Top 20 Vegetarian Savory Food In Varanasi


Varanasi also known as Banaras is a spiritual capital city of India. It is the holiest place. Food is most significant part of this city. People here are extremely foodie. On every next sight of street, aroma of food creates mouthwatering greed.

Here, I present top 20 savory dishes of Varanasi. It would include all types of food available in Varanasi.

1. Kachori Sabji

Kachori Sabji is most famous and appetizing breakfast of Varanasi. Early morning, flavourful aroma of this dish can be cherished on most of the streets of Varanasi. It’s a combination of spicy hot Sabji and crispy stuffed kachori. Banarasi’s just love their kachori Sabji heavy breakfast.

Preparation: It is served with jalebi on dried leaves bowl, traditionally. Kachori is made out of wheat dough which is stuffed with urad dal and spices mix. Then rolled out and fried. To prepare Sabji all seasonal vegetables are used. Vegetables are cut and all of them are deep fried separately. These deep fried vegetables are added to a spicy thick gravy prepared in banarasi style and cooked for some time. Finally Kachori Sabzi is ready to be served with jalebis as a complementing sweet dish.

The best place to eat this dish is at Kachori Gali in Varanasi.


2. Tamatar Chaat

Tamatar chaat is the best renowned chaat of Varanasi. This chaat is to be found in this city only. Hence, it is a great attraction for tourists here. This chaat is of red hot spicy mix traditionally served in a purva. It can easily be found anywhere on Varanasi’s Streets.

Preparation: To prepare this chaat chopped tomatoes, boiled potatoes, hot spices, are mixed and cooked on tava. It’s continuously crushed to have gravy like consistency. Then piquant rasa is poured over it. And finally, served with the toppings such as Nimki and ghee.

Best place to have this chaat is at Deena Chaat in Varanasi.


3. Matar Chuda

Matar chuda is a savory preparation mainly made in Varanasi. It’s most commonly eaten in winters. As it’s name suggests it is a combination of equal amount of chuda and matar. Most dominant flavor is of warm garam masala specially made for chura matar.This dish is just like winter treat for Banarasis. As in Gujarat and Maharashtra we could find their version of Poha, similarly this is most unique version of Poha in Varanasi.

Preparation: To prepare this dish chuda is soaked in milk. Then into a deep cooking pot,  potato and peas mix is prepared with special matar chuda garam masala. And soaked chuda is also mixed with it. Finally, it’s cooked for sometime further toasted raisins and cashewnuts is added to it. Now, Matar chivda is ready to be served with generous amount of ghee.

Best place to eat this dish is at Deena chaat or Kashi chaat in Varanasi.


4. Baati Chokha

Batti is a whole wheat balls stuffed with sattu filling. It is served with Chokha. This is very commonly eaten in Uttar Pradesh especially in Varanasi. This dish can easily be found on small street stalls here.

Preparation: To prepare batti whole wheat flour balls are made and is stuffed with spicy sattu filling. These balls are now cooked on burning cow dung cakes. Chokha is eaten with batti. It’s prepared from roasted brinjals, tomatoes and garlic. Then these roasted vegetables are mashed and mixed with chopped onions and spices. Finally Batti and Chokha is served with spicy chutney and ghee.

Best place to eat this dish is at Batti Chokha Restaurant or small stalls at road sides in Varanasi.


5. Kachori

This is a another variety of kachori in Varanasi. One of the most famous street food of Varanasi. It’s served with hot gram gravy and chopped onions.

Preparation: To prepare this kachori you need to prepare hot spicy potato filling for your kachoris which is flavored with garam masala and other spices. Then a dough is prepared with good amount of shortening in to it. And now stuffed kachoris are made. It’s gram gravy topping is prepared with soaked and boiled grams. These boiled grams are mixed with a gravy made of tomato, onions and spices. Finally, hot Kachoris are served with gram gravy and chopped onions.

Best place to eat this dish in Varanasi is on streets.


6. Palak Chaat

Palak Chaat is one of the most unique chaat of Varanasi. It’s basically crispy palak pakoras which is served like chaat.

Preparation: First of all crispy palak pakoras are prepared and it’s dressing is done with tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, yogurt and red chili powder.

Best place to eat this chaat is at Deena Chaat.


7. Nimona

Nimona is a green curry of Varanasi. It’s specially prepared in winters. This dish is made very commonly in every house of Varanasi’s people in winters.

Preparation: First of all a fine paste of peas is prepared. Now,it’s mixed with onion and tomato gravy and cooked well. Nimona is ready to be served with rice.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasis house.


8. Fara

Fara is a traditional dish of Varanasi. It’s very healthy dish. It’s basically Indian version of Italian dish ravioli. This dish is prepared with rice flour and lentils which is served with spicy Sabji.

Preparation: To prepare fara,lentil filling is made and stuffed into rolled out small portions of rice flour dough. After this it’s boiled and then fried. Finally, served with spicy Sabzi.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasis home.


