The Top 25 Food Preferences Of Different Cultures In India

The Top 25 Food Preferences Of Different Cultures In India

India is a rich amalgamation of distinct cultures, religions, and food. The Indian cuisine has got a lot to offer. Pointed down are 25 food preferences of different cultures in India.

1.The food of Andhra Pradesh is significant because of its heavy use of spices. Tamarind rice which has localized its name Pulihora with green chilies is the most tongue thrilling dish of this corner of the country.

andhra’s food

2.The cuisine of Arunachal varies as per the region and it has lot of tribal influence here. Non-vegetarian is a preferred choice of this place and food is cooked with minimum spices. The preparation of rice has different ways. Dung Po and Kholam are two ways of cooking rice.


3.The major festivities of Assam are Bohag Bihu, the traditional Assamese New Year and BhogaliBihu, which marks the end of the harvest season by cooking green vegetables (Xaak)to celebrate the successful harvest. Milk and its products also gained significance during this festive atmosphere.


4.Bihari Thali is mainly eaten wherever the clusters of Bihari community are found. The Bihari food court is predominantly vegetarian as the community is influenced by Buddhist and Hindu values. The famous SattuParatha originated directly from the BihariRasoi. They use smoked red chillies in food which infuses strong aroma in it.


5.Bengal is famous of its Adda and the treat follows. Bangalees are traditional fish lovers. “Hilsa or Chingri (prawns) ???” rages a debate over the quality of being a foodie. But with mixing up of different communities, Bengal’s taste buds are rich in flavors which bring in Biryani to mutton chap. The sweetest of the sweets are observed here.Rasgulla is globally famous and other sweet dishes like Payesh, Malpoya, Patishapta and Peethas are loved equally.


6.The culture of Chhattisgarh is a blend of literature, performing arts and crafts which give the community a very different lifestyle. They take their guests as representatives of God and hence love serving them the best food. Muthiya, steamed Dumplings, the tastiest and the healthiest dish of the place, is prepared using Rice Batter made into dumplings; hard boiled or seasoned with the Spices.


7.Delhi, the land has got no distinct food culture, but all that it offers is always spicy, tangy and lip-smacking. The place is full of a whole gamut of eating joints that suit your pockets. Due to the Mughal rule over the capital, the best cuisine it offers is Mughlai Food is mostly cooked in tandoors in Delhi which impart the smell of coal and hence the food authenticates itself with a particular flavour. Kebabs, Tandoori fish and Tandoori chicken are famous here.


8.The majority of Gujaratis are vegetarians. A traditional Gujarati thali has Dal, Roti, Rice and Vegetables, a sweet dish followed by Chaas. Each dish of this community owns an absolute different cooking style. Few of their desired dishes are Basundi, Shrikhand in sweets; Dhokla and Ghanthiya in snacks.


9.Rice, Seafood, Coconut, Pork are few of the main ingredients in Goan cuisine. Goa, being geographically placed in a tropical climate, stresses on the fact that the Spices and Flavours are intense here. The food here is incomplete without fish.


10.Himachal Pradesh is famous for its delicious local food. Madra is the most famous dainty Chana is used as its base ingredient, its teasing smell can make any foodie hungry. Sidu made of Wheat Flour, Dham are other delicacies.


11.The Haryana community has mad love for Lassi; this milk-based drink is called Kachi Lassi Some other fantasies for the foodaholic are ‘Kachri ki Sabzi’, ‘Singri ki Sabzi’.


12.Wazwan, the multi-course meal from the valleys of J&K demands great experience in preparation. Almost all dishes in this meal are meat based (Lamb, Chicken, Fish but not Beef).


13.Our all time favourite, Masala Dosa traces its origin to Karnataka. NeerDosa is another star speciality of this corner of the country which is feature light and easy to cook. Another wanted food is KorriGassi which is cooked from our favourite item that is Chicken Curry suffused in Coconut and Tamarind.


14.Rice and Cassava (tapioca) make up the staple food of Kerela. Most of the food is prepared using them. Kerela being the ‘land of spices’ knows to cook rice in different ways using its spices. Other delicacies of the place areIdli, Sambar and Dosa.


15.Street food shop in the state of Madhya Pradesh owns the taste buds of the generation. This central state has wide love for Poha but that is not all. Spicy Kebabs, Biryani, Korma are also famous here.


16.The land of different tribes, Meghalaya, offers spicy Meat and fish recipes served with rice. DohKhlish is a dish cooked using the Pig’s brain dipped in Curry and is often served with Indian Bread.


17.The food court of Maharashtra can offer solace to any foodie by its wide range of dishes which covers mild ones to very spicy ones. Pohay or Pohe is a snack which traces its making from flattened rice. Wada or Vada Pav or also heartily called ‘the Indian Burger’ served with Chutney and Green Chillies are paradises for the Marathis.


18.The food offered by the Manipuri kitchen is simple, organic but tasty. A dish named Eromba is made by boiling Vegetables or steaming them with a lot of Red Chillies along with fermented Fish. Other dishes are Kangshoi, Chamchong.


19.Less oil and spices but youthfully flavored, that’s how Odisha’s food court describes itself. Kechadi, a dish made by cooking Rice and Lentils together in Ghee is fabulously tasty. Dalma, Tithalalso traces their origin to this place.


20.Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti own the taste buds of the people in Punjab. These are the most popular dishes here. Punjab is known for its buttery flavour. Punjabis also enjoy Mint Paratha, Aloo Gobi, Raita.


21.The part of the country that is famous for its snacks is Rajasthan. Bikaneri Bhujiya, MirchiBada, PyaajKachoriare also famous dishes here. It is the land of royals and hence the food has a different air of its own.


22. Sikkim is a small, beautiful state of India lying in the Eastern Himalayas with its scenic beauty.The taste of Sikkimese has a blend of beautiful flavours. Momo (steamed Dumpling) is very popular in the urban areas but having a hot plate of Momo with the particular regional fermented vegetable preparations on the valleys is a heavenly experience. The non-veg eaters enjoy equally as the dishes are relishing with Pork, Beef or Fish. With the climatic situation, people enjoy beverages too.


23.The cuisine of Tamil Nadu is an example of its versatility of flavours. Idli, the Arcot Biryani– which distinguishes itself by the use of Seeraga Samda Rice, Kozhambu


24.The people of Uttrakhand are known because of their courageousness, meticulous and honest behavior and their food is always nutritious along with taste. They are fond of a variety of roti preparation like the Chapatti of Bajra, MaduaChapatti (Buck Wheat), Wheat Chapatti etc.


25.The Mughal dynasty’s rule over Uttar Pradesh kept its traces in the cuisine too. Uttar Pradesh is famous for its Awadhi cuisine, Kebab forms an integral part of Lucknow,the capital city has invented the art of cooking over the smoke fire of what they call the Dum style of cooking which has now become synonymous for Lucknow.


One thing that is very clear to me is that one who is a foodie can spend an entire life in India satisfying his taste buds as the country has lots to offer. She holds enough to drench a foodie’s soul with over-the-brim love for food.