Top 20 Jackfruit Recipes To Try At Home

Top 20 Jackfruit Recipes To Try At Home

Jackfruit has mostly been an underrated fruit used as a vegetable when it’s raw. Its nutrients are mostly ignored, and people refuse to consume it because of its ripe smell. However, we shouldn’t miss to include fruit in our diets to make ourselves healthy and fit. The fruit is rich in vitamins. It’s also rich in potassium, magnesium, and riboflavin. Their seeds can also be consumed by baking or frying them with local spices for snacks. They’re rich in antioxidants and prevent constipation, diabetes, ulcers, cancers, high blood pressure, and skin problems. Try different and delicious recipes with jackfruit for maintaining good health.

1. Jackfruit Fritters

It’s a Mangalorean recipe you must try as it’s quickly made and alluring in taste. Rice powder, jackfruit, cardamom seeds, jaggery, and coconut are used to make this yummy recipe. It can readily be served as a snack with a spicy sauce. Try it once, and you’ll keep repeating the formula. 

1 Jackfruit Fritters

2. Jackfruit Biriyani

Who doesn’t loves biriyani? And if you’re a jackfruit lover, this recipe is solely for you. Don’t miss out on this delicious recipe. Make it at home and enjoy. It’s easily made with aromatic spices and basmati rice with rich jackfruit for a healthy meal. Once you try this recipe, you’ll fall in love with jackfruits.

2 Jackfruit Biriyani

3. Jackfruit Kofta

Koftas are delicious, dipped in rich and creamy curry, and served hot with parathas or rotis for a wholesome meal. Jackfruit koftas will tickle your taste buds and keep you longing for more till you’re satisfied. They’re made with jackfruit, local spices, and whisked curd. Use coriander for garnishing.

3 Jackfruit Kofta

4. Raw Jackfruit And Black Chickpeas Stir Fry 

A delicious recipe can be served with parathas or rotis for a healthy meal. Try this unique recipe at home and enjoy it with your family. Cubes of raw jackfruit are tossed with local spices, onions, green chilies, and black chickpeas for a yummy stir fry. Freshly chopped coriander leaves are used for garnishing.

4 Raw Jackfruit And Black Chickpeas Stir Fry

5. Panasa Potto Kura 

It is a traditional dish from Andhra Pradesh made in the Godavari district. Mustard is used for giving this dish a distinct taste. It is commonly made at weddings or when guests are invited home. Urad dal, chana dal, green chilies, tamarind pulp, mustard seeds, hing, and ginger are used to make this dish.

5 Panasa Potto Kura

6. Ilai Adai

A sweet dish from Kerela that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s steamed in banana leaves with a covering of rice flour filled with sweet delicacies inside. Coconut, jaggery, and jackfruit are used for filling. Cardamom powder is used to give it a unique taste. It tastes delicious and is served hot.

6 Ilai Adai

7. Jackfruit Curry

It’s a nutritious curry that can be served for lunch or dinner with rice or Rotis. It’s made with local vegetables and jackfruit using local spices. Mustard seeds give the dish its unique flavor. Make this recipe at home for a delicious meal. You won’t be able to resist this dish once you have it. Don’t ignore the nutrients in jackfruit.

7 Jackfruit Curry

8. Jackfruit Rind Curry

It’s a unique recipe made with jackfruit rind. It’s a healthy recipe for patients suffering from diabetes. It’s made using chickpeas, coriander leaves, curry leaves, jackfruit rind, and chilies. Cumin seeds are added to elevate the flavor of the dish. Try this dish soon, and you’ll keep wanting more. 

8 Jackfruit Rind Curry

9. Baby Jackfruit Kurma

It tastes similar to a rich mutton gravy. Jackfruit cubes are covered in a rich sauce made with local spices and served with hot rice for a delicious vegetarian meal. It is mainly made for occasions and can serve guests at home. The creamy gravy will lure you into a stomach-full meal. 

