Top 21 Non Vegetarian Dishes From South India That Will Give You An Instant Foodgasm


1.Naadan Crab Masala

For all those who don’t have any clue about this dish, it is a delicacy which is widely eaten in South India. The crab is made with the help of neighbourhood flavours and masala until the point when the shell turns orange. It enjoys some push to reprieve the shell and eat, yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble.


2.Meat Dry Fry

Meat is synonymous with Kerala cooking and Beef Dry Fry is a forte. Prepared with pepper, the hamburger is broiled until the point that it seems darkened. It is exceptional.


3.Thattukada Beef Curry

Hamburger can be exceptionally chewy thus tastes best when filled in as curry. The meat is moderate cooked so it ingests all the flavours and masala. It has earthy shading and the thick sauce adds to the flavour.


4.Chicken Salna

Local to Tamil Nadu, the fixings utilised are pretty much normal however it is the uniqueness of the sauce that makes it extraordinary. Rather than being thick, the sauce is a fragrant and watery and consequently can be presented with rice also.


5.Kori Gassi

Otherwise called Mangalorean Chicken Curry, this formula from Karnataka is set up with ground coconut yet it is the intemperate utilisation of red stew powder that gives it its scorching shading and flavour. It is hot and extremely wonderful.


6.Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Broadly viewed as the first biryani, there are a few assortments crosswise over South Indian yet none more acclaimed or as top notch as Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. It is made with chicken or lamb, this biryani used to be the nourishment of the Nizams and Mughals.


7.Coorg Pandi Curry

By what means can a rundown of non-veggie lover delights forget pork? Cooked in newly made masala glue, the meat is bubbled in medium fire. On the off chance that pork is your thing, at that point this will knock your socks off.


8.Kane Rava Fry

A Mangalorean forte, Kane Fish is pan fried subsequent to being covered in rava (semolina). Most South Indians swear by this arrangement and in the event that it must be angle sear, it must be the Kane Rava Fry.


9.Bommidayila Pulusu

A conventional fish formula from Andhra Pradesh, this one is about the flavours. Planning is neither tedious nor troublesome however in the event that you can get the flavours right, you can throw together a work of art.



Marinated angle is seared until the point when brilliant dark colored and afterwards absorbed sauce. Andhra flavours add to the flavour and fragrance. Not excessively celebrated but rather with a suggest a flavour like that, it should be.


11.Fish Molee

Popular in Kerala, it is essentially a fish stew made with coconut drain. Fish Molee is not as hot as conventional Kerala formulas; so the kind of the fish overwhelms the stew.


12.Chicken Chettinad

A well known dish from Tamil Nadu, Chicken Chettinad is exceptional for its novel method for cooking. An assortment of marinated flavors is connected as glue on the chicken which is then cooked until the point that it is delicate and super delicious.


13.Kerala Karimeen Fry

This is yet another most sumptuous delicacy of Kerala. The fish in this dish is marinated in flavours and seared on a low fire until the point when it accomplishes a dark red tint.


14.Aila Curry

Aila (Mackerel Fish) Curry is another exceptional fish curry from Kerala and this dish is widely eaten across several different areas in Kerala. The fish is moderate cooked in an earth pot which enables it to ingest all the flavour. Aila Curry has the ideal mix of sharpness and zest on account of the expansion of the dried Kudampuli (Gambooge).


15.Prawns Kuzhambu

Yet another and most delectable delicacy from Tamil Nadu, this overwhelming formula is an ideal case of the average “warmth” of South Indian food. The delicate meat of the prawn alongside the extraordinarily marinated masala gives a flavour rich in taste.


16.Kheema With Coconut Curry

This is basically minced meat cooked in coconut drain. It is anything but difficult to make yet in the event that made perfectly, the taste can be crazy. One of the most delectable dishes that you would like to try today is definitely this one.


17.Kerala Chicken Roast

As the name proposes, it is cooked chicken local to Kerala. Chicken marinated in flavours is refrigerated before broiling in a low fire until the point when it is brilliant dark coloured. It is then cooked with vegetables and coconut drain until the point when the sauce turns out to be thick. An absolute necessity has.


18.Payyoli Chicken Fry

This dish tastes best, when it is dark and crispy. Made prominent in Payyoli, situated close to the North Malabar shore of Kerala, this formula is a mark dish at roadside eateries. The cooking is straightforward yet the flavours make it exceptional!


19.Squid Fry

Fish and squid fry in Kerala are people’s part and parcel of their daily routine. Cut into rings, the squid is marinated and seared on medium fire until the point that it is brilliant dark coloured. The masala-covered rings have a tart taste in the mouth.


20.Squid Curry

For the individuals who lean toward their meat with sauce, squid is accessible in curry also. It is a similar planning aside from that as opposed to being broiled, it is cooked in coconut drain. The fragrance is similarly as alluring as the taste.


21.Chicken Nizami

This Hyderabadi extraordinary isn’t generally presented with sauce. What it is presented with is a fragrant and rich cream which loans to the characteristic taste of the chicken. Coconut drain and flavours result in its run of the mill orange shading. The Nizams cherished it. Thus will you.