20 Best Places To Dine Out In Nashik

20 Best Places To Dine Out In Nashik (3)

After Mumbai, Nashik is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra. Located on the banks of river Godavari, Nashik is known for its piousness and also it is the wine capital of India. Let’s explore the city’s gastronomic culture. Here are the 20 best dine outs in Nashik.

1.Soma At Sula

This is a perfect place for wine and food, or perhaps even a date maybe? It is a 10-15 minute ride from the city.This restaurant lies amidst the vineyards of Sula, giving a magnificent view of the Godavari Backwaters. Apart from the wine, finger food, this place serves authentic chicken biryani. The veg kebab and spinach risotto are must haves.


2.River Dine Restaurant & Bar

This place comes with a good arrange of sections for your various dinner arrangements. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The menu is similar to most Indian restaurants, but the quality and presentation of the food is paradise for the stomach and eyes.Definitely, it is one of the decent places in Nasik that serves delicious food with good music to accompany it. River Dine has a great ambiance, satisfactory service, and totally good value for money and the live screening attracts folks.


3.The Blue Leaf

The tiny bulbs hanging from the ceiling gives this place a very rustic look giving this place a fine amalgam of the old and the modern look. The dim lights just add to it.Their servers are very attentive and provide good hospitality. KhowSuey-a very remarkable oriental dish with noodles and peanut and cream gravy is highly recommended. This place has the perfect atmosphere for a date night. (*wink*)


4.Al Arabian Express

It is very famous for its authentic and rustic Mughlai cuisine.  The non-veg menu is a must have! The staff here is very convivial. They serve a limited menu but the food it undeniably worth it. This place is more famous for its authentic middle-eastern Shwarmas. One can always find a huge crowd, especially for the Shwarmas.Sadly this place does not have a huge variety on the menu for vegetarians. But for all you Non-Vegetarians out there definitely, this place should be on your food bucket list (if there is any! ). The middle-eastern themed ambiance is very comforting.



This restaurant is at the Soma Vineyards. It offers finger food, Mughlai, and north Indian food. The place has a beautiful view of Godavari backwaters with an Arabian night’s theme ambiance. The service is quick. It is a flawless place for the fine dine getaways along with a good glass of the rich wine.


6.Little Italy

The wine and food is simply fantastic, and the ambiance is subtle with the music adding to the mood. The service is pretty quick.It truly stands by its name and serves lip-smacking Italian dishes. The décorand tableware of the bistro adds another dimension to the gastronomic experience.


7.Barbeque Ville

It is a must-have experience for the ones who enjoy a live barbecue at their table. This place serves barbecue buffet at a very reasonable rate. The service is prompt, and they serve delectable food. The fish and chicken are very fresh. Though ambiance could have been improved but still can be neglected over the food they serve.


8.Veg Aroma

It has a pleasant ambiance for those who relish courtyard dining. This place is a decent option for vegetarians. They also keep doing food fests like Brunch combos and Rajasthani food fests during festive seasons. It also has a separate party hall. The roomali khakhra and paneer dishes are must haves.



The dine-in restaurant at Hotel Express Inn, this place serves North Indian, Mughlai as well as buffet options. It is a 3 or 4 – star dining experience for the high society crowds. Having said so, it is slightly priced for the flavor of the food. The service and ambiance is definitely a 10 pointer!


10.Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant has various seating options. The restaurant-‘Eastern Spice’ serves the typical Punjabi menu with good options for starters.This place also comes with a bakery of its own -‘The Bake Studio’ which serves the perfect cheesecake that leaves its lingering taste in the mouth.


11.Spice Route

Another place that completely does justice to its name. It provides the authentic taste of Indian cuisine to the palate in a unique way. Spice Route’s hospitality is remarkable, the servers are very helpful and have complete knowledge about the menu and their suggestions exactly meet our food cravings undoubtedly. The music adds to the ambiance.


12.White X Sky Lounge

A newly opened place, this is the talk of the town for its comforting ambiance. The food is flavourful. But the music and ambiance set the mood right.The White XSky lounge offers you straight off good food, and decent service. Their cocktail and mocktail menu can sure lure one into spending some more time here!


13.Grape County

In the outskirts of the city, this place has outdoor as well as indoor seating. The view this offers is undoubtedly breath-taking. The picturesque sight of mountains, artificially created river valley with cool breeze blowing around, this is sure a mesmerizing experience. The restaurant has a bar menu. They serve Indian, Italian as well as Indian Chinese food.


14.Curry Leaves

The place has courtyard dining as well as indoor dining. It serves only vegetarian food, but it is spot-on to its authenticity. It has a very rustic ambiance. The starters and paneer delicacies are brilliant.



Owara, Nashik comes with excellent ambiance and delicious food.
For those who want a quiet place to relax and have food must visit this place. Their way of serving food is unusual yet brilliant. Missal Pav, a locally famous delicacy, is served in clay tableware with coal flavored sprouts. It is a whole new dining experience.


16.Enter The Dragon

It serves genuine Chinese food with mild flavor yet brilliant taste. The place has it best ambiance at night. Not very crowded, this place has good hospitality too.For the local people, this is a ‘Mainland China’ take on the authenticity of Chinese food.


17.31st Street Bar & Cafe

This place is a well ambient with good music for the youth. Mostly a hangout for youngsters, the place serves with Italian, Chinese, and other finger foods. The place also has a bowling alley to chill along.


18.Palm Shells

Apart from the regular indoor dining, this place has open lawn facility for the perfect outdoor dining experience. Besides, they also have the roof-top dining. Food especially the chicken here is very fresh and perfect. The staff at The Palm Shells is very welcoming and attentive. But the service here is quite slow.



This place is like any other Rajdhani outlet serving authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani thali cuisine. The staff is very welcoming, and the service is pretty fast with the taste being like any other outlet.


20.Barbeque Nation

One of the outlets of  BarbecueNation is available here. Adding this place to the 20 best places to dine out at Nasik.This restaurant serves live barbecue buffet with veg and non-veg options. The staff is very attentive. The food and ambiance are good as any other barbecue nation outlet.