Top 20 Foods From Nagaland

Top 20 Foods From Nagaland

Nagaland is a North-eastern state of India. As hunting is the primary occupation of the individuals in Nagaland, meat becomes essential for the Naga cooking. The culinary practices of the Naga people include meat and fish for their dishes, which are known for their extreme spiciness because of the addition of chilies in most of their recipes.

1.Pork Curry

It is a credible pork curry recipe from Nagaland that will satisfy meat enthusiasts; you won’t ever say no to this dish. The traditional technique of cooking this pork curry includes using fermented bamboo and soybean and a mix of different spices.



Aikibeye is a thick gravy dish cooked with mustard leaf and Colocasia roots. Both the ingredients are cooked with a dash of salt to make a delightful match with steamed rice.


3.Bamboo Steamed Fish

Fish with bamboo shoots is one of the most renowned dishes from Nagaland. The dish includes marinating the fish with spices and later stuffing it into a bamboo tube. The bamboo tubes adds an extraordinary flavor, and an enticing encounter for seafood lovers.



Among the different food dishes of Nagaland, this specific dish stands apart for its simplicity. It comprises shredded cabbage, mustard leaves, French beans, and Colocasia, all cooked together until their flavors merge into an incredible mix. This dish is the staple eating food of the Naga people.



Galho is like Khichdi; however, it consists of meat as well. It is a blend of seasonal vegetables, rice, and meat, and the Naga public adds soybean and bamboo for more taste. It’s a heavenly encounter for the taste buds.



Zutho is a flavored beverage enjoyed throughout North-east India. The Naga people prepare it by combining rice and water. The mixture of rice and water is further mixed with dried quinoa leaves and is fermented with bamboo mesh, resulting in a sweet and sour taste.


7.Rosep Aon

Rosep means Dry, and Aon means Dish. This signature dish of Nagaland consists of mixed vegetables, dry fish, and fermented bamboo shoots. It is a dry side dish that goes with any meal.



Samathu is a chilli powder that gives a flavourful kick to the dish. It is a thick curry prepared from smoked pork with axone (fermented soybean), and a generous amount of red chilies for spiciness.


9.Black Stick Rice Pudding

This pudding is like a kheer to the Naga people. Black Stick Rice Pudding prepared in a pressure cooker with black rice, coconut milk, which adds richness to the dish – later flavored with dry fruits and other warm spices like cinnamon, and nutmeg.



Amrusu is a rice porridge prepared with chicken, bamboo shoots, crushed rice, and spiced up with some green chilies and ginger. It is a comfort food for the Naga people and the traditional food of the state.


11.Nashi Shi Lon

Nashi Shi Lon is a non-vegetarian chutney with a smoky flavor; it is also called Sukha Mangso. The smoked shredded beef is mixed with tomatoes, onions, and chilies, resulting in a lip-smacking dish.



Akhuni is a dish made from fermented soybean, also called Axone. It is prepared with soybeans, water, and garlic and then boiled to make a paste. This ingredient is later used in a variety of dishes because it imparts a unique flavor.



Bushmeat, also known as dog meat, alongside beef and chicken, holds a magnificent place in the local culinary preferences. Naga people regard bushmeat as delicious.



Akini Chokibo derives its name from the local language, where akini means perilla seeds and chokibo means snails. This dish is made by grounding the perilla seeds, and then cooked them with snail. The Naga people add pork or fermented soybean to enhance its flavor.


15.Smoked Pork

Smoked pork is the most famous street food in Nagaland. The dish is irresistible, with its crispy exterior and the juicy tenderness inside. The pork is perfectly sliced into small pieces and cooked with a precise blend of dry spices.


16.Awuhshi Kulho

Awuhshi Kulho is a heavenly bowl of chicken stew. The dish is made with minimal oil and includes a variety of seasonal greens, making it a wonderfully healthy recipe.


17.Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are a traditional dish of Nagaland, made with crab meat, bread, milk, eggs, and other seasonings. They are considered one of the best sweet delicacies of Nagaland.


18.Pumpkin Oamlab

Pumpkin Oambal is a sweet and sour chutney; it tastes incredible. This Naga cuisine consist of pumpkin combined with tamarind and other flavourful ingredients. Pumpkin Oamlab is commonly paired with pork dishes or enjoyed with any other meal.


19.Ghost Chilly Sauce

Ghost Chilly Sauce is known as the spiciest sauce, made from ‘Bhut Jholakia’ chili, native to Nagaland. The Naga people skillfully prepare it, delivering a flavorful experience to the taste buds.


20.Raja Mircha Pickle

Raja Mircha Pickle contains the ‘Bhut Jholakia’ chili. Its fiery heat enhances the flavor of any other bland dish. The dish has cumin, mustard, and other spices. It undergoes a fermentation process before being consumed.