19 Types Of Coffee To Try Out This Winter

20 Types Of Coffee To Try Out This Winter

COFFEE: The word itself is enough to brighten up everyone’s day! Even if the world turns upside down, our love for coffee will never change. Coffee is nature’s way of making up for all the stress we deal with during the week! There are many types of coffee around the world such as Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, etc. And well, nothing is better than a hot cup of Coffee in this chilly weather! So here we bring you a list of 20 types of Coffee to try out this winter – Coffee is nature’s way of making up for all the stress we deal with during the week!

1. Espresso

Espresso is basically that coffee which is served everywhere in the world. The proper Espresso usually contains just Coffee and water. Thus, we can say that unlike regular coffee, Espresso has a more intense and strong flavor.


2. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is the most accepted type of coffee and is also everyone’s favorite! We all can keep calm and have Cappuccino all day. Isn’t it? Cappuccino usually contains more milk than coffee and has more chocolate and foam placed on the top of the drink.


3. Turkish Coffee

A unique way of Coffee, with mostly water and sugar as the Turkish like their Coffee in this different way! Turkish Coffee is first roasted and grounded with fine coffee beans which are boiled gently in a pot with sugar. Fresh, light and sweet- This coffee will energize and give you boost at work!


4. Vienna Mocha

This Coffee is a dose of freshness, which is all we need to gear up for Monday! Also known as Vienna Coffee, this drink is a twist to your regular coffee. The whipped cream and chocolate makes this coffee a treat for every chocolate lover! Try this irresistible Coffee to celebrate your weekend.


5. Mocha

Mocha is the delightful mix of Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino. Can anything go wrong with this mother of all beverages? This Coffee is rich, creamy and very easy to make. The deadly combination of chocolate and cappuccino is what you need on a chilly afternoon. Start off your perfect day having this amazing drink.


6. Madras Filter Coffee

Also known as Kapi, this drink is a favorite of coffee lovers in South India. Kapi is made with a delicate combination of boiled milk and ground coffee powder. This Coffee has a rich and smooth taste with good aroma.


7. Mazagran

This one doesn’t quite look like Coffee but will give you a high dose of caffeine mixed with lemon juice. Now isn’t that something different? This cold coffee drink originally originated in Algeria. Time to jazz up your usual coffee with this chic and funky drink.


8. Thai Iced Coffee

Kick-start your morning right with this with this refreshing coffee. When the flavors of Coffee, cardamom, and almonds come together, it is bound to create magic!. This ice cream is also perfect for those moments when you’re craving for ice-cream.


9. Irish Coffee

Enjoy the warm flavors of Irish coffee! This Coffee has a topping of thick cream. You need to absolutely try this engaging, hot, and creamy Coffee in your lazy  afternoons.


10. Coconut Water Iced Coffee

Want to have milk-less coffee? Then try this easy-to make Coffee which is naturally vegan and gluten-free. All you need is coconut water and Coffee to make this refreshing, subtle and yet so tasty coffee. This drink is also suitable for people who have an acid problem and can’t intake Coffee.


11. Americano

This type of Coffee is usually prepared by brewing espresso with hot water. This kind of Coffee, originated from American Spanish which means since the 1970’s. Change your morning routine and replace your regular Coffee with this refreshing one which is injected with hot water


12. Chocolate Cherry Jubilee Frappe

Here’s a treat for sweet and coffee lovers. Try out this toothsome frozen coffee drinks made with a lovely combination of cocoa and cherries that will make your day. Start off your day with the right bunch of sweetness and peppiness. This Frappe is one of the fanciest drinks around, with the nicest taste! Plus: the cherry on top is a bonus!


13. Dirty Chai Latte

Another famous Coffee shop drink which is prepared by espresso mixed with ‘chai’. This drink is pure love for those who love Tea and Coffee both! The deadly combination of Tea and Coffee can never go wrong. Try this drink in a tiresome day and watch out how a stress-buster drink it can be!


14. Cafe Con Heilo

This Spanish term exactly means ’Coffee with ice’. It is also called ‘Coffee with Rocks’ by the bar fanatics. This Coffee is totally what you need on a tiring day!


15. Coffee Chocolate Chia Seeds Drink

You can even eat your Coffee while having this drink! This extraordinary delicious drink is produced with the use of chia seeds, cocoa powder, coffee powder and milk. The ingredients are blended to make this nutritious drink! This drink is naturally sweetened and healthy for you.


16. Peppermint Mocha Frappe

What better than a creamy Mocha Frappe with hints of peppermint every sip? This Coffee is made with coconut milk and is garnished with whipped cream for a fresh taste. This refreshing and subtle drink makes for a frosty change with the right amount of freshness.


17 Flat White

An espresso-based beverage which is prepared with a double quantity of milk as compared to regular coffee. The main and hidden ingredient of this simple Coffee is Milk. Two shots of ristretto are pulled together to highlight sweetness.


An espresso-based beverage which is prepared with a double quantity of milk as compared to regular coffee. The main and hidden ingredient of this simple Coffee is Milk. Two shots of ristretto are pulled together to highlight sweetness.


Nutella Latte

Put an end to your boring cup of coffee and indulge in this dreamy, soft and aromatic coffee with Nutella! This Nutella Latte is perfect and will be ready with just one scoop of Nutella. Try this drink which can be made within a few minutes and check out what wonders a scoop of Nutella can be


19. Borgia

This Italian coffee is delicious and easy to make. Within a few seconds, your favourite drink will be ready to serve and enjoy! This elegant Coffee has the right amount of ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream! Time to drive away your mid-week blues with this superb Coffee.