9. Katori Chaat

Katori Chaat is just a delicious savory basket filled with mouthwatering tangy flavors. This chaat can even be found in different parts of India but Varanasi’s version of this dish is special. As the basket over here is made of grated potato whereas in other regions it’s made of maida.

Preparation:  First of all potatoes are grated and with the help of strainer baskets are made. And these basket is filled with chola, tangy chutneys, and yogurt. Finally, garnished with coriander and served.

Best place to eat this chaat is at Deena Chaat Bhandar in Varanasi.


10. Tamatar

This dish is mainly stuffed tomato pakoras. It’s a deep fried snack.

Preparation: Tomatoes are first of all cut into two halfs. Then filled with spicy potato stuffing. Now, it’s dipped into gram batter and fried.

Best place to eat Tamatar in Varanasi is at roadside.


11. Golgappa

Golgappa also known as panipuri, batasa, and gupchup.This is tangy mouthwatering street food of each and every place in India. But the taste changes with the change in states. Likewise Varanasi has its own version of golgappas.

Preparation: Golgappa puris is prepared with whole wheat flour and deep fried. It’s filled with chola and super spicy pani. In Varanasi’s version of golgappas, it’s filled with chola whereas in other places potato filled is used.

Best place to eat this in Varanasi is at Streets or at Deena Chaat again.


12. Kathal Sabji

Kathal Sabji is a curry of Varanasi. It’s a culture in most of the houses in Varanasi to make this curry on the Eve of Holi celebration. Kathal is basically jackfruit which is meaty in texture. This dish can be substitution for meat lovers in vegetarian cuisine.

Preparation: Kathal Sabji is traditionally prepared in mustard oil. A strong flavorful gravy with lots of garam masala is made and then cooked with boiled kathal for sometime. Now most appetizing Sabji is ready.

Best place to eat this curry is definitely in Banarasis house.


13. Tikki Chaat

Tikki Chaat is famous chaat in Varanasi. It’s super yummy chaat.

Preparation: Tikki Chaat is made with  boiled potatoes. Boiled potatoes are smashed and divided into two parts. One portion is flavored with spices. And in another plain portion of boiled potatoes spiced boiled mashed potatoes mixture is stuffed. Now it’s almost cooked till it becomes crispy brown in color. Finally, it’s dressing is done with sweet and sour chutneys, yogurt and nimky.

Best places to have this dish is at Kashi Chaat Bhandar, Deena Chaat and in Nariyal bazaar.


14. Matar Kachori

Matar Kachori is another amazing variety of Kachori filled with peas stuffing.

Preparation: Hot peas filling is made first, and it is stuffed into the dough made of whole wheat flour. Finally deep fried and served.

Best place to enjoy this dish is at Banarasi’s home.


15. Ghughari

Ghughari is a winter delicacy of Varanasi. It’s a simple dish. Less spicy and superb in taste.

Preparation: First of all potatoes are cut into cubes. Now peas and potatoes are cooked and spiced with black pepper. It’s ready to be served with bhujia over it.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasis home.


16. Nenwa Sabzi

Nenwa Sabzi is a curry prepared every where in India but in Varanasi, it’s combined with lentils and cooked.

Preparation: This dish is cooked in a pressure cooker traditionally. Into a pressure cooker, some spices are put and then Nenwa and soaked lentils are put and cooked well. Now, it’s ready to be served with chapatis.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasis home.


17. Samosas

Samosas are one of the famous snacks of Varanasi. It’s triangular deep-fried snack. This dish is versatile in India.

Preparation: Varanasi version of Samosas has a filling which is blackish in color and in other regions it’s yellowish. It is so because, in Varanasi, samosas potatoes filling is made along with the help of spices such as garam masala, dry mango powder, cumin powder and all these spices give this dark color to it. Then this filling is stuffed into wheat flour chapati which is cut into half and folded into triangular in shape. Now it were deep fried and served hot with chutney.

Best place to eat samosa is at streets of Varanasi.


18 Cutlet

Cutlet is a super cool snack. It’s a deep fried dish which is crunchy from outside and delicate from inside.

Preparation: First of all potatoes are boiled and mashed then divided into two. The first half is spiced, and other half is kept plain. Now plain mixture is stuffed with a spiced mixture, and it’s given a shape of the cutlet. Finally, deep fried after coating it with bread crumbs.

Best place to eat this snack is at streets of Varanasi.


19. Kadhi Pakodi

Kadhi Pakodi is like soup which is made with gram flour and sour buttermilk. This dish is eaten along with rice in Varanasi.

Preparation: To make this dish gram flour and sour buttermilk are blended. Then oil is put into kadhai followed by mustard seeds, asafetida, and gram flour and buttermilk mix. Now, gram flour Pakodi is prepared and put into it, and it’s ready to serve.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasi’s home.


20. Suran Sabji

Suran is also known as elephant foot yam. This Sabji is traditionally prepared on the occasion of Diwali in every Banarasi’s home.

Preparation: Suran is boiled first and then cooked in a spicy gravy of onions and tomatoes. And it’s served hot with rice and chapatis.

Best place to eat this dish is at Banarasi’s home.