Top 30 Food Items To Keep In Your Office Desk Drawer

Top 30 Food Items To Keep In Your Office Desk Drawer

In our office hours, we often crave something to eat in between the work, but cafeteria does not always have the food of our choice. In that case, you can always rely on your desk drawer as you can always put something of your choice there. A great solution to that little hunger and cravings that end up making you eat lots of junk in that period. And the best thing about this is you have many choices to choose from.

1. Nuts

Nuts are super healthy and delicious snack choice. You can have it in early hours when generally you skip your breakfast. Nuts are loaded with lots of health benefits. You can choose any nut of your choice and can keep it plain, roasted, chocolate coated, or salted depending upon your likings. So keep a small box and put some nuts into it for your office drawer.


2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain lots of nutrients and are considered as super food as its consumption improves health and helps in fighting disease. So a crunchy seed in your box can be very beneficial for your overall health and will also satisfy your craving. Also, you can do lots of experiment with these seeds by mixing roasted seeds with spices of your choice.


3. Namak Pare and Shakkar Pare

One of the very old snack but still almost always present in our kitchen. And the reason for it can be its taste as well as it goes very well with tea or coffee. If you can prepare it at home, you can make it a healthy option by using whole wheat flour. So grab a box and put some of these for your office also.


4. Namkeen

If nothing is there to compliment with tea, we can put some namkeen on the side, and it is a great combination. We have lots of options available in the market. So, just pick up your favorite one.


5. Sesame Ladoo or Tilgul

Sesame seeds are very much beneficial for our health and on the other side its taste is awesome. If mixed with jaggery, it enhances both the flavor and health benefits. It can be kept in an air tight container for about a month.


6. Jaggery Chikki

Another great combination can be brought out by mixing dry fruits, peanuts, sesame seeds, or bhel with jaggery resulting into a very delicious chikki. In the market, it is available with separate small packets, so no need to have a box for it. Just put some of the wrapped chikkis in your drawer and grab on when you are hungry.


7. Roasted and Fried Dal

Pulses are very much beneficial for our health, but other than cooked dal we rarely keep it in any other option. Dal can be used as a snack too. Whether you like moong dal, chana dal, or masoor dal, each one can turned into a crunchy and spicy mix for your little box.


8. Bhakarwadi

Bhakarwadi is a traditional Gujarati and Maharashtrian snack. It has mixed flavors and so tastes sweet, salty,  and spicy at the same time. A flavorsome combination of spices, coconut, sesame seeds, and the crunchy wafer can definitely shut the shouting tummy up.


9. Banana Chips

Banana chips are known by almost all of us because of its crunchy and delicious taste. It turns out a great snack option and goes very well with tea and coffee. You can do lots of experiment with banana chips also. And if you are a sweet lover, then you can also mix it with powdered sugar, but on calories too.


10. Dried Fruits

It is a great way to a have your favorite seasonal fruit even after they are out of season. Dried fruits also contain fiber and nutrients like the undried one but you must be little careful while purchasing them and avoid artificially sweetened type. You can go with the unsweetened one.

dried fruit mix 2

11. Aam Papad

Mango lovers have aam papad all around the year in their home. It is available in many different varieties and comes with good packaging also.


12. Tea Bags

Without tea or coffee, it is next to impossible just to sit and work for long hours. To add a slight change in your tea routine, you can have your favorite tea bag along yourself. Also, you can make your tea bags at home and put flavours of your choice in tea bags.


13. Crackers

A baked cracker is a much healthier option than any other fried biscuit. And they are available in whole wheat and multi-grain variety. You can also add additional flavoring of your choice or purchase one with your favorite flavor.


14. Wheat Baked Biscuits

Wheat biscuits are very healthy for our digestive system, and if it is baked, it tastes yummy. You can keep salty or sweet one, according to you likings. It tastes best with tea.


15. Daalmoth

Another way of including pulses in your diet but with little more flavors and crunch. A daalmoth is a combination of whole fried pulses and sev bhujiya  added with spices and herbs. Also, it comes in different variety.


16. Chocolates

Who does not have a sweet tooth craving after a good lunch? But it is not necessary to jump on some dessert every time. You can have a small bite of chocolate of your choice and can cut that extra calorie from your diet and can also save some money.


17. Cookies

Cookies are just awesome. And once in a while, it is perfectly okay to eat something out of the healthy option. And if cookies are home-made, it is the best option to have. Just have two of it and enjoy your break.


18. Khakhra

Khakhra is a famous Gujarati snack which comes in lots of different varieties. It is a healthy combination of dal, rice, wheat flour, gram flour, and spices. You can have a packet of your choice.


19. Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons can be kept in an air tight container for about a couple of weeks. It is very delicious and healthy also. You can make these at your home too.


20. Roasted Chickpea

Chickpea and gram both are very healthy for our body. Roasted chickpea and gram are crunchy and tasty. One can have a handful of these in their tea time break and will feel full till their next break. You can add spices of your choice in these also.


21. Mathri

A crispy mathri with a cup of coffee or tea and this snack will go easy of your pocket and your health. A home-made mathri is considered better option, but in the markets also now they have a whole wheat mathri option. You can also mix different types of mathri in one box and enjoy.


22. Dates

Dates are full of health benefits and consuming dates on a daily basis can be very beneficial for your health. You might forget having it at home every day, but if kept in your office drawer you will be consistent with some healthy intake.


23. Fried Chivda

Fried chivda is very light and can be mixed with lots of flavourful namkeen and roasted nuts. Have a handful of it and say good bye to your small hunger.


24. Ladoo – Panjiri and Pinni

Yes, you can keep ladoo in your office, that too for about a couple of weeks. Panjiri ladoo and pinni ladoo are very much popular food of winters in North India, made with pure ghee and loaded with lots of dry fruits.


25. Carrot Chips

I know this is something not regular but you can count on me and can replace potato chips with these. It can be eaten plain or it can be mixed with herbs and spices. You can also make these at your home following just a few simple steps.


26. Candy

Who says candies are for children only? Adults also love having it. But go easy with the amount you are planning to keep in your drawer.


27. Coconut Flakes

Dried and sweetened coconut flakes are very delicious. These are easily available in the markets. Just have a packet and pour it into your box.


28. Naan Khatai

It is something cookie type but soft and are loaded with butter and dry fruits. It comes in different varieties. Naan Khatai is a delight.


29. Peanuts

Peanuts can be kept raw, roasted, fried, or mixed with spices; it tastes great in each form. Peanuts are very healthy for heart health. So you can very easily take care of your heart by adding some peanuts in your diet.


30. Murukku

Murukku is also known as chakli. A very popular and tasty south indian snack which will easy on your wallet too. A wide range of murukku is available all around the Indian markets.