Top 20 Ways To Sweeten The Food Without Actually Adding Sugar

top 20 ways to sweeten

As being of Indian origin, sweets refer to indigenous culture of our society. They represent joy among us. People celebrate every auspicious occasion with sweets and delicacy. But here’s the catch with sugar comes lot of high calories which makes you gain weight with the happiness and also has some health related issues. So here are some few ingredients which can make your food taste sweet without adding any sugar to it.

1 Organic Milk

Milk is available to us without a hitch which makes it most convenient of all. It not only adds sweetness but also add nutrition to the food like calcium. It can be  used in liquid form as well as in condensed form. The sweetness is due to the lactose content. However, for those who are lactose intolerance will have to opt for other methods which are coming right up.


2 Salt

What salt!!!!! yes, you read right. This seem to  gainsay, but a little nip of salt can help added fruit to release its juices naturally by osmosis. As salt is hygroscopic, it tends the juices in the fruit to move towards it. So next time while making a smoothie or fruit tart try adding salt. Amazing right. But be precautious as too much salt can make your food taste salty.


3 Carrots

Carrots can naturally add or enhance sweetness in food. The reason is it contains sucrose which is the similar content of table sugar. Boiled carrots have glycemic value  49, and carrot juice has 43, while the sugar we use has 65 but it’s pretty close. Try grated carrots or carrot juice next time. Hey, you get extra shots of vitamin A and K.


4 Stevia

Stevia is a kind of herb which is used as the  sugar substitute for  since many years. It dwells in South Africa and is used by them since a century. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar if added in the same amount on the top of that it has no calories, no glycemic influence, so it is perfectly safe for diabetic people.


 5 Coconut Flesh

There is absolutely nothing as compared to the sweetness of coconut flakes. Be sure to toss some flakes. Get the natural unsweetened coconut, or else you’ll end up consuming sugar. So get ready to make some healthy food.


6 Raw Honey

Honey is a boon to our kind. It has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. it is rich in enzymes, amino acids, and phylonutrients. It can be added to almost any dish without altering the taste of the dish. It doesn’t spike the blood sugar. Be sure to add about two third of honey.


7 Dates

Dates are used as sugar substitutes in baked food, salad, dessert and all that food which screams for sugar. They not only sweetens the food but add to the appearance of the food by providing it texture. they are used as date paste and date sugar. They are used in the same proportion as sugar.


8 Beets

Beets are the sweetest plant among all the plants. In fact, the sugar we eat is manufactured by them. They also add to the color of the food due to a  presence of flushed red color.


9 Caramelized Onions

Quite outrageous right but it is a bolt out of the blue that onions have high sugar content. When we consume it raw, the sweetness can hardly be experienced. The only thing onion is, the revolting flavor which burns our eyes. But when cooked slowly over low heat, their sweetness comes into the picture. They can replace condiments like ketchup.


10 Orange Juice

Orange juice can work miracles when it comes to salad dressing. You can add orange juice enriched with vitamin c along with lemon juice and olive oil. Make sure that they are fresh.


11 Maple Syrup

An another alternate for sugar as this isn’t just for pancakes. Their flavor can sweeten any baked good. With mouth watering taste it also has fewer calories and is an antioxidant.


12 Vanilla Powder

In spite of the dirt like appearance, it tastes like ice cream. The only catch is it a costlier than other methods. You can also order it online. It has to be crushed before use if you are buying it as beans.


13 Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a subtle sweetness but by adding a pinch if it in coffee it tastes heavenly. You’ll forget the use of sugar again.


14 Almond Milk

Almond are known as tricksters as they manipulate our taste buds into thinking sugar’s presence. I use it with milk or tea when I feel the need of sugar. Using it with smoothies almost make the use of sugar minimum. The only disadvantage is that it always comes with added sugar.


15 Avocado

It almost feels like one is eating pudding. It can also be added to the smoothies or to the salad. It is one of the sweetest fruit.


16 Crushed Berries

You can crush some berries and toss on toast or bread, just forget about the man made jam or butter. Use it frozen to bring the best in them.


17 Roasted Vegetables

If you haven’t tried roasted veggies, you definitely have too. Using them like this will make far less need of sweets after the meal.


18 Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are the great alternative to sugar. They contain fructose which is a type of sugar. Though the use is redundant in tea and coffee but they can add magic to cakes and cookies.


19 Himalayan Pink Salt

It’s hard to believe that adding a little bit of Himalayan pink salt in your morning tea, smoothies, sweet potato pie or in any other beverage can naturally enhance the sweetness without a need of sugar.  It also beats bitterness of some which are inherent in food.


20 Luo Han Go

It is also known as longevity fruit and is native to China. Just like stevia it is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has to be used in a petty amount. It also has healing powers. Best of all it slows aging process. You are free to try it.