Top 20 Yummy Recipes To Try Out With Khoya (Mawa)

Top 20 Yummy Recipes To Try Out With Khoya (Mawa)

Are you looking for Indian dessert recipes to make at home? Then, you can prepare a variety of desserts using crumbled khoya which is also known as mawa. So, below are the top 20 yummy Indian khoya dessert recipes to try out.

1.Baked Rasgulla

This is one of the best smoky dessert recipes of Bengal you can prepare at home. To prepare this, you will need simple ingredients that are readily available in the market. They are very few: rasgullas, condensed milk, grated khoya, cardamom powder, and slivered pistachios. You just need 15 minutes to bake these rasgullas but keep the temperature to 400 F when baking them.


2.Gulab Jamun

This is an amazing sweet recipe prevalent in almost every state of India. It is generally served as an after-meal dessert that you can prepare using milk, all-purpose flour, milk powder, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, pistachios, grated khoya, rose water, green cardamom, and water.


3.Lavang Latika

This is an authentic Indian sweet (dessert) recipe prepared using cloves. The primary taste of this dessert comes from cloves and grated khoya. So, the ingredients required are powdered sugar, plain flour, ghee, salt, crumbled khoya, saffron strands, sugar, chopped pistachios, warm milk, chopped almonds, cardamom powder, chopped cashews, and cloves. You just need an hour to prepare this mouth-watering dessert.


4.Khoya Modak

This is a festive-special dessert recipe prepared especially during festivals and other auspicious occasions as offerings to God. The ingredients we will use to prepare this are grated khoya, powdered sugar, desiccated coconut, almonds, cashews, cardamom powder, and ghee. You can prepare this dessert easily within 25 minutes.


5.Coconut Kesar Barfi

This is an amazingly delicious dessert recipe that has a saffron taste in it! To prepare this, we will use simple ingredients like grated khoya, desiccated coconut, hot water, powdered sugar, rose water, chopped pistachios, cardamom powder, ghee, and saffron strands. You can also add dried rose petals to make it more tempting and aromatic.


6.Mawa Kesar Roll

To make this tasty dessert cum appetizer recipe, you will require simple ingredients that are readily available in the market. They are milk, saffron strands, grated khoya, cardamom powder, powdered sugar, saffron food coloring, slivered pistachios, and edible silver leaf (optional). You can also coat the roll with condensed milk and refrigerate before serving this awesome dessert. You will need just 20 minutes to make this dessert at home.


7.Eggless Rose Barfi

This is an enchanting aromatic Indian dessert recipe that will actually tempt you to have it. You cannot resist having this barfi until it finishes! Preparing this dessert at home adds more joy to it. So, the ingredients are crumbled cottage cheese, powdered sugar, rose essence, crumbled khoya, edible red coloring, and slivered almonds. It will take you an hour to make this awesome dessert.


8.Kesar Peda

This is another Indian saffron dessert recipe you may also call an appetizer! So, the ingredients you will need to prepare this are powdered sugar, crumbled khoya, cardamom powder, saffron strands, and warm milk. You can also add edible saffron coloring to the dessert to make it tastier. It will take you only 15 minutes to prepare this dessert at home.


9.Gajar Ka Halwa

This is one of the best after-meal dessert recipes to make using grated khoya. So, the other essential ingredients you will need are grated carrots, ghee (or oil), powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and slivered almonds. So, it is a very healthy and nutritious dessert recipe as carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


10.Pista Choco Rolls

This is a unique chocolatey mawa dessert recipe prepared using simple ingredients like powdered sugar, grated khoya, powdered pistachios, cocoa powder, ghee, cardamom powder, rose essence, and edible green food coloring. You can make these tiny Choco rolls to serve your guests and friends and impress them with your cooking skills. It will take just 25 minutes to prepare this dessert.


11.Peshawari Paneer

This is a delicious and semi-spicy paneer recipe you can make at home in which the primary ingredients are crumbled khoya and cottage cheese. So, the important ingredients you will need are coriander seeds, slivered almonds, warm milk, saffron strands, cardamom, cashews, green chilis, chopped ginger, salt, oil, fresh cream, white pepper powder, cloves, sugar, and onion paste.


12.Khoya Makhani

This is an authentic Indian curry recipe you can serve as a side dish along with the main course. So, to prepare this, you only need grated onions, lotus seeds, ghee, chopped tomatoes, grated khoya, chopped ginger, turmeric powder, chopped green chilis, coriander powder, salt, yogurt, chili powder, and garam masala.


13.Mawa Kachori

This is a lip-smacking Indian main course dish native to Punjab. It is generally served with a tangy chutney or a spicy side dish. So, the ingredients you will require to prepare this are slivered almonds, Plain flour, ghee, salt, crumbled khoya, sugar, raisins, slivered pistachios, cardamom powder, and saffron strands.


14.Mawa Sweet Samosa

This is a unique and mouth-watering mawa appetizer recipe you can bake or deep-fry at home just within 50 minutes. To prepare this, we will use crumbled khoya, sugar, ghee, plain flour, slivered almonds, cardamom powder, saffron strands, slivered pistachios, and raisins. You can also use finely chopped dates to fill the samosas.


15.Rajasthani Mawa Bati

This is an incredibly delicious Rajasthani dessert recipe prepared using khoya. The ingredients required are sugar, chopped pistachios, saffron strands, cardamom powder, gulab jamun khoya, chopped almonds, plain flour, milk powder, and arrowroot flour. You can add a drizzle sugar syrup on this dessert before serving it!


16.Eggless Mawa Cupcakes

To make these heart-filling baked desserts, the ingredients we will use are simple and readily available in the market. They are plain flour, baking powder, vanilla essence, baking soda, almond flakes, sugar, condensed milk, grated khoya, milk, melted butter, cardamom powder, and pistachio flakes. You can prepare this dessert at home quickly within 25 minutes.


17.Kopra Pak

This is an authentic Gujarati coconut barfi recipe prepared using simple ingredients like saffron strands, grated coconut, milk, sugar, khoya, green cardamom seeds powder, slivered almonds, warm milk, and chopped pistachios that are readily available in the market. You can also use cashews to top the dessert.


18.Atte Ke Malpua

This is a healthy sweet delicacy made of grated khoya served by dipping in sugar syrup. The ingredients are grated khoya, whole wheat flour, semolina, cardamom powder, milk, fresh cream, fennel seeds powder, slivered pistachios, ghee, sugar, water, saffron strands, and dried rose petals.


19.Mawa Gujiya

This is a delicious baked mawa appetizer recipe that you can also serve as a dessert! So, the ingredients required are slivered almonds, ghee, salt, raisins, crumbled khoya, plain flour, slivered pistachios, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron strands, and powdered sugar.


20.Apple Halwa

To make this healthy and tasty after-meal dessert, you only need 40 minutes, vanilla essence, chopped walnuts, ghee, milk, crumbled khoya, ghee, sugar, grated apples, and cardamom powder.