Top 20 Kashmiri Dishes That Will Trigger You To Visit Kashmir Again And Again


1.Rogan Josh

For all the lamb and meat lovers out there, this is an absolute must try for you all. This dish is the most luscious delight in Kashmiri cuisine. The prevalence of this dish came into being with the inception of Mughals in India. It’s a perfectly low fat dish that will make you eat it again and again.


2.Yakhni or Yogurt Lamb Curry

In the event that you wish to taste a bona fide Kashmiri delicacy at that point you should taste Yakhni which is basically nothing but sheep cooked in yoghurt. You can eat it with cooked rice and cherish its divine taste.


3.Dum Aaloo

While a large portion of the Kashmiri cooking dishes are non-vegan, there is something exceptionally uncommon arranged with potatoes for the unadulterated veggies. Dum Olav or Dum Aaloo, a standout amongst the most acclaimed dishes of Kashmiri nourishment.



Give the fragrance of Kashmiri food a chance to crave for Kashmiri food. Yet another dish for meat eaters, proceed and try Matschgand on the off chance that you wish to see the avarices side of your identity! Matschgand is a dish which is prepared in zesty red sauce. What’s more, it in reality is a dish which can absolutely tempt your taste buds!


5.Kashmiri Muji Gaad

Served on celebrations and events, Kashmiri gaad is a dish comprised of fish which is fledged with radish or nadur. This dish consists of vegetarian and non-veggie lover things as the essence of fish and lotus stem mix together to give it an exceptional taste while hot flavors and herbs add to its extraordinary yet stunning flavour and smell. This dish is normally served in/amid celebrations like ‘Gaada Bata’ in the time of December.


6.Aab Gosht

Sheep is one of the real things utilized as a part of the ordinary nourishment of the Kashmiri individuals and you can discover very nearly 30 assortments of Mutton dishes in Kashmiri sustenance. Among the numerous lamb dishes a standout amongst the most famous is Aab gosht. The Kashmiri dish is made utilizing milk and a few flavors including cardamom and dark pepper. Yummy!



A conventional delicacy of Kashmir, Goshtaba is minced lamb cooked in tasty yogurt sauce and flavors. This dish is set up on regal events and it to be sure has an illustrious taste and flavour which can prod you craving to encourage for additional. Subsequently it is famously known as a “dish for the Kings”. Bear in mind to attempt these scrumptious balls on your outing to the brilliant Kashmir!


8.Modur Pulav

It is a kind of sweet Kashmiri rice arranged utilising cinnamon, a little saffron, drain, among a few different fixings. This dish is sweet, seasoned and sound with saffron as a primary flavour which gives it lovely shading and taste. Furthermore, this saffron is likewise developed and in Kashmir itself. The particular taste of this pulav is dissimilar to something you’ve ever tasted some time recently. Simply taste once and you will be left needing for additional.


9.Lyodur Tschaman

Veggies celebrate! Who said Kashmiri sustenance isn’t implied for vegans? Here comes another delicacy from the pleasant slopes and heaps of Kashmir. What’s more, best for the people who are hard core vegans. Beat most loved among Kashmiri veggie lovers, Lyodur Tschaman is curds cooked in velvety turmeric based sauce.



Despite the fact that it’s not a dish of Kashmiri starting point, momos are one of the super mainstream things to eat in Kashmir. Little and zesty momos are dumplings loaded down with minced meat, vegetables or cheddar. Generally presented with fiery sauce, momos is a standout amongst the most loved dish of individuals crosswise over North India.



Another celebrated dish from Leh district which is famous crosswise over numerous areas of India. Once more, it’s additionally not a Kashmiri dish, but rather just one which is to a great degree prominent in Kashmir. Its root can be followed toward the Eastern piece of Tibet, however has moved toward becoming a significant craze in a few sections of Indian subcontinent region.


12.Natural Tea

The place where there is friars and religious communities, Ladakh serves you with the best home grown tea arranged utilizing crisp green tea leaves, salt and margarine. Served by ministers with full confidence and petitions, the home grown tea enables individuals to hold up under the chilling icy and furthermore has various other wellbeing benefits.


13.Tabak Maaz

Sheep ribs with turmeric, cinnamon and saffron. The front ribs of a greasy goat poached in moval quintessence, flavors and fennel and after that singed in ghee makes tabakmaas, the Kashmiri sheep cleaves worth an attempt.



Skyu is the customary dish of Leh as well as cherished by the nearby individuals to such an extent that they jump at the chance to have it practically ordinary. Skyu is thumb measured little bits of wheat flour or aata, cooked in adequate amount of water. It’s practically similar to the staple nourishment dish of the general population of Ladakh.


15.Khambir and Butter Tea

Whenever you wish to take a stab at something special in Ladakh then Khambir with margarine tea is the thing that we would recommend! Khambir is a skillet formed nearby bread with a thick hull produced using neighbourhood entire wheat and it is presented with margarine tea which is set up by adding salt and spread to tea, which is once more another particular claim to fame of Ladakh.


16.Paba and Tangdur

Time to take a stab at something customary! This delectable dish was at one time the staple nourishment of Ladakh and it’s extremely solid as well. Paba is made utilizing peas and wheat. The mixture is made utilizing simmered flours of wheat, grain, buckwheat, peas and Ladakhi dark beans, which makes it consumable. It is overwhelmed by Tangdur which is buttermilk with crisp wild vegetables.



Thenthuk is a noodle soup arranged with wheat flour batter, blended vegetables, and a few bits of lamb or Yak meat are added to upgrade its taste and esteem. All things considered, on the off chance that you believe it’s something like Thukpa then you are most likely mixed up as in Thenduk uneven bits of noodles are blended with wheat flour mixture. It’s an extremely filling dish and is thus more often than not served either for lunch or supper. Give your tongue a chance to feel the distinction!


18.Spread Tea

All the tea sweethearts, set your eyes here and keep in mind to taste the acclaimed Tibetan Butter tea and regardless of the possibility that you overlook, you will be reminded in that spot as Butter tea is a fundamental piece of Tibetan life. It is set up by adding margarine and salt to tea, now and again bits of yak meat are additionally attached to it. It’s an imperative piece of the Kashmiri nourishment cooking, particularly in the colder territories of Leh and Ladakh.



Sheep meatballs in a yogurt sauce. The sheep meat is beaten with a walnut mallet to make it gooey after which fat and salt is rubbed in it. The meat balls are then poached to make the surface light after which they are cooked in a yogurt-based sauce called yakhni.



Little sheep dumplings in an onion, bean stew and saffron sauce. This customary formula comprises of sheep meatballs made with minced meat and poached in turmeric water to cook in a stock.