Top 2O Best Italian Restaurants In Denver, Colorado

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Denver is a famous tourist destination in the United States. Sports teams, fine art, and unparalleled outdoor leisure opportunities are just some of the reasons to live and work in this city. Denver’s eating scene is another magnet for visitors. You may get everything from local American meals to ethnic mom-and-pop cafes throughout the town. There is a plethora of dining alternatives in Denver. We’ve sifted through our data to find the true tastemakers, the diners who know the best restaurants in the city. Here is a list of the most fantastic Italian restaurants in Mile High City, compiled by those who know.


Tavernetta is a universally adored character. So gorgeous, so wonderful, and full of amaro and spritzes that it’s impossible to feel anything but contented while dining or sipping at Frasca’s younger sister. Make room for the honey gelato-filled affogato and Italian cookie platter, but don’t forget the handmade pasta, including the lobster tagliatelle with Calabrian chilies and the rigatoni with lamb ragu.


2.Postino LoHi

The Postino in Lower Highlands, Colorado, is one of six unique restaurants built in historic buildings in prominent Colorado locations. Denver Bookbinding Company, built-in 1962, is home to Postino, a restaurant that conveys the story of its past while showcasing breathtaking views of the city. Unique wines and a simple Italian meal featuring fresh, local ingredients are available to guests in a cozy yet modern setting. Fresh soups, salads, handcrafted Panini, and an array of artisanal meat and cheese boards round out the menu.

Postino LoHi


Even though Spuntino has been open since 2011, I had never been there before the outbreak. Chef Cindhura Reddy’s Italian/Indian restaurant has become one of my favorite locations to suggest to visitors to Denver. That pasta is to die for!


4.Barolo Grill

Located in Cherry Creek since 1992, Barolo Grill is known for its elegance and sophistication and ample servings of vintage wine. Chef Darrel Truett, who has been at the helm since Ryan Fletter took over ownership from Blair Taylor in 2015, has maintained the restaurant current and exciting for diners with his innovative presentations and approaches. This year, Barolo’s truffle dinner at Fletter remains one of Denver’s most decadent culinary events, despite the recent pandemic in Italy.

Barolo Grill

5.Restaurant Olivia

Ty Leon, Heather Morrison, and Austin Carson bought the popular Cafe Marmotte and announced that they would turn it into an Italian restaurant. There is little doubt that Olivia’s Restaurant serves some of the best Italian cuisines in town. Those who don’t care for the meal will be swayed to try it thanks to their hospitable staff and the delicious libations on offer. Ty Leon, Heather Morrison, and Austin Carson bought the popular Cafe Marmotte and announced that they would turn it into an Italian restaurant. There is little doubt that Olivia’s Restaurant serves some of the best Italian cuisines in town. Even if the delicious food isn’t enough to entice you, you’ll be won over by the attentive service and delectable cocktails.

Restaurant Olivia

6.Pizza Republica

Midwestern Italian-American George Eder opened the first Pizza Republica in Colorado in 2009, bringing his forefathers’ recipes and traditions. This is a must-try with one of the city’s most extensive patios and a magnificent dining room. “Tried and true regional recipes” of authentic Neapolitan pizzas have given Eder a household name in the town. In addition to his Duck & Fig and Quattro formaggi flatbreads, guests may enjoy starters, mains, pasta, and over 100 hand-selected Italian wines.

Pizza Republica

7.Dio Mio

Dio Mio is one of my go-to destinations for a casual, tasty Italian meal on a weeknight. Order the Rigatoni with Fennel Sausage, Greens, and Bread Crumbs as a starter for first-time visitors to get a taste of what this restaurant is all about. It’s a simple dish, but it always tastes fantastic because of how fresh and well-prepared it is. To get every last drop of Sauce Sauce off the plate and into your mouth, you’ll frantically clean the dish rims with the last crumbs of bread you can find.

Dio Mio


Coperta, a Roma-inspired eatery they founded in 2016, has remained steadfast throughout the ups and downs. The spuzzulia starter, which includes a few chef-choice nibbles, and the house-baked focaccia are just two of Coperta’s many comforting offerings, which include the cavatelli with lamb and beef ragù and the fiery Calabrian chile-spiked Pollo alla diavola. It’s even better with a scoop of olive-oil gelato after the meal!


9.Osteria Marco

When Frank Bonanno built Osteria Marco, he envisioned a simpler version of Luca D’Italia’s Luca D’Italia, precisely what he had achieved. Fig and gorgonzola pizza, Panini loaded with pancetta or meatballs, and a targeted, cured meat selection with Parma prosciutto and mortadella in mind.

