Top 20 Vintage Food Of India

Top 20 Vintage Food Of India (1)

When we say vintage food,the first word that comes to our mind is something exotic, something that is classic as well as antique or we can say it this way something like lost food of Indian heritage. The word vintage itself means an era or period were something of past high quality was produced representing best of it kind. India is known as country of flavours as Indian food is always been full of flavors,spices and what not Indian food is appreciated all over the world because of its secret blend of  spices that enhance the food and make the dish taste like heaven and plus the diversity also shows the richness of the food but now things have changed the flavor that was there before is vanishing or we can say that it is been blend with the flavours of western food and we have stepped into such an era where our Indian heritage food have been forgotten and new western dishes have taken its place,the quality might have initially increased but the flavors,the texture, the signature of our Indian touch had somehow lost its place and can never be replaced. So here are the top 20 vintage food of India that will make you recall all the best flavors:

1. Lehsun Ki Kheer

Here is the exotic sweet dish Lehsun ki kheer. Yes you have heard the name correct it “Lehsun ki kheer” or we can say garlic pudding. It is made up of all the richness of milk, dry fruits, and of course the garlic. Kheer (Rice Pudding) is an integral part of Indian cuisine. It is also called Benami kheer because of a secret ingredient used called garlic We all must be thinking how garlic can be use as an ingredient in sweet dishes as garlic itself has it own strong flavor but in actual while making this kheer (Rice Pudding) garlic pungently needs to be cuts off   it is usually served cold with handful of dryfruits on top. The taste of this kheer (Rice Pudding) is truly amazing. The thick consistency of milk, the creaminess, and then taste of green cardamom,saffron and dry fruits add more richness to it and of course the garlic as the pungency is not there but the garlic lightens the taste of the whole kheer. This traditional recipe of Awadh has now lost its relevance. The actual making process of this kheer is being replaced with new touch.


2. Moti Pulao

 The dish comes from the kitchen of last surviving Nawab of Lucknow, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who was well-known for his lavish and exquisite dinners hosted for guests, where his chefs were given a free hand to make just about anything impressive they would like and go all out with their imagination.In the present day scenario the dish is nowhere to be found. Preparing the pulao is tedious task though nawabs cooks managed to impress the Nawab by this recipe.Fragrant spices like cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf, star anise and poppy seeds were used. The white pearl which is main attraction of this recipe is made of egg white and were coated with silver paper.


3. Harive Soppu Bendi

Bendi is simple spiced coconut gravy, made with gourds like bottle gourd, pumpkin, ash gourd and with a little touch and richness of spinach, green/red amaranth leave. This coconut gravy has few spices like cumin and a green chili.This recipe was originated in southern part of India and it was highly cooked as a traditional food on occasion but now it has lost its importance due to the non-availability of amaranth leaves and now it has lost its originality.


4. Mutton Akuri

 Parsi’s are well known for their authentic food and spices which they use.Mutton Akuri recipe is full of flavors the satin smooth running spiced eggs(which is main attraction in this), the creaminess of milk and all the juices absorbed in mutton,and little bit of fried onions on top, and of course the Parsi spices. All the blend of ingredients enhances the texture to the food.


5. Carne De Vin E Alto’S

 One of the most memorable and tastiest Goan dish. This food is made up of Chilies, ginger, garlic and cumin, the red gravy is a blend of tomatoes with acetic touch i.e.All the spices get mix in the pork which make the pork juicy, tender and flaky.This recipe was originated from the Portugal influence on the Goan culture. The spices and its aroma and that taste can nowhere be found which suggests that it has lost with the era.


6. Pudding La Letria

 This classic recipe is a mix of East Indian and Portugal cultural influence which represents the history of Indian food. The texture is smooth, creamy and soft, the crunchiness of the almonds, pistachios all blends well together.The original skill of making this pudding is known by a few only.


7. Kabishambardhana Burfi

This recipe is the most historic recipe as it has its association with the prominent leader the Rabindranath Tagore it was his favourite sweet dish. This recipe traditionally originated from Kolkata and only few of them know about it. This barfi is originally made from cauliflower. This unique sweet dish is now where to be found.


