Top 20 Mouth Watering Dishes Of The City Of Nawabs, Lucknow

Top-20-Mouth-Watering-dishes-Of-The-City-Of-Nawabs -Lucknow

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow has been considered as one of the places to find good Chicken and Mutton. It has been the spot for a majority of Non-vegetarians. An absolute Food-paradise, from Biryani to Paan to Kebabs, it wins a majority of people’s heart. It is best suited for folks who have scooters and can roam around in each road, lane and discovered the awesome taste and aroma of food here. Now let’s see some of the mouth-watering dishes of the City of Nawabs.


Gelatin Kebabs

Gelati Kebab or Galouti Kebab tops the list as it was one of the royal dishes Nawab used to have. Going to the literal meaning, it melts down your food pipe. If you have to visit this city, this one becomes the must try.



Boti Kabab

Among the many Mughlai food that this city can offer this one becomes the next most important and finger-licking starters one should try. A small piece of Meat is cooked on intense heat. Do you want to explore the wonderful taste this city can offer?Come on people, grab on your vehicles and roam around into the city-delights. Feel privileged.


Rogan Josh

The next famous dish which this city can grant is Rogan Josh. Go on, try it in Delhi and Mumbai, but the taste in here is amazing and very different from that of Delhi and Mumbai. Even the name of the dish can make you feel the absolute hospitality it can serve.


Tunday Kebab

Most of the people would have heard this;Lucknow and Tunday Kebab gel with each other well. Yes, true. Tunday Kebab continues to win the majority of people’s heart. Being the most enriching food which contains taste and aroma of authentic flavour, it has a history connected with it. This Name ‘Tunday’ means Handicapped. This Kebab is served with Roomali Roti which melts down in the food pipe.


Wahid Biryani

It is one of the most famous places which offer biryani with an aroma full of Mughlai taste and flavours that can blow your mind away. It has opened many branches overall in the city and continues to offer the people with some delicious Biryani one could ever have. Many other cities might offer the same but then Lucknow can be the best host, If only you know!


Basket Chat By Royal Café

Visit Royal Sky for this astounding street food and you will like the dish which is served by them, Basket Chat. The Basket Chat cannot be completed so soon (**as of me, yes I can’t finish it) But then one plate of this chat you will be delighted to have it.

We have a traditional dialogue we follow and that is Mehmaan Nawaazi.


Malai Ki Gilori

Enough of spicy food, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we have some of the best sweets too to offer. Sweet follows after meal,the rule is followed here as well. This sweet proffers you the delicious taste of Malai at its best, and if you have it after you have your spicy food, you will be full of life. I can assure you that.


Prakash Ki Kulfi

If you are a fan of ice cream, then you must visit this place. This person offers one of the best Malai Kulfi one can have. Falooda Kulfi is at its best and once you take one bite you will go ‘ummmm’. This happens to be one of the frequent places I prefer to go.


Sharma Tea

Fond of beverages, thinking of Café Coffee day? Seriously, think again.

You are in the city of Nawabs, find Sharma Tea in Google Maps and visit that place. Have the Chai, and you will go very energetic after having it. Much soothing and refreshing Tea you could have. I promise you would love it. My mum does and she is always right.


Lucknowi Paan

Had your dinner along with the sweet dish? You think you completed your meal, but you are wrong according to us. How can you leave the dinner table just like that without having our speciality Lucknowi Paan? For all its lovers, it’s just not aPatta, Gulkand and Supari but it’s an experience in itself which one can experience no matter how many times.



Lucknawi Rewari is one of the most famous sweet dishes which is found near Lucknow railway station, Charbagh. This sweet little recipe is also used as a thing which is carried out by people travelling to other places. I bet, you cannot find much tastier rewari as you can find in Lucknow.



I was exposed to Nimish which is light, set Cream, and is seasoned with Saffron and Rose Water. It was a dish made in Persia where people used Horse Milk and whipped it essentially with Saffron and kept it overnight to infuse the flavour and bring in those delicacies. Here in India,we use Cow Milk instead of Horse Milk. When I tasted it for the first time, I literary escaped into the world where my mind was just concentrating on the dish I was having. It felt as if I am visiting ‘The Seven Wonders Of the World’ together at one go. I was both shocked and breath-taken by the beauty of ‘NIMISH’. Sweet has never been something I was fond of, but this was in fact very tasty.




This also remains one of the most loved main courses by the Lucknowites. Chicken or Meat is first cooked properly before subjecting it to the next step of cooking it in curry. The curry is cooked in a Pot or Handi and is covered with sealed dough so that the spices and flavours infused into the curry. Then the cooked chicken or meat id added and then made to cook again on slow heat. It takes a lot of time to cook but ultimately, the result is splendid.

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Sheermal is a Golden Dough made of Flour, Sugar, Milk and flavoured with Saffron. It is cooked until it turns brown and served brushed with Desi Ghee. It is served with the Kebabs or with Nihari. It is one of the sweets which is usually carried by the students who study in another city.


Shahi Tukda With Pineapple

It is an Awadhi cuisine which is both a Mughlai food and a Hyderabadi cuisine but with a different variety. It is reasonably easy to make as Shahi Tukda is abounding and delicious blend of Saffron infused Milk, Roasted Bread with lots of Desi Ghee in it and Pineapple garnished with Almonds and Pistachios.



This dish will be one of your ‘Pasands’ if you have it once. Mutton is cooked till tender in a marinade of Spices and Gravy and garnished with Cream and Almonds. This one goes for a pleasing dish for all the people who have it. It is utterly delicious when served hot.


Kakori Kebab

This Kebab also happens to be the star among the Kebabs of Lucknow. Minced Lamb or Mutton is smeared with a marinade of aromatic spices and grilled beautifully. Wondering how it got its name? Well it is named after the famous city of Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow. These for-surely melt in your mouth, and this is the guarantee of all the places offering this Kebab.


Chicken Shami Kebab

It is one of the most delicious dishes that one could have. It is juicy Chicken Kebab which is mixed with Chana Dal and aromatic Spices, smeared with Eggs and fried crisp.When served with Mango-Tamarind Chutney and some slices of Lemon, it just makes my mouth water. Yummy snacks, I so wanna have it right away.


Kaju Curry

Being Lucknow-delight, Kaju Curry is a dish with roasted Kaiju cooked in Tomato, Onion and Spices based on rich and creamy Sauce. It is a main course for vegetarian people. It is a speciality dish made during the festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc. and for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can add your favourite vegetable and cook with Nuts and Khoya Gravy. Also garnish fresh with Coriander Leaves and serve hot.


Pani Puri

Many people are fond of Pani Puri which is on every street corner. It’s not just a simple Pani Puri but offers many different types of Water; Be it spicy, sweet, one with ‘Hing’, and many other varieties which the vendors offer. Try it at any other place in North India, but one we present is completely different yet delicious.