurant – The Best Indian Restaurant In Dubai

Amritsr Restaurant is the only Amritsari restaurant in Dubai. They have 20 years of exquisite dining and outdoor catering experience. The eatery serves a variety of Kulcha, an Indian flatbread. There’s also Gold Gappe, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Bhalla, Pav Bhaji, and more. The eatery also serves Rabri and Mango Kulfi. It is conveniently located and open 24 hours.

Amritsr Restaurant – The Best Indian Restaurant In Dubai


The restaurant was created to bring Pakistani, Hindustani, and Afghan cuisines together. Sthan is one of the few locations in Dubai that offers an authentic combination of North-West Asian foods with a modern twist. The open kitchen restaurant specializes in grilled and tandoori meat meals.


6.Raju Omlet

Our favorite place for a substantial breakfast. It’s all about farm-fresh EGG meals and freshly brewed tea. The tea is one of the best I’ve ever drank. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. The decor is decent desi flair with limited space so get there early to claim your position or enjoy waiting. The food is tasty although the prices can be a bit pricey for some items. Lots of egg dishes, from sandwiches to buns, dry, gravy, etc. A separate order for bread. Surprisingly, there are Tea varieties. A must for egg lovers.

Raju Omlet

7.Rajdhani Street

The Rajdhani restaurant in Al Karama is home to Rajdhani Street, a small yet heartfelt eatery that emanates happiness from the get-go. There are street signs, fairy lights, and Indian-themed colors in the eatery. The cuisine is delicious and beautifully prepared. A live station serving Sev puri and Paani puri are also available at the restaurant. A good time is had by everybody, and you’ll want to come back for more in the future.

Rajdhani Street

8.Dhaba Lane

Interiors à la Delhi in Karama, Dhaba Lane serves tasty vegetarian cuisine. The Thali, a culinary platter with a variety of dishes and bread, is one of the most popular dishes. The restaurant serves its dishes in a distinctive style, most of them with a welcome theatrical flair. The utensil selection is also odd, but the meal is great and the atmosphere is charming.

Dhaba Lane

9.Rasoi Ghar

Rasoi Ghar in Al Karama, Dubai, is a vegetarian restaurant serving traditional Rajasthan and Gujarati food. Rasoi Ghar means ‘The Kitchen’ in Hindi. This restaurant’s spinning menu, which appears to change daily, is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Each time you arrive, you will be greeted with something new. The restaurant’s most popular meals are the great thali, Rajasthani thali, dhokla, aamras, paneer makhani, and spicy daal. Rasoi Ghar is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian restaurants in Karama, because of its delicious food. Rasoi Ghar Dubai’s polite service, beautiful ambiance, and superb décor enhance your eating experience. Rasoi Ghar is one of Karama’s most prominent Indian vegetarian eateries.

Rasoi Ghar

10.Shri Krishna Bhavan

Shri Krishna Bhavan in Karama is one of Dubai’s greatest vegetarian Indian restaurants. There are plenty of vegetarian South Indian eateries in Karama Dubai. The Shri Krishna Bhavan Karama menu includes everything a vegetarian-only restaurant in Dubai needs. Start with the Andhra thali and end with rasmalai, burfi, and jalebi from the dessert menu.

Shri Krishna Bhavan 1

11. Manvaar

In Karama Dubai, Manvaar is one of the most prominent Indian restaurants. The wide Manvaar restaurant Karama menu features a myriad of mouth-watering delicacies that will leave you wanting more, whether you’re a vegetarian or not. Daal batti churma, Gatta curry, manvaar, lal means, and achari are some of the other must-try delicacies.



Lucknowee offers a concise menu that highlights all of Lucknow’s specialties. The restaurant provides a flavorful tour of all the famous north Indian Mughlai Kebabs. In terms of ambiance, the restaurant boasts gorgeous interiors and elegant cutlery that contribute to a pleasant dining experience.


13. Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhog serves the greatest thali in Dubai. The wonderful meal is delivered by skilled employees that aspire to serve you like a Maharaja! Don’t miss Maharaja Bhog Friday breakfast, featuring famous breakfast delicacies. Maharaja Bhog is one of the best Indian restaurants in Al Karama Dubai. Maharaja Bhog is one of the best Indian restaurants in Karama because of the delicious vegetarian alternatives.

Maharaja Bhog

14.Bombay Chowpatty

They have a fantastic selection of street food to choose from. Everything on the menu appeals to me. In Dubai, they have some of the best Indian street food to be found. Their prices are moderate and very affordable for the amount they offer and the high quality of the cuisine they serve. Food establishment to visit for a Chaat fix – unquestionably the greatest paini puri in town, which is served with great care by the old chef who makes the pain puri.

Bombay Chowpatty 1

15.The Calicut Paragon Restaurant

Our list of Indian restaurants in Al Karama includes the Calicut Paragon Restaurant. Take a flavorful voyage through the Malabar Coast, with plenty of spicy South Indian delight, thanks to this dish. Traditional Sadhya meals can be enjoyed at Calicut Paragon, a well-known restaurant in the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, India. This Karama restaurant’s take on traditional seaside fare includes a variety of seafood curries. Traditional South Indian thalis and the enticing Malabari biryani can be found at this Kerala restaurant in Karama.

The Calicut Paragon Restaurant

16.Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

The menu at Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Karama Dubai is geared toward vegetarians and is part of a worldwide chain of vegetarian restaurants. Crispy Dosas, papads, pongal, idly, uppma, kichadi, parotta, and curd vadai will leave you drooling for more at this top-rated South Indian restaurant in Karama.

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

17.Indian Summer Restaurant 

Indian summer is one of Karama’s most popular Indian restaurants, offering superb food, friendly service, and a pleasant eating experience. One of the top Indian buffet restaurants in Karama Dubai is Indian summer. Inside, you’ll find a cozy, dimly lit dining space that’s both inviting and calming. The Indian Summer Al Karama menu includes starters, main courses, drinks, and desserts. Vegetarians will enjoy their distinctive paneer tikka masala, while non-vegetarians will enjoy their wonderful chicken biryani.

Indian Summer Restaurant


Jaffer Bhai’S Restaurant-The Biryani King Of Mumbai

This Mughlai restaurant in the center of Karama serves a wide range of mouthwatering cuisine. You’ll understand why they’re regarded as the best biryani in Dubai after you try their delectable fare. Even though Karama is home to a slew of Indian eateries, only a few can boast the kind of devoted clientele that Jaffar Bhai’s has.

Jaffer BhaiS Restaurant

19. O’Pao – Sliders With An Indian Twist

Opao serves a variety of paos. I tried a few Paos (filled buns) and enjoyed them all. Butter chicken and potato cheese pao are my favorites. J’ai pris jalapeno poppers et masala fries Opao, Indian sliders with a twist, are similar to Paos. It’s a unique concept with a variety of pao or slider foods to satisfy your palate at opao. Better than a potato fries plate, these sweet potato fries were wonderfully cooked, thin & flavorful. Some of their pavs include Jalapeno O, PaoVegan O, Manchurian Roll Chilly Cheese Paneer Mankhani O Pao, and many more. It was creamy, sweet and sour and excellent for youngsters.

OPao Sliders With An Indian Twist

20.Chaat Bazaar

India’s renowned street food has captivated the world. In Karama, Chaat Bazaar is a popular stop for street cuisine and quick food. The chef and ingredients are both from Mumbai; therefore they delivered the same taste from Mumbai and Delhi.The menu has a unique flair for reading, presentation, and taste. They include sandwiches, fusion munchies, and chat pata chat. So we went with our family to this fast-food restaurant where you can comfortably sit and order their tasty cuisine. Food: Vada pav, Pan Puri, Grilled sandwich, Dhahi poori, and cheesy pav bhaji.

Chaat Bazaar