Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Thinking of a party will make a cloud of delicious food items which you will get there. But, if you are throwing a party, it sometimes becomes very tough to choose the best food items to include in your menu. Here are some of the food items from which you can take some help.

1. Bread Roll

Bread rolls are bread stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes which are crispy outside and soft and spicy inside. You can serve it with yogurt dip, green chutney, or tamarind chutney; anything goes well with a bread roll.

bread- rolls

2. Veg Spring Rolls

Veg springs rolls are yummy popular Chinese snack. Spring rolls are loaded with fresh veggies and spices and a crispy layer outside. The best thing about this food is you can add your favorite variant to its stuffing and to your surprise everything will turn out delicious. You can keep it fried or baked according to your choice.


3. Momos

Momos are all time favorite of almost every person. Soft and juicy stuff with chilli chutney is heavenly. You can have variety in momos like veg momo, cottage cheese momo, or soya momo. You can keep it steamed, fried, or grilled, according to your choice.


4. Fruit Salad

Fresh seasonal fruits can be mixed to give a variety in the menu. And you don’t have to think about whether your guest will like it or not, because everybody loves fresh fruits. You just need to present it uniquely.


5. Samosa

Samosa with chutney is a famous snack among North Indians. Hot and crispy wafers with soft flavorful mashed potatoes dipped in green chutney is mouth-watering. You can keep it fried or baked according to your choice. You can also vary the stuffing of samosa by including cottage cheese or dry fruits with mashed potatoes.


6. Pakora

A plate of hot pakoras with tamarind chutney has no match. Indians have so many varieties in pakora that you can make a separate pakora counter. You can include which you like from paneer pakora, onion pakora, bread pakora, or dal pakora.


7. Pani – Puri

Think of pani-puri and your mouth is already watering. It is known by different names at different places but whole India knows what pani-puri is. Pani-puri is a great combination of awesome flavour and texture of food. If you are a guest in some party, you don’t have to search for pani-puri stall. Most crowded place at any counter is surely of pani-puri. You can add variants to the water of pani-puri making it interesting for your guest by including meetha pani, khatta pani, jaljeera pani, or pudina pani.


8. Veg Soup

For starters, veg soups are great for including in menu. And if you are throwing a party in a little cold climate, then it is a must for your party menu. You can put different varieties of soup or choose your favorite one from many varieties. Mostly tomato soup, sweet corn soup, or veg manchow soups are popular in Indian party menu.


9. Sandwich

A freshly prepared sandwich in Indian style, served with some tomato ketchup is all time favorite food of children. You have lots of options to choose from this category. You can include anything of your choice between the bread slices. Corn, capsicum, mushroom, carrot, onion, tomatoes, cheese, cabbage, potatoes, anything goes well in sandwich. You can make it grilled or pan-fried according to your likings.


10. Chaat

Chaat is a lip-smacking food option. A plate of chaat is filled with full of flavors. Here also you have many options to choose from. Whether it is a plate of Dahi bhalle chaat, papdi chaat, raj kachori chaat, or pani puri chaat, each has a great combination of taste.


11. Paneer Tikka

A great option to replace chicken tikka is paneer tikka to give all vegan people a delicious alternative. The smokiness of cottage cheese marinated in spices with some crunchy vegetables are divine. You can keep it simple or colorful, whatever way you like. A yogurt dip or tamarind chutney can be kept as side of this item.


12. Pasta

Children are great pasta lovers. Even many young people are pasta lovers. Although, pasta is from the Italian cuisine, but it has its Indian variant. You can choose from white sauce pasta, spaghetti pasta, macaroni pasta, or typical Italian pasta for your menu.


13. Dhokla

Dhoka is a famous Gujarati snack, but is popular in many places. A soft, spongy, and salty cake served with fresh coconut scrap toppings and tamarind chutney. It is a very healthy and convenient option for some large gatherings. You can prepare it at your home also.


14. Pastry

We all love pastries and have one in its flavor as our favorite one. Pineapple pastry, chocolate pastry, strawberry pastry, or mixed fruit fresh cream pastry, you can include any of these without any hesitation.


15. Chole-Bhature

Hot and soft bhature with some spicy and tangy chole is one of the best combinations in the food category. Be it a child or adult; everybody likes this dish. A freshly prepared bhatura is just awesome. A great option to add in your menu. It can be served with some freshly chopped onions and pickles.


16. Pav Bhaji

Soft and fresh bun loaded with lots of butter and a spicy mixture of vegetables is another divine combination of food category. These are among those food items which you can include in any party. Whether it is a children birthday party or wedding party, it serves its purpose everywhere. So you can include this item, without any second thought.


17. Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are a delicious food choice. You can include anything of your choice for the filling of mushroom. And if added with some cheese, it will enhance the flavor. Stuffed mushrooms can be served baked or grilled, both the ways is tastes amazing.


18. Hara Bhara Kebab

Hara bhara kebab is filled with lots of green veggies. They are a great choice among children, and an intelligent way to make them eat green vegetables. Healthy and equally tasty food item to include in your menu. It can be served with yogurt dip and tamarind chutney.


19. Pizza

Another thoughtful way of making children eat healthy veggies is pizza. You can load its toppings with lots of fresh vegetables, and your child will finish the plate. It can be included with according to your choice of toppings and crust. To make a more healthy option, you can use the wheat crust.


20. Burger

Crispy and soft tikki between two very soft buns tastes delicious. It can be included in the menu with lots of variations. Along with a tasty option, it is healthy also. Loaded with some fresh vegetables makes it a balanced food choice. You can keep it simple or grilled as per your likings.


21. Fruit Punch

A fruit punch can be used as a welcome drink in your party. This is a way healthy option than including soda and cold drinks. It can be served to children also. And the best thing about fruit punch is, it can be made with your favorite fruit. So choose your fruit and include it in your menu.