What To Eat When You Need Energy? Here Is A List Of Top 20

top 20 energy giving foods

What is the primary purpose of food? To give us energy obviously! But sometimes, it so happens that the kind of food we eat is not sufficient to provide us with enough energy. There are reasons for this too. We prefer to have a Pizza over a nourishing full meal. We prefer to have fat-filled street foods over protein-filled foods. That is the reason the body is not able to create enough energy which it requires. But then, what are the foods which provide energy to our body? Don’t worry! We’ve got it covered! Here is a list of top 20 foods to eat when you lack energy in your body.



Beans are perfect if you want energy throughout the day. They give excellent amount of fibre to the body. Beans are digested slowly by the body. So, you have a feeling of fullness in your stomach. This way, you will not eat more food, especially unhealthy foods.



Apples! Yes! You would have never guessed, would you? Something which is so easily available in the market and which we ignore even when it there right in front of us. Apples are a great energy boosters. Like beans, these also have good amount of fibre. The best part? It is easy to have. You do not have to cook anything to get its energy!


Herbal Teas

Teas, as we all know are just some spice herbs stewed in hot water. You just intake the direct benefits of the herb without any processing. This is very good for your body. Teas can be sipped on to have a feeling of fullness in the stomach. You can have your favourite Herbal Tea to reduce the hungry feeling which visits you between your meals.



Cucumbers mainly contain only water. This is the perfect reason to have them as your energy boosters. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about your intake of calories. They also have the perfect mix of proteins and nutrients which your body frequently needs. They are very easy to carry from one place to another and can act as the perfect topping for Salad.



Eggs contain lots of protein. You go to any dietitian and ask for any diet to improve any part of your health, he/she will mostly put some eggs. That is the importance of eggs. Since they have protein, they need to be balanced with carbs. Eggs are usually recommended for those who are lifting weights to grow muscles. And more muscle means more energy, right?



We all know the rule that if the urine is dark in colour then it is a case of dehydration. This is a rule often ignored by many of us. It doesn’t take much time to take a glass of water, does it? Dehydration is one of the reasons why people suffer from energy loss. Our body gets water from some of the foods we eat but also, drinking more water is necessary. Slowly increase the quantity of water you drink and at some point in time it will be enough.



Lentils are that kind of food which makes you feel full and doesn’t pin you down for eating a lot. Lentils contain so much amount of fibre and they are very inexpensive to buy too. One can find Lentils almost in any supermarket. Lentils provide you with the energy you need by digesting slowly.



Watermelons, just like Cucumbers contain a whole lot of moisture and water content. According to a research, almost 70 percent of a Watermelon is just water. And we know dehydration is one of the reasons for losing energy. But just having plain water is boring. If you feel the same way, have a Watermelon instead. It is tasty and you also get all the energy you need.



Spinach! The green leafy Vegetable very well known to everyone… There is no Green Smoothie which does not include Spinach. If it is Green, then that Smoothie has had some Spinach. It helps your body in fighting with all the different kinds of diseases which are just increasing day by day. Try having fresh Spinach everyday in some form and you will see the difference for yourself.



Another food that is tasty and also energy giving, strawberries are usually used in Salads and Cakes. One just does not recognize the amount of energy he/she is giving to oneself by eating just one Strawberry. Again, care should be taken that the Strawberries are not candy-coated. Otherwise, it is just plain carbohydrates entering your body.



Never expected, did you? That Pineapple is a part of the list. Pineapple has lots of vitamin C. Therefore you will never be out of anti-oxidants. The sugar content can become a bit of concern if you are on a diet. Otherwise, it is totally perfect to have a Pineapple a day to keep yourself going.



Carrots are very easily available to anyone who is residing in India. They are so versatile and available in so many different forms and shapes. You can have Baby Carrots as a snack. If you want a different form of carrot, you can choose to make Carrot Chips. They are an excellent source of energy just like Apples which need zero preparation.



Those who are trying to shed some kilos off their body very well knows about the value of oats. Oats digest very slowly. They take the time to digest and hence are a good option of getting the required energy for the day. Again, care should be taken that the Oats are not sugar coated. It is best not to buy the processed Oatmeal packets from outside.



Bananas are the best ingredient to make your Smoothies with. They create a creamy, smooth base for your Smoothie. Bananas can be called nature’s fast food. They are easily portable. You can have a Banana whenever you want just like that.



Nope! We are not going to a movie now! Popcorn is the best source of energy. But no! You cannot have the kind of Popcorn they sell in movies. Those carry extra calories along with them. You have to make your organic popcorn and air fry them so that the calories don’t get added. This kind of Popcorn is good till you feel full. Once you feel full, make sure you keep the popcorn aside.



Coconuts have the perfect amount of energy which we need. Instead of eating Coconut or making something out of it, it is best to drink Coconut Water. It has all the minerals. Vitamins, Proteins, Nutrients and what not! You just have to sip on this yummy drink to give yourself the right amount of energy you need.


Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read it right! A small portion of Dark Chocolate will keep you active and fit for the rest of the day. Dark Chocolate has lots of anti-oxidants which are very good for the body when it is in need of energy. But make sure you do not give energy as an excuse to have Dark Chocolate.



Every Indian mother knows that a handful of Almonds soaked in water over night is the best food you can give your body early in the morning. Almonds are again a very easy-to-carry, portable snack. You can have Almonds just about any time you want. Grab a bunch of Almonds right now if you need energy.



Broccoli is that one friend in a group of friends who gets ignored even after it has the best of everything. One should have Broccoli no matter what. It is the perfect package of everything you need. It has a good quotient of nutrients. So next time you see a broccoli, eat one and say thank you for it.


Brown Rice

People are becoming more health-conscious these days. Brown rice is a great substitute for white rice if obesity is the problem. Brown rice is digested differently than normal white rice. But the good thing is that they both taste the same. Brown rice will digest slowly and make you feel as if you’re full. This way you wouldn’t pick up any street food and go binge eating.

Now that you know the list of foods which give you instant energy which stays with you all day long, I hope you do not opt for a pizza when you an apple in front of you.