9 Baby Jackfruit Kurma

10. Chakka Appam

Fritters are yummy snacks and can easily allure children to have more. This dish is a sweet version of delicate and yummy fritters. Refined wheat flour, rice flour, sugar, ripe jackfruit, and baking powder are used to make this dish. Cardamom powder is used for lip-smacking results. Try this sweet, savoring dish.

10 Chakka Appam

11. Jackfruit Ice-cream

Children, as well as elders, are very fond of ice creams. Try this delicious and creamy ice cream recipe at home for desirable results. Made with cream, sugar, condensed milk, and jackfruit, this ice cream is nutritious and healthy for everyone. It’s a unique way to incorporate jackfruit into our diet.

11 Jackfruit Ice Cream

12. Jackfruit Payasam

This is a sweet dish for lovers of desserts. It’s made occasionally during birthdays and religious functions. It takes more than an hour to prepare, but the results are aromatic and delicious. Filled with the goodness of milk, sugar, and ripe jackfruit, it’s creamy in texture. Raisins, ghee, and grated coconut are added to elevate the taste.

12 Jackfruit Payasam

13. Jackfruit Idli

They can be readily served breakfast and packed in lunch boxes for a healthy meal. They can be served hot with dollops of ghee. It’s a yummy traditional dish from Karnataka you shouldn’t miss out on. Made from idli Rava, pieces of jackfruit, jaggery, and grated coconut. Sugar is added for sweetness.

13 Jackfruit Idli

14. Jackfruit Seed Curry

Why throw away the jackfruit seeds when you can make delicious curry using them and serve them as a side dish for a healthy meal? The dish can be served with pulao, ghee, or jeera rice. Onions, ginger, and garlic paste are used along with chilies and jackfruit seeds for this recipe. Poppy seeds and coconut milk is used for a creamy texture.

14 Jackfruit Seed Curry

15. Jackfruit Seed Sambar

A unique sambar recipe to serve with hot steamed rice. Jackfruit seeds, toor dal, sambar podi, hing, tamarind juice, jaggery, and rice flour are needed to make this recipe. Curry leaves, mustard seeds, and methi powder are used for a distinct taste. Try this dish without delay, and it will soon be one of your favorites.

15 Jackfruit Seed Sambar

16. Jackfruit Kebab

Kebabs are yummy and served with a spicy and tangy sauce. We all love them and feed on them whenever we visit restaurants. Why not try this different recipe with jackfruit at home? Pieces of jackfruits mixed with local spices and freshly chopped green chilies and coriander leaves for making soft kebabs.

16 Jackfruit Kebab

17. Jackfruit Momos 

Momos are yummy dumplings served with spicy soup and sweet sauce. Jackfruit is used instead of meat as filling inside the soft dumplings. Vegetarians are going to love this dish. Coriander seed, ginger, and garlic are used along with raw jackfruit pieces for the filling inside momo dough.

17 Jackfruit Momos

18. Bengali Style Raw Jackfruit Curry

This is a nutritious recipe made mostly in Bengali families and served with hot rice or rotis for a fulfilling meal. Made with jackfruit and local spices, potatoes, green chilies, and coriander leaves, this recipe will keep you wanting more. Try this out as soon as possible if you love spicy recipes.

18 Bengali Style Raw Jackfruit Curry

19. Jackfruit BBQ Pizza 

A unique pizza recipe that you must try for evening snacks. Serve hot with cheese and oregano. It’s easy to lure children to have healthy foods packed in the form of delicious pizzas. A sweet potato pizza crust is made, and jackfruit, onions, and cilantro are added for toppings. You must try this quickly made recipe.

19 Jackfruit Bbq Pizza

20. Jackfruit Sandwich

It’s a unique recipe for luring children to have more nutritious food items. These yummy sandwiches can be packed for lunches and can be consumed for evening snacks. Jackfruit, barbecue sauce, local spices, and buns are needed to make this alluring recipe. Make it at home and enjoy.

20 Jackfruit Sandwich