Top 20 Vegetarian Specialties Of Indore

Top 20 Vegetarian Specialties Of Indore

The authentic vegetarian taste of Indore revolves around Bhutte Ka Kees, Garadu, desserts, spicy snacks, and North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. The cuisines of Indore highlight the taste of the neighboring states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. You will get a hint of tribal flavors as well. The variations in flavor arise from the variety of vegetables available here. The food culture of Indore is a blend of several regions and various native tribal communities. Here are the top 20 well-known vegetarian delicacies of Indore:

1.Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte Ka Kees is a favorite snack of the people of Indore. Sweet corn is the key ingredient of Bhutte Ka Kees. The sweet corn seeds are grated and cooked with aromatic spices and herbs. The lip-smacking taste and the health quotient of corn make it a favorite of both young and adults.


2.Papad Ki Sabzi

This dish is a Rajasthani native preparation. The cooking time is 20 minutes. The recipe is gluten-free. The papad is first dry roasted and then cooked in oil and spices with the richness of ginger, onions, and tomatoes infused in the curry.


3.Sabudana Khichdi

This dish is made of soaked tapioca seeds, potatoes, and spices and seasoned as per taste. The tapioca seeds turn sticky after imbibing water. So, the preparation is a little tricky. The lightest ingredients with a spicy punch make it taste delicious. This dish is preferred during fasts as well. Adding a generous squeeze of lemon juice makes it aromatic and savory.


4.Dal Bafla

The Dal Bafla is somewhat like dal baati or litti. Bafla is a ball of dough baked and served with dal as a side dish. The dish needs a total of 45 minutes for preparation. The sumptuous taste arises from the baked hard wheat immersed in the softness of pulses. Cumin and carom seeds added while preparing the dough make it easily digestible. The dough balls made of wheat and maize flour are cooked in water with turmeric and salt. The final taste is delicious.


5.Palak Puri

Although deep fried in oil, the health factor of spinach is a boon of this delicacy. Relish these puris with pickles, curd or curries. It is a good option for vegans as well. The spinach puree prepared from fresh spinach is added to the wheat dough and kneaded well. The dough balls need to be moist all the while. The taste rendered after frying is irresistible.



Malpua of Indore is different from the usual malpua. It is made using rabdi and served with rabdi. Imagine the creaminess added to this sweet treasure! Milk is made thick. Then powdered cardamom and water chestnut flour are added. The syrupy flavor of this dish remains in the mouth for a long time.


7. Garadu

Garadu is actually the tuber, yam. The central fleshy part of the tuber is required to prepare this dish. After peeling off and chopping roughly into cubes, these cubes are boiled and deep fried. The fried chunks are mixed well with Jeeralu spice powder, salt, and lemon juice. This spicy dish is named Garadu chaat.


8. Dahi Vada

Urad dal is the main ingredient of this sweet, tangy dish. The Urad Dal Vada is prepared and then served with sweet yoghurt. A generous spread of chutneys over the delicacy is a show stopper in some vegetarian households. The round or ball shape is a little tricky to make, although.


9.Khopra Patties

This dish has dried coconut. Khopra Patties are patties have potato, dried coconut, and dried fruits. These are very soft patties with a crunch. The flavor of potatoes makes it more delicious.



Kachoris are deep fried breads. Finely powdered pulses are sautéed with spices and filled into a dough of processed wheat flour and baking powder. Kachoris are the most popular road-side snack across North India and Rajasthan.


11.Mawa Bati

The flavor of Mawa Bati comes from the dry fruits used in the recipe. These delicious mawa balls have the crunch of dry fruits and the richness of milk powder. Mawa Bati is a party delight and perfect for festive celebration.


12.Poha Jalebi

Fennel seeds are the contributors to the authentic taste. Flattened rice (thick variety) is the main ingredient. Poha is a common breakfast item. It has roasted peanuts with the added aroma of mustard seeds and dried red chillies. The dish tastes well with jalebis.


13.Dal Baati

Dal Baati is an authentic cuisine of Rajasthan. People of Indore prefer to have this dish in winters. Baati is dough of wheat flour and semolina with the softness of ghee, seasoning of salt, and the richness of milk. The rounded balls made from the dough are baked and dipped in ghee.



Pilaaf is basmati rice cooked with freshly chopped vegetables. The dish has the taste of onions, garlic, ginger mixed with Indian spices like fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and star anise. The preparation is similar to pulao and tastes delicious when served hot.


15.Kusli Sweets

These sweet beauties have semolina, desiccated coconut, cardamom, raisins and powdered sugar. The dough prepared is rendered the desired shape, followed by deep frying. The residents of Indore love Kusli Sweets. The recipe carries the influence of Chattisgarh.


16.Chakki Ki Shaak

This traditional vegetarian dish is a native of the Malwa region and is also popular in Jodhpur. Wheat flour is the main ingredient in this recipe. Small chunks are cut from the dough and deep fried. The golden brown fried pieces are then cooked well in a curry, cooked using tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic and some aromatic Indian spices. The taste of the final preparation is irresistible.


17. Kaju Curry

A popular vegetarian dish, Kaju curry, is a paradise for cashew lovers. The vegetarians enjoy this dish delightfully with rice, chapattis and parathas. The preparation is very healthy because of the richness of cashews.


18. Matar Pulao

Every family has its unique style of preparing Matar Pulao or Peas Pulao. This one-pot dish has rice and fresh green peas with some whole spices. This dish is used widely across the state during winters to add that twist to the mundane lunch or dinner.


19. Ratlami Sev Curry

Sev is a crispy snack item. Ratlami Sev is famous for its spicy flavour rendered by cloves and black pepper. The curry prepared is thick gravy, like any other curry from the Indian kitchen. This savory curry with Ratlami Sev is the prime ingredient of this special dish relished by the vegetarians of Indore.


20. Khatta Samosa

What’s so special about these samosas? The filling consists of sweet potatoes and mashed broccoli. The added taste of the yoghurt side makes it a favorite during festivals. The spicy snack is also a popular street food of Indore.