8. Titkoh

This recipe is from Pondicherry and has French influence on it. This pork soup has jaggery and honey which add to its sweetness, red chili, coconut water and the tanginess of the fish sauce gets absorb in pork meat and adds to the unique aroma and enlightens the taste bud of anyone.


9. Tooni Roti

It is a lost recipe of Punjab and made from whole wheat and carom seeds and some really unique spices like Ancho chilies with cumin seeds and is cooked twice, the crunchiness of bread, along with exotic spices add to the taste


10. Paneer Alubhukara Kofta

Maharaja of Patiala was first to introduced this dish and it is made of cottage cheese which stuffed with dried plum and is served with a silky gravy made of tomatoes cashew nuts. It is one of the most rare dish of that time and is now been cooked differently by the chefs.


11. Doodh Aur Gucchi Ka Pulao

This is the lost recipe of Uttarakhand made with almond milk, saffron, walnut, morels and basmati rice pulao this dish has number of health benefits and a treat to the tastebuds.


12. Nargil Shorba

 Native to mid-east this dish made its way to India in Mughal era, this soup uses coconut milk as its base and the green color is due to the coriander and green chillies a simple “Shorba” with minimum spices delights the taste bud.


13. Anjeer Aloo Ki Sabzi

A South Indian recipe  made with  figs and potatoes (which were commonly used in that era because of the nutrients contained).The rare combination of figs and potatoes give this dish a unique blend of sweetness of figs and creamy starchiness of potatoes give a great texture add to thick consistency of the gravy. It is now not cooked in very kitchen and is lost in history.


14. Aash

 A very rare lamb soup of Persian origin came to India in the mid-century and is known for its unique ability to give warmth in cold winters evenings. The recipe of soup is known to few people and is elaborate and has balance of flavors.


15. Bhugo

This origin is from Kutch and is prepared with dried spices and dried chicken powder so that is May not developed fungus, as it is generally eaten during travelling. It is not found or eaten over Kutch only in selected places of Kutch.


16. Monsu Joshyon

This recipe is from Sikkim Gangtok. It is very old and vintage recipe and only one person knows to cook it, his Name is Sonam Lepcha. The chicken is wrapped in banana leaves with special spices and roasted for hours. Its texture is soft and juicy and the method of cooking it is very ancient.


17. Mutanjan

This sweet and sour pulao, with chicken pieces is layered with rice small chicken pieces. The cloves and cardamom and hint of orange are cooked on low heat and this dish is from old Delhi. Made from basmati rice, and chicken pieces. cooked in milk, and some special spices known to only few people. It is garnish with cashew and raisin to add to its sweetness.


18. Zameen Doz

This Awadi fish is cooked by burying the dish underground. This prehistoric recipe has arrived from nomads. However over a period of time, people have started using electronic means to make this food rather than using the original technique which has lead to the degradation of the taste, skill and that technique.


19. Murassa

This recipe is from Murshidabad.  It is a seven-layered wheat and Maida roti and on each layer fresh cream and coriander and other dry fruits are spread. This is old and classic way of making roti and has vanished nowadays.


20. Burgul Ke Kebab

These kebabs are from the time of Mughal era. It is made of cracked wheat and Bengal gram. This is a recipe which is prepared with a lot spices to add the texture and aroma to the dish. The recipe has a long preparation time which has led to is extinction.


These recipes are Vintage by themselves and have been long forgotten or are rarely cooked. These cannot be judge as which one is best as all are consider best in their tradition and foodie can only enjoy its taste. These come from different states and culture and all have a unique style of cooking. The spices which were used previously are now been mixed with others which are easily found and hence some of them have lost its original texture, taste and flavor. To conclude I will say, these all recipes are truly an integral part of India and remind us of the various healthy nutrients that we offer to the world. Efforts can be made to keep them alive so that our future generation can also enjoy these mouthwatering foods.