Twenty Delicious Veggies That Even Meat Lovers Cannot Deny

toop 20 delicious veggies that even meat lovvers cannot deny

Maybe you’re thinking about eating less meat, or you’re already vegetarian and trying to persuade your meat-loving family to join you. Vegetarian cuisine has a bad reputation, with some people believing it is automatically bland. However, veg meals typically include fragrant spices, delectable sauces, and a variety of healthy substitutes to create filling, complete meals. You’ll find a wide range of hearty favorites made with the most nutritious whole grains, protein-rich beans and nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. These are just a few healthy vegetarian food ideas that are filling and tasty enough to satisfy even the most jaded carnivore.

1. Cauliflower Tacos With Pickled Radishes

If you didn’t already know, cauliflower is the secret to much vegetarian cooking. Season and roast it, and you’ll have a delicious meat substitute. People make the cauliflower central for this veggie taco recipe by roasting it and serving it with pickled radishes and crumbled queso fresco. Don’t forget to include the avocado and lime.

1 Cauliflower tacos with pickled radishes

2. Mushroom Ragu and Polenta With Fontina and Roasted Broccolini

People have managed to get all of the comforts of a meat ragu without the meat, believe it or not. Oh yeah. The secret to making this delectable vegetarian dish is mushrooms and a little tomato paste cooked down in the broth. It is served over polenta with broccolini for a bright finishing touch.

2 Mushroom Ragu and Polenta with Fontina and Roasted Broccolini

3. Tex-Mex Vegetarian Burger

This filling vegetarian burger made with beans is high in protein and flavor. It’s so filling that even meat eaters won’t complain.

3 Tex Mex vegetarian burger

4. Baked Greek Salad

Greek salad has been turned on its head! Pan-fried Saganaki cheese adds wonderful texture and flavor; if you can’t find it, substitute halloumi

4 Baked Greek Salad

5. Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

This will satisfy your cravings for Chinese takeout in a healthy vegan way. This sauce is bursting with flavor and ready to coat some crispy cauliflower that has been battered and baked. Cauliflower is a nutritional powerhouse packed with cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting nutrients. Add this to a bowl of rice, and it will vanish in no time.

5 Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

6. Vegan Seitan Steak

Try this full-flavored seitan steak as another simple addition to a meat-centric plate. For a balanced texture, the seitan is paired with lentils. Enjoy this steak however you like it: grilled with fries and coleslaw, chopped on top of a salad, on a baguette with BBQ sauce, or however you like it. Seitan is a wheat gluten product with a meat-like texture. It’s not suitable for celiacs or anyone with a wheat or gluten allergy, but it’s a quick and easy meat substitute.

6 Vegan Seitan Steak

7. Spicy Vegan Chorizo Queso

This is a creamy, smoky, savory dip for chips, nachos, veggie quesadillas, or any other dish that calls for queso sauce. No one will guess it’s dairy-free because it’s so creamy and flavorful. Unlike many vegan queso dips, this is soy-free and has a few surprising ingredients to bring the right texture and flavor – particularly the nutrient-dense cauliflower as the base

7 Spicy Vegan Chorizo Queso

8. Baked Mushroom Pasta With Parmesan And Thyme

This vegetarian recipe is a crowd-pleaser on cold winter nights. If you haven’t guessed, the mushrooms are the recipe’s linchpin. Soak dried mushrooms in hot water until they are softened.

8 Baked Mushroom Pasta with Parmesan and Thyme

9. Mushroom & Kale Farrotto With Lemon-Chili Butter

The kale craze has died down a little, but chefs still big fans in the test kitchen. The Mushroom & Kale Farrotto with Lemon-Chili Butter recipe is simple to prepare and looks beautiful on the plate. This one is all about the red pepper and lemon zested butter finish. Make this a part of your vegetarian repertoire.

9 Mushroom Kale Farrotto with Lemon Chili Butter

10. Pizza Fiorentina

These pizzas serve two people each, so make a batch and store it in your freezer when you have some free time. It’s also adaptable, so you can top it with whatever ingredients you want.

10 Pizza Fiorentina

11. Easy Vegan Chickpea Meatloaf

Eating more plant-based protein and vegetables has never been easier or more delicious than this chickpea meatloaf. It’s made with very basic staple ingredients, is great for smaller budgets, and is popular with both vegans and non-vegans! It’s the perfect hearty main dish for fall or winter (hello, meatless holiday feast! ), but it’s also simple enough to make for the whole family on weeknights.

11 Easy Vegan Chickpea Meatloaf

12. Healthy Vegan Chicken Wings (Crispy & Tender)

Who knew flavorful could be so tasty and enjoyable? These delicious vegan chicken wings are a big hit with kids and make an excellent meatless appetizer. Even if you’ve never been a fan of cauliflower, these vegan chicken wings will undoubtedly change your mind about this cruciferous vegetable! These cauliflower bites, slathered in homemade buffalo sauce and coated in crispy crumbled cornflakes, are ideal for picky eaters and Game Day. The secret is to double coat them with various tasty spices and textures! No one will miss the authentic chicken wings.

12 Healthy Vegan Chicken Wings Crispy Tender

13. Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

This vegan spaghetti Bolognese is based on an authentic Italian recipe, but instead of meat, it uses inexpensive and protein-rich black beans. Whether you’re looking to impress a date or your family, this vegan take on classic Bolognese sauce is sure to impress. The recipe closely resembles the original Italian ragu sauce, but it can be made completely meat-free without sacrificing flavor! A combination of shiitake mushrooms, black beans, and lentils is the best meat substitute. Combined, they provide the perfect texture and even more nutritional value than meat. Indeed, black beans, red lentils, and shiitake mushrooms are high in protein, fiber, and vitamins.

13 Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

14. Beef-less Tempeh Bourguignon

With tempeh instead of beef, you can get all the flavor of a rich Bourguignon sauce. While Julia Child might not approve, this beef-free bourguignon is much better for the environment, the animals, and your body. Tempeh is an Indonesian cultured soy cake with a lot more texture than tofu.

14 Beef less Tempeh Bourguignon

15. Two-Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi, like little packets of soft, chewy goodness, is always satisfying in a comfort food way. These are also surprisingly simple to make, requiring only two ingredients. Dress these with just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt, or toss with basil pesto or spicy red chipotle sauce for a flavor explosion. Serve with roasted cherry tomatoes, red pepper, and whole garlic cloves to up the savory factor.

15 Two Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

16. Jackfruit Curry

This jackfruit curry is entirely plant-based, but the jackfruit adds a lovely meaty texture that we love. The sauce in this recipe is rogan josh style, which means it’s rich, tomatoey, and mild. Plus, there’s a lot of spice to dig into with some naan bread!

16 Jackfruit Curry

17. Lemon & Asparagus Flatbread With Potato, Onions & Fontina

What happens when you bake a flatbread with asparagus, soft potatoes, and cheese? Pizza in the spring! This Lemon & Asparagus Flatbread with Potato, Onions and Fontina is quick, easy, and delicious. This dish is ideal for a light dinner or as a vegetarian appetizer at a dinner party.

17 Lemon Asparagus Flatbread with Potato Onions Fontina

18. Smoky Red Pepper And Cheese Bean Burgers

Burgers with smoked red pepper, cheese, and beans. These juicy, smoky veggie burgers are simple to make and delicious, served stacked high in buns with salad and vegan cheddar melted on top. Vegetarian and vegan friendly

18 Smoky Red Pepper and Cheese Bean Burgers

19. Perfect Vegan Roast Seitan

You might think that making an amazing vegan dinner entree like this one requires a lot of steps and hours in the kitchen, but that is not the case. Everyone in the family will enjoy this hearty dish, whether served with roasted potatoes and other vegetables or slathered with generous amounts of vegan brown gravy. This tender seitan-based Vegan Roast is surprisingly easy to prepare and ideal for dinner or special occasions such as parties and holiday meals.

19 Perfect Vegan Roast Seitan

20. Burrata & Blistered Vegetables With Basil-Almond Dressing

Is there anything better than burrata? We don’t believe so. Burrata is a rich and soft cheese made with mozzarella and cream. The simplicity of this vegetarian recipe appeals to us. Crispy vegetables and caramelized onions topped with a creamy cheese sauce… yum!

20 Burrata Blistered Vegetables with Basil Almond Dressing