The Traditional Food Items of Himachal Pradesh

The Traditional Food Items of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is blessed with natural beauty. It is surrounded by mountains and whoever visits Himachal Pradesh falls in love with the beauty of this state. But apart from beauty, Himachal cuisine is also very welcoming. The tradition of using yogurt and cardamom, and cooking the food on a low flame gives it a unique taste and aroma. Himachali cuisine is mostly influenced by Punjabi and Tibetan food styles. The use of spices and dairy products is also very common here. This article brings to you some of the traditional dishes of this beautiful, mountainous state.


The Brahmins of the Chamba region prepare this dish with rajma, moong dal and rice mixed with curd. It is served along with mash dal, boor ki kari and a chutney which is made from tamarind and jaggery which makes it both sweet and sour. Every festival in Himachal Pradesh has this dish on the menu.



This is sweetened rice which has raisins, cashew nuts and other dry fruits. This dishis unique in taste and is exclusively found here. This food item is also called as the local dessert of Himachal Pradesh. The use of dry fruits gives it a mouth-watering taste. It is a must-try recipe in Himachal Pradesh.



It is bread made from local wheat flour. After being kneaded, the flour is kept aside for some time which causes the dough to rise. This bread is then set on the direct flame of a bonfire so that it is par-cooked. It is then steamed. Himachalis have this with ghee or other side dishes.



It is a kind of Himachali kachori. The stuffing is made of soaked and ground black gram daal paste. It is served with tamarind chutney and is lip-smacking. It is a very popular food item and is well-liked by the people there.


5.Chana Madra

Chickpea cooked in gravy of flour and yoghurt mixed with spices, ginger, garlic and onions is called Chana Madra. The flavour of yoghurt makes it different from the North Indian Chana Masala. It also gives it a unique taste and aroma and is heavenly. It is usually served with chapati or rice and is a must-try dish.


6.Auriya Kaddoo

It is also known as Kaddoo ka Khatta. This dish is made of pumpkin cooked in spicy and tangy gravy consisting of amchoor powder. The addition of amchoor powder gives it a tangy taste.


7.Chha Gosht

Lamb cooked in gravy of gram flour, yogurt and spices is the base of this dish. The lamb is marinated and kept aside for hours which make it soft. The lamb, when cooked and tasted, melts inside the mouth and gives the taste of all the spices distinctly.


8.Mash Daal

This is also known as Kaali Daal or Ma ki Daal. This dish is made of black lentils. The lentils are soaked overnight, boiled and then cooked with different spices. It is usually served with rice or chapatis. This item is also a traditional dish of Himachal Pradesh exclusively found here.



This is a famous breakfast item and is usually called the Indian pancakes. The batter is prepared with wheat flour, milk and sugar and then cooked in ghee. It is thin and resembles dosa from South India; only that it is sweet. This dish is also sometimes served as an evening snack. It is also a must-try food item.


10.Kullu Trout

This is made of trout and is a fish delicacy. The trout is shallow fried in mustard oil and then served with sautéed vegetables. A lot of spices are not added and so the original flavours of the Trout are retained.



It is commonly found in the Northern Hills. It is a type of cake made of buckwheat. It is very healthy and is usually made during festivals or special occasions.


12.Tudkiya Bhath

This is a type of pulav which is cooked with lentils, yoghurt and other spices. The addition of lentils and yogurt give it a unique taste and make it different from the usual pulav available in other parts of the country. It is a spicy dish and is usually served with mash daal.



It is made of lotus stem and is exclusively found here. The stem is sliced into thin pieces and then fried in onions, ginger, garlic and other spices. It makes a filling evening snack and also goes well with rice during lunch. This recipe is also a must-try dish in Himachal Pradesh.


14.Pahadi Chicken

As the name suggests, it is a unique dish of Chicken found only in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The Chicken pieces are stir fried with mint, coriander, ginger and garlic. It is a simple but a delicious food item and leaves the Chicken pieces juicy. This item is worth the try.


15.Chamba Style Fried Fish

Chamba is a small district in Himachal Pradesh. The Fish, after being marinated with spices and chickpea flour, it is stir fried and served hot. This style of cooking the Fish is only found in this district.


16.Gahat Ka Shorba

Shorba is a drink made in Himachal Pradesh. It can be made with various ingredients. This special drink is made of Gahat, a local grain, and hence the name. This dish is not only a delicious and refreshing drink but is also very nutritious. It has the unique taste of garlic and coriander. Gahat is the most important ingredient of this drink and it is worth the try.



It is a tangy dish which is mainly made with chickpeas but can also be made of other things. It is usually served as a side-dish with rice. The use of amchur powder or mango powder gives it a tangy taste.


18.Aloo Paida

This is another vegetarian dish which is made of potatoes cooked in yoghurt. It is a very simple but a delicious food item. It leaves you with a lip-smacking experience once you taste it.



This is a dish which is prepared during festivals and occasions.It is a type of cake especially made in this hilly state. This item is famous in the Sirmour district.


20.Masala Fried Okra

Lady’s finger is also called Okra in Himachal Pradesh. Okra pieces are mixed with a lot of spices and then cooked in mustard oil. The addition of the amchoor powder gives it a tangy taste. This spicy and tangy dish leaves you with a heavenly experience. It is a must-try dish.masala-fried-okra