Osteria Marco

10.Pizza Colore Express

Pizza Colore, owned and operated by Javier and Caroline Momo-Torres, has been a Denver institution since 1997. The exposed brick and art-nouveau-adorned walls give the restaurant an urban feel, inspired by the pizzerias in New York City’s Italian neighborhoods. There are more than 15 brick oven-style pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, and salads on their menu. They also have a few desserts on offer. At Pizza Colore, you’ll find New York-style pizzas topped with fresh meats, cheeses, and vegetables in various sauces.

Pizza Colore Express

11.Bar Dough

Located in Highlands, Bar Dough serves delicious pasta and has a cozy neighborhood feel. Even though the menu is constantly changing under the direction of Chef Russell Stippich, the Fettuccine with Shrimp is always a safe bet. Chef Carrie Baird, of Top Chef Colorado fame, is one of the restaurant’s former alumni.

Bar Dough



Elise Wiggins ran Panzano at the Monaco Hotel for many years. Cattivella, which translates to “naughty girl” in Italian, is a collection of recipes and stories inspired by the author’s travels, work, and culinary adventures around Italy. Pizzas aren’t the only thing cooked in the wood-fired oven here; the rib eyes and charred romaine salad are just two examples of what else you can get from it. Another must-try food is pasticcio, a layered dish created from tortellini filled with meatballs and Bolognese sauce. It is finished with brûléed parmesan.



Compared to other Italian restaurants, Parisi is like the mullet. Firenze a Tavola, a more formal Italian restaurant downstairs, has a fast-casual Italian cafe as its main level party. It’s Parisi, with its enormous selection of pizzas, pasta, Panini, meats, and antipasti that we return to repeatedly. The Italian restaurant should be in every neighborhood because it’s casual, delicious, and overflowing with mozzarella.


14.Carmine’s On Penn

Located in the center of Denver, Carmine’s on Penn is a family-friendly restaurant serving Italian-style cuisine for more than 20 years now. Soothing lighting, large family-style tables, and her fine art masterpieces make for a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience. As a tribute to the Italian immigrants who came to America in the late 1800s and settled in New York, the menu features a variety of pasta, chicken, and veal meals in sharable and more significant amounts.

Carmines On Penn

15.White Pie

Jason and Chris Wallenta came up with the idea for this locally owned pizzeria, and it’s now their family’s business. Pizzerias here are known for making New Haven-style pizzas known for their thin and dry crusts and irregular shapes and charring on the edges. It’s no surprise that the White Pie is the restaurant’s best-known dish, made with a base of crème fraîche and mozzarella cheese, topped with shaved bacon and Crimini mushrooms, and a runny sunny egg in the middle.

White Pie

16.Frasca Food & Wine And Tavernetta

One of the country’s top Italian restaurants, Frasca, has been around for a long time. One of Italy’s best-known restaurants, Frasca, has earned three James Beard Awards for outstanding service in 2019, including one for Outstanding Service 2019. It was challenging to keep fine-dining restaurants running during the pandemic, but Frasca has reopened and is doing well under new executive chef Rob Hurd, who took over in May 2021. Check out Tavernetta for a lighthearted tour of Italy’s most delicious areas, or book a table at Frasca for carefully crafted meals.

Frasca Food Wine And Tavernetta

17.Il Posto

Il Posto’s RiNo location is as extensive and beautiful as Chef Andrea Frizzi’s menu, so you’ll want to bring your pals along for a sample. Even though the menu changes daily based on what’s in season and fresh, you can count on consistently delicious food. With a variety of sharing dishes, pasta, and hearty entrees, the menu is perfect whether you’re with friends or a significant other. The best bread dipping experience you’ll ever have can be had with fat beef candles.

Il Posto

18.Shells & Sauce

Shells & Sauce Sauce is a charming Italian restaurant in the Congress Park District of Denver. They have a cozy dining room with an open kitchen serving authentic Italian cuisine from the Old Country. The restaurant’s specialties include crispy duck fat gnocchi, homemade lasagna, and Bolognese. It also serves lobster ravioli and other seafood pasta dishes.

Shells Sauce

19.Trattoria Stella

Since its doors in Highlands Square in 1999, Trattoria Stella has been a cornerstone of Denver’s dining scene. In my opinion, there is just one dish on the menu that is truly exceptional, and it is the only item on the entire menu that I would recommend to anyone who visits the restaurant for dinner.

Trattoria Stella


DiFranco’s is a casual Italian restaurant with a counter-service style that’s easy on the wallet. Despite its modest size, Ryan DiFranco, the restaurant’s proprietor, has made a significant impression on Denver’s food scene, earning Denver’s 30 Under 30 award. Fresh, made-to-order salads, sandwiches, and pasta are the focus of this hip and contemporary eatery, which serves a seasonal menu of locally grown and organic foods. It is good enough to be likened to.