Top 20 Ways To Wrap A Burrito

Top 20 Ways To Wrap A Burrito

People these days are more attracted to fast food. They find it easy to get and tasty to eat. Furthermore, they prefer it over the hectic schedule they have. People have left with no time to cook a good meal in their houses. This change results in eating out every day. They call it an adjustment for the time being. However, they don’t realize that this is turning into a habit. A fatal habit! Today, we are discussing one of these fast foods. We will discuss the top 20 ways to wrap a burrito. It means that we will discuss the different healthy burritos one can find around the globe.

1.El Dorado

El Dorado is a famous Mexican food serving the best burritos in the world. They serve Fajitas, Enchiladas, and other wraps. The burritos here are more DIY. They have al pastor, carne asada, carnitas, Chile Verde, and chipotle shrimp for options.

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They are one of the oldest places to try a Burrito. The place is famous for tacos and rolled Quesadillas. However, they have improved the recipe for a good burrito. One can try Chipotle port with rice beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and red pickled onions.


3.The Corner

The next place we have on the list is The Corner. A single-owner place serves many delicious foods. The owner makes the tortillas by himself. With that, one can try the Corner Burrito. It is the specialty of the shop. It has protein with different toppings like guacamole, refined beans, rice, onions, Cilantro, lettuce, and cheese.


4.El Burrito Mexicano

They come under the local servers on the streets. El Burrito has a Mexican way of wrapping the Burrito. Furthermore, one can have a burrito with different fillings. The fillings are the best with slow-cooked beans and tender steak. Also, you would love to try their steak all by itself.


5.Illegal Pete

This place is the ultimate burrito destination. They have served people for ages. Similarly, they have brought convenient changes in their ingredients with time. They braise the pork in Mexican coke, orange juice, and spices that gives it a sweet and spicy taste. Later, they wrap the meat in tortillas and other ingredients. They serve gluten-free veg dishes too.

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6.Rosa Maria’s Drive-in

Did you ever try the Garbage Burrito? Well, don’t let the term misguide you to make it unworthy. Rosa Maria serves the garbage Burrito for a prolonged period. They include meat, bean, rice, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and cheese. They have limited meat options with a unique slow cook technique.

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7.The Burrito Lady

The Burrito Lady has a few of the most delicious pieces to eat. The Burritos here do not always remain close. However, they have a great demand from sunrise to sunset. They have a special dish with Chicken, Zucchini, and other mixed veggies. It is a people’s favorite dish.


8.Juan’s Flying Burrito

Have you already imagined a Burrito with Cape? Well, your brain is working wrong. We are talking about The Flying Burrito is a specialty here. It is a piece with almost everything that goes inside a burrito. They have shrimp, chicken, grilled steak, cheddar, black beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and yellow rice. This Burrito is a perfect beast for your hungry stomach.

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9.La Perla Conica Mexicana

La Perla has established a name in the world of burritos. You can go for their King Kong Burrito. It has Chile Relleno and Carne Asada both. Specifically, you can go for their Carne asada which has thin strips of marinated steak. Do give it a try.


10.La Pasadita

Have you tried beef tongue? This place gives you a chance to try it. It has a presence with a delicate yellow exterior. They have other fillings like chicken, Barbacoa, Chile Relleno, and carne asada. Furthermore, you can try their super Burrito with lots of cheese.

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11.La Camaronera

You must have seen La Camaronera in the Diners, drive-ins, and Dives episodes. They have gained a lot of fame after that. They have a walk-in for fresh seafood in Miami. With that, one can try their shrimp and fish tortilla. It has so much flavor to give you the goodness of heaven.


12.Luca Libre Taco Shop

People know Luca Libre Taco shop for their special California-style Burrito. They have a cover-up for that. They serve the typical rice, bean, protein, and sauces wrapped with the addition of fries. Also, you can try their Poblanos burrito.

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Lolita is another example of old gold. They are operating since 1984. Millions of Burritos coming out of the house to date. Furthermore, you can try their Tsunami Burrito. It has a good combo of two worlds. They have the Black-Angus carne asada with guacamole, shrimp, jack cheese, and Mexican salsa.

fajita with grilled chicken and tomato, lettuce and onion

14.King Burrito

There are many names you will hear in the Burrito world. However, King Burrito takes away the love of people. It has steak, tomato, avocado sauce, chiles, onions, refined beans, and more. It is a monster for your hungry stomach.


15.Tito’s Tacos

You must have heard this name before. Furthermore, you must have seen the name in many movies too. Tito is serving the people since 1959. They have got a variety on their menu. With that, they have the best bean and cheese burrito. It is people’s favorite. As well it falls under the category of the humble beginning to the tacos.


16.Maize Mexican Grill

Another place we can speak of for good burritos is Maize Mexican Grill. They are famous amongst youngsters for their quesadillas. Moving further, they do serve a few great options for their burritos too. Check out their Asada. It has marinated, perfectly grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. They cover it with a large, homemade tortilla.


17.Taco Del Sol

This place is famous all over San Francisco, with over ten outlets. Their specialty is the Mission Style Burrito. It comes with adobo rice, beans, and meat of your choice. They even add Jalapenos, salsa, and hot sauce for more taste. With that, you can try their Cuban-style Burrito with shrimp and fish in it.



There are many Taqueria all over the globe. They have a batch of local customers visiting them daily. They have many varieties and sizes for their burritos. Moving further, you can try their super-size Burrito. It is a complete stomach-filling treat.



Next on the list, we have The Sadie’s place for Burrito. They have a special surprise for you. You can order any burrito on their menu. Furthermore, you will find beans inside and over the Burrito. This technique makes them stand out from the crowd. It makes the Burrito tastier and healthier.


20.Tacos Chukis

Last, on the list, we have Tacos Chukis. This place hides in the malls of Seattle. However, you will be amazed once you find it. You can try their baby burrito. It is a perfect one to have the taste of almost every dish on their menu. Furthermore, it goes well with their tacos. Do give it a try and let us know which is the best.

Tacos Chukis