Top 20 Wallet Saver Items You Must Try At Olive Street Food Café Ballalbagh, Mangalore

Top 20 Wallet Saver Items You Must Try At Olive Street Food Café Ballalbagh, Mangalore

Mangalore, a beautiful coastal city, also known as Kudla in Tulu, is a hub for young students coming from different parts of the country with various cultural backgrounds. Olive Street Food Cafe, located at Shri Devi College Road, Ballalbhagh Mangalore, is a good option for young students to hang out with friends and fill their bellies. From rolls to mocktails, they have a got a wide collection of eateries with a good ambiance at affordable rates starting only at just Rs39. Here are the top 20 items you must try at Olive Street Food Café.

1.Chicken Cheeripanhath

It is one of the most famous dishes popular in this café. It is minced meat masala mixed with parotta served with mayonnaise on top. They also provide tomato ketchup along with it, and this dish can satisfy the hunger within you.


2.Chicken Lahori Roll

Chicken Lahori Roll is a famous street food that originated in the street of Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan. The fillings constitute tender chicken, marinated with Lahore spices, wrapped in a warm parotta along with fresh vegetables and sauces.


3.Lucknow Grilled Parotta

This popular dish which originated in Lucknow under the backing of Nawabs, was famous for Awadhi Cuisine. Parotta is carefully grilled, which gives a crispy texture, and is filled with marinated tender chicken, Omlet, Veggies, and Mayonnaise.


4.Mint And Vanilla Shake

It is a unique experience you must try that acts as both dessert or shake. It is a mixture of vanilla ice cream, along with mint, which also has many health benefits. The two different tastes together leave you with a mouthwatering experience.


5.Omg Burger

Oh, My God! Omg Burger is delectable. Patty with melted cheese, onion, fresh lettuce and tomato slices, along with sauces together, makes a good ingredient that can make your taste buds dance. The tower size of the burger can make our eyes and belly both satisfying.


6.Vanilla Avil Milk

The favorite item which stays close to the heart of a Malayali is a dessert and a smoothie. It is unique to the Malappuram district of Kerala. The main ingredient is Avil, which is rice flakes with banana, milk, nut and honey or sugar for the sweetness.


7.Voyager Twist

Voyager Cocktail is a refreshing drink containing a small amount of whiskey or rum. But the Voyager twist here is a must-try that is made of dry prunes, vanilla ice cream, and mango. It is a thick shake that tastes amazing.


8.Mughlai Sandwich

It is a Mughlai cuisine inspired by the Mughal era in India. It’s creamy, and the diced chicken, along with sauces, and the added mint layer to the sandwich, makes it finger-licking good.


9.Veg Patty Burger

It serves as an amazing feast for Veggie lovers. The patty, which is carefully cooked, is kept between the two burger buns, along with fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and melted cheese. Sauces, and other spices added makes it super yummy!


10.Cool Blue Mojito

Cool Blue Mojito to keep the Monday Blues away. It Is a mixture of lime juice, fresh mint leaves, and a tint of sweetness which gives a special treat to the eyes. It is must try refreshing drink during summer to quench your thirst.


11.Parotta Lays Chicken Mix

It is a super delicious wrap that you must try which has a mixture of minced meat, sauces, mayonnaise, and lays. The aromatic spices add a special flavor to the dish that can satisfy your stomach and your pocket.


12.Bombay Falooda

It is for the ice cream lovers out there. It is a visual treat that originated in the streets of Bombay. The cream, fruits, noodles, and other flavors add delight and taste to this, which makes it super yummy. The toppings, which are made of rose syrup, and colorful jelly cubes, make it more appealing.


13.Desi Fatty Burger

Tender chicken patty, along with some fresh lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and a decent amount of cheese. If you want to go for a Juicy Burger, the Desi Fatty Burger is a good option for you.


14.Steak Parotta Roll

If you want a mixture of Indian as well as Western, then Steak Parotta Roll is the suitable one for you. Chicken steak, along with mayonnaise, sauces, onion, lettuce, and other aromatic spices are perfectly wrapped inside the parotta to make it a Splendid Wrap.


15.Oreo Peanut Butter

Thick shake with a combination of Oreo cookies and peanut butter blended with milk. The two ingredients together make the shake super enticing and super sweet. Desert lovers could try this to satisfy their taste buds.


16.Sikkander Grilled Parotta Chicken

Sikandar means conqueror. It is true that Sikkander Grilled Parotta Chicken is indeed a defender in size and quantity compared to other rolls. Marinated meat, along with aromatic spices, onion, lettuce, and sauce wrapped in grilled parotta can tickle your taste buds.


17.Sultan Gudbud

Sultan Gudbud, is originated in the princely state of Hyderabad. It consists of fresh fruits like mango, pomegranate, bananas, and grapes. The rose syrup, vermicelli noodles, and jelly cubes give special taste to it. The topping is made with ice cream or whipped cream which provides pleasures to all senses.


18.Ferraro Rocher Milkshake

Ferraro Rocher lover? A thick shake here gives you the real taste of Ferraro Rocher which is creamy, sweeter and with crunchy bits of hazelnut. It is a cool treat for all Ferraro Rocher lovers at an affordable price.


19.Oreo Mango Shake

This is a special summer treat that is a mixture of Oreo cookies and mangoes blended with milk. Both the ingredients give a sweeter and chocolaty taste to the thick shake that can be a perfect shake to try on hot summer days.


20.Cold Coffee Blast Milkshake

This is the perfect option for all coffee lovers to drink on a hot day. This is a caffeinated drink with a combination of milkshakes which can be mouthwatering. It is refreshing that makes you energetic for the rest of the day.