20 Sweets Made From Jaggery

20 Sweets Made From Jaggery

1. Raggi Coconut Ladoo

Ladoos are everyone’s favorite and raggi is also very good for health. Thus they are also known as powerhouse of nutrition and this ladoo is mostly made in South Indian homes. It is made from raggi flour mixed with coconut and jaggery in desi ghee with some dry fruits in it. Raggi and coconut are best to have together.


2. Gur Ka Halwa

The Halwa is made with lot of ghee and jaggery. This halwa is made from semolina which is first roasted in ghee and then jaggery and water are added to give it a thick consistency, one can also add milk to enhance the richness.


3. Gur And Atte Ka Halwa

This halwa is different from the above stated halwa. It takes less time and less water to make it, jaggery is added to enhance its flavors and texture. For fragrance, cardamom and saffron can be added.


4. Khatti Meethi Phalyian

This is a sweet dish made from beans with jaggery. Tamarind and spices are also added to give it a spicy,sour,sweet flavor. The tanginess of tamarind and sweetness of jaggery balances each other well.


5. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This lip-smacking pudding is loved by all. This pudding is made by pouring jaggery sauce on cake sponge, this jaggery sauce is much like caramel made from soaked dates, jaggery and butter with some fresh cream and is poured on sponge with a scoop of vanilla with it.


6. Zaffrani Pulao

Zafrani pulao is sweet pulao made from rice infused in milk with spices and dry fruits and jaggery. This is a Hyderabad inspired pulao and also called sweet rice.


7. Modak

Modak is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet used as an offering to Shri Ganesha as it was his favorite sweet dish. It is traditionally made from shredded coconut, rice flour and jaggery. Nowadays flavored modaks have been invented.


8. Ambal

Ambal is another sweet made from jaggery and is very easy to cook unlike the above stated sweets. It has spicy yet sweet flavors both balancing each other.


9. Gul Gule

The Gur (jaggery) is dissolved in water and then this water is used to dough the wheat flour. As the water is sweet, the dough also becomes the same. Small balls are made from this dough and fried in oil. Fennel powder is added to enhance its fragrance and aroma.


10. Peanut Chikki

Roasted peanuts are taken and then soaked in jaggery water. This content is then left to dry, so that the jaggery gets hard and flat. Chikki is making out of it. A winter dish is good to keep one warm.


11. Patishapta

A mixture made of grated coconut or khoya with jaggery taken and heated on low heat. Cardamom powder is then added for flavor. The second step in this dish is to make the batter from semolina and wheat flour, which is then cooked on pan like dosa. The mixture is then placed on it and rolled up. This dish is serving with dipping the rolls in condensed milk.


12. Til Ladoo

Sesame seeds are heated in canola oil till they are golden brown. Then these seeds are soaking in warm saffron milk. Jaggery is melted and added to the Khoya with sesame seeds. This sweet content is now taken and small balls are made out of it. These ladoos are good to taste and have a smooth and soft texture.


13. Simnel Cake

Almond, walnut, cinnamon, powder is bind with egg. Lemon juice is added for essence. This batter is then rolled out into rounds. Flour is then taken and blended with egg and butter to make a beat. Shape is given to this and then baked. This soft delicious cake is yummy to taste and is a treat for all.


14. Bissi Bele Bhath

Rice, toor dal and vegetable are used to prepare this dish and jaggery is added to this content to give it a sweet taste. The unique blend of spice and jaggery gives this dis,h a different taste. The sour taste of the dish comes from tamarind water. This dish is garnished with coriander leaves.


15. Gur Ki Roti

Gur Roti is uncomplicated and easy to make. The dough is stuffed with Gur powder. The roti is cooked on Tawa, caramelized which gives a crunchy yet soft taste to the roti.


16. Gur Ki Barfi

In this dish the Gur(jaggery) is cooked in ghee and butter. Nuts and fennel powder are added to give aroma. The mixture is detached from heat when Gur starts to leave oil. It is removed from heat and allowed to cool. Further it is kept to in fridge to become hard. This is then cut into small square pieces. The Gur Barfi is ready.


17. Raw Papaya Cubes

This is a fruity sweet dish made out of grated raw papaya, which is mixed in wheat flour with coconut, jaggery and dry fruits. This content is then poured into a baking tin and baked for 4 to 5 minutes. You can cut it into your desired shapes.


18. Custard Apple Kheer

Kheer is usually made from sugar, but many people also make it by using jaggery. This is done for richness and consistency. Custard apple, green gram and coconut milk are added to this content which is boiled till the it becomes thick.


19. Malpuas

Malpuas are trouble-free and irresistible recipe. Made from wheat flour and jaggery syrup and which is then rolled into small rotis. These are then deep fried till golden brown. Finally these Malpuas are added to sugar and jaggery mixture.


20. Oat And Muesli Balls

In this recipe muesli and oats are mixed together and kept aside. Jaggery is then melted and this melted jaggery is then added to the muesli and oats mixture and allowed to settle down. After sometime the content is becomes hard they are into balls. These oats are pleasing and a delight